How make videos on Tik Tok

Now all your friends use Tik Tok, One social media most popular of the moment, through which you can create and share short amateur videos to personalize with filters, special effects, music, etc. With the intention of following this trend and creating a following of your own users, you opened Google looking for more information on the subject, what happens right here on my website.

If things are exactly as I described them, know that you are in the right place, at the right time! In the course of this guide, in fact, I will take care to explain, in detail, how to make video on Tik Tok in a simple and fast way: in detail, I will provide you with the necessary steps to download the application on your smartphone and register on the social network and, finally, I will explain how to make movies and clips to be published immediately.

So, without waiting a moment longer, make yourself comfortable and read carefully everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I am sure that, in a few minutes, you will have acquired the necessary skills to be able to fill in your own TikTok profile. Happy reading and have fun!

  • How to install TikTok
  • How to register on TikTok
  • How make videos on TikTok
  • Other useful resources

How to install TikTok

Tik TokAs you probably already know, it is a completely free application, available in mobile phone and tablet stores Android, iPhone and iPad. Getting it is really very simple.

To download the application in Android, start the Play store (the icon in the form of colorful triangle ) using the icon located on the home screen or in the drawer (the area where all installed applications reside) of the device, type the word Tik Tok in the top bar of the screen that opens and touch the button with the lens augmenter, to start a search on Play Store.

Now, touch the Tik Tok present in the search results list (identified by the symbol of a musical note on black background and developed by Inc. ) and touch the buttons Install on pc es I agree, to start downloading and installing the application. Finally, start the application by pressing the button Opens that appears on the screen, or by using the icon that in the meantime will have been added to the device's home screen.

If, on the other hand, use a iPhone or iPad, do this: start the App Store, touching the button in the shape of Stylized 'A' on a light blue background located on the device's home screen, touch the Search located at the bottom (the one in the shape of magnifying glass ), Write the word Tik Tok in the text field that appears at the top and press the button Search in the keyboard device.

Now, locate the TikTok app in the search results (the icon is the same as you see above), tap the buttons Get es Install on pc and start downloading the application authenticating through Facial identification, touch identification or password iCloud account. Finally, wait for the application to install automatically and launch it by pressing the key Opens that appears in the App Store or by pressing the icon that will have been added to the iPhone / iPad home screen.

How to register on TikTok

After installing and opening the TikTok application, you should find yourself in front of its home screen, through which you should see the videos posted by the most popular characters of the moment. I would like to clarify that, without registering, you can see all the videos of the public profiles; however, registration is required to access private videos and to be able to post personal content on the platform.

To register, touch the symbol in the shape of little man located in the lower right corner of the screen, tap the Register and use the buttons proposed to choose the registration method you prefer: through phone number or email, through Facebook, through Google, through Twitter, through Instagram or by account Apple.

Once you have made your choice, use the proposed form to log into the social network through which you can register or, if you have chosen to create a new account by phone number or email, enter your birthdate, press the button with the arrow on the right and, using the buttons shown above, indicate if you want to subscribe to the service through phone number o e-mail (to be specified in the corresponding text boxes).

Then press the button with the arrow, enter to password to be used to access the service (which must be 8-20 characters long and include a combination of letters, numbers, or special characters), press the button (✓) and exceeds the Security control performing the operation that is requested.

At this point, registration is complete and you are ready to post your first video! If you want, you can customize your profile (add a photo, insert a highlighted video, change your name and username, add a biography or links to Instagram and YouTube profiles) by tapping the button in the form of little man and then Edit profile.

How to make videos on TikTok

We finally arrived: it's time to make your first video on TikTok! How? It is easy. First, tap the button [+] placed in the top bar of the app, allow access to camera and microphone using the elements shown on the screen (or by answering affirmatively to the warnings that are proposed) and personalize your video using the buttons shown to the right.

  • limelight, to switch between the front and rear cameras, and vice versa.
  • Speed and also to Record a video at a higher speed or time lapse.
  • Beauty, to activate the enhancement dedicated to video selfies; filtros, to apply different types of color filters.
  • Flash, to turn the camera flash on or off.

If desired, touch the button Effects to select a graphic effect to apply to the video and, when ready, indicate whether you want to record a clip with a maximum length of 15 seconds you hate 60 seconds, using the elements located at the bottom of the screen. When you're ready, press and hold the circle button Red, to start recording the video, which will stop when you release the button.

Wait you're asking me how to make videos on TikTok without holding the red button? Of course yes. In order to do this, touch the button Timer, indicates whether to start recording later 3 o 10 seconds pressing the start button e mark the stopping point (i.e. the actual length of the video) using the slider at the bottom.

Make the necessary settings, touch the button The countdown begins And that's it: the acquisition of the video, which will have the duration previously configured in the slider, will begin after the number of seconds indicated.

If necessary, you can record a “two-part” movie by pressing the red button again after changing the shot. Alternatively, you can choose to create one Photo sequence, accompanied by a wallpaper background image is a preset sound, touching the voice MV, or upload a movie already present in the Gallery of the device, by touching the button Load.

In either case, once you've finished making the movie, tap the button. (✓) and choose whether to apply sounds, effects, text custom or sticker, using the buttons shown below. When you're ready, tap the button Venga, to move to the video publishing stage.

We're almost there: Now, using the panel that appears on the screen, type a Description of the video, along with hashtag es mentions to friends, inside the text box Describe your video. Then, using the menus and levers below, indicate the level of privacy of the video public, just friends o private ), specifies whether to allow i comments, I duets and reactions and if you want save the movie in the device memory ( Save in album ).

Finally, choose whether or not to share the video posted on other social networks, using the buttons shown below the script Share the video published in and touch the button Public, to make your video visible to the TikTok community (depending on your chosen privacy settings). Have you seen? It was not difficult at all!

Other useful resources

How do you say? Now that you understand how to make video on Tik Tok You definitely liked it and now you want some more "tips" to make beautiful and original movies? No problem: I have published here, on my website, a series of guides dedicated to this application, in which I have specifically told you about some particular registration methods. Here are the most interesting ones.

  • How to draw musically - in this guide I explained how to make videos with the drawing effect, in which moving drawings appear.
  • How to Slow Motion on TikTok - here I have shown you, in detail, how to publish movies in slow motion.
  • How to live on TikTok - in this tutorial I have listed the steps to follow to start a live broadcast on the social network.

Note : In some of my guides, instead of talking to you about TikTok videos, I have referred to "musically": To date, the features (an app that no longer exists) have been integrated into TikTok, for therefore, the two applications are equivalent.