Have you downloaded any documents PDF de Internet, you would like to put them together in a single file but you don't know how to do it? Don't worry, this is an extremely simple operation to complete. And you don't need any paid software to do it.

All you need are small applications that are available for free online (or even already present on your PC!) And five minutes of free time. For the rest… there wouldn't even be much to explain: in most cases, you simply select the files to merge, drag them into the window of the program you are using to merge them, and click a button. Everything here, and the output document is generated in just a few seconds.

Think, there are also online services that allow you to modify, convert and above all merge PDF documents directly from the browser. Even in this case, simply select the files to be "grouped", drag them into the window of the navigation program you are using and click a button. Output document processing takes a bit more time than desktop applications as there is a need to upload documents to convert online, but it is still very fast. For more details keep reading.

Free PDFtk (Windows)

In Windows, you can combine multiple PDF files in one with PDFtk Free, a small free application that lets you merge and split PDF documents with just a few clicks. It's also available in a Pro (paid) version that includes additional features for page rotation, adding passwords to documents, and more, but for what you need to do, you just need to advance the free version.

To download PDFtk Free on your PC, connect to the program's website and click on the green button Download PDFtk for free! found in the middle of the page. Then open the file pdftk_free-2,2-win-setup.exe you just downloaded to your PC and click the button first yes and then siguiente. Then put the check mark next to the article I accept the agreement and complete the configuration by clicking first on siguiente (four consecutive times) and then up install y finished.

At this point, open PDFtk Free, click the button Add PDF located in the side menu of the application and select the PDF files you want to merge. Then arrange the documents in the order you prefer (just click the PDF icons and move them around with your mouse) and click the button Create PDF located at the bottom left to get your combined PDF.

If desired, double-click the field. Pages to copy placed next to each PDF icon, you can specify a page range or specific pages to save the output document (eg "3-6" to save only pages 3 to 6 or "2.3" to save only pages 2 and 3).

Preview (OS X)

If you use a Mac can merge PDF documents use preview, the software to view photos and, for the note, the PDF files included "standard" in OS X. All you need to do is open the first PDF to use in the output document and activate the display of miniatures of menu view which is in the upper left.

At this point, drag all the PDFs to merge them in the Preview sidebar, sort them in the order you prefer (moving your thumbnails with the mouse) and activate the command print of menu office hour. Then in the window that opens, configure the item Save as PDF in the drop-down menu PDF located at the bottom left and choose the folder in which to save the final document.

If Anteprima seems a bit cumbersome and you are looking for a simpler solution to merge your PDF files on a Mac, take a look at the PDF Toolkit +. It is a maintenance application for the edition PDF file that allows you to split and merge documents, extract images from them, compress them and much more. It costs 1,99 euros but I assure you that it is worth every penny of its price. You can download it directly from the Mac App Store.

Online converters

Would you rather not install programs on your PC? No problem There are online services that allow you to edit, convert and merge PDF files straight from the browser and today I'm here to tell you about one of the best.

Just a small premise before I start: The online services I'm about to speak to you protect users' privacy by deleting, a few hours after uploading, all the files that are stored on their servers. However, I do not recommend using them for documents that contain confidential information.

It is a generic recommendation, a simple rule of common sense: it is always better to keep confidential data locally, or better, where you have direct control over what happens, but it seemed correct to talk about it in this circumstance. And now let's get into action!


An excellent online service dedicated to PDF files that I recommend you always keep in your favorites is Online2PDF. With Online2PDF you can join up to 20 documents at a time for a total weight of 100 MB; also can convert files PDF to other file formats, reduce their weight, remove print and edit protections, and much more.

To use Online2PDF, linked to your home page and drag documents to merge them in the red box at the bottom. Then reorder the documents with the mouse, select the item Merge files from the drop-down menu way in the wagon one after another of menu how and click on the button convert to download the output document. Make sure that in the drop-down menu Convert to the format is selected PDF.

If desired, you can also modify the pages of the individual documents that will be saved in the output file (by clicking the scissors located next to the title of each document) and create documents in order mixed and alternative (with pages taken alternately from the two documents) by selecting the appropriate item from the dropdown menu how.