How to modify the countries or regions allowed in Webex? In the Webex platform, there is a site called Cisco Webex Metings, through which users can make some changes or configurations, including the countries and other places that are allowed by the application.

Managing Countries or Regions with Cisco Webex

In this sense, it is important that the users themselves, once they have the Webex application, carry out some settings or adjustments about the places allowed by it in terms of calls and communications.

Due to the aforementioned and for the greater illustration of the reader, we will see how to carry out country or region settings to which Webex gives permissions to use.

Steps to Manage Countries or Regions in Webex

In this sense, users must carry out the following steps in order to Managing Allowed Countries and Places in Webex.

  • First you will have to start the session in the option "Administration" From the area called Cisco Webex Meetings, once inside it, we must go to the mention "Settings", then "common site" and finally audio settings.
  • Following the previous step we can observe in the area of "Callback countries" which are those that Webex allows, you will have to use the authentication boxes in order to activate or deactivate a specific country or place.

It is important to emphasize that have at least one country or region activated for Webex functions, such as calls, and more.

Once they have Once the settings have been completed, they must be saved.

Define allowed countries in the Control Hub

In case the administration or configuration of places are carried out with Control Hub, users must bear in mind some necessary steps in order to specify the countries or regions allowed by Webex to forward queued calls.

  • From the customer web address at It will be necessary to go to the option of "Services", then we must go to "Meeting" and select "Sites".
  • In this step we must select the place where it is preferred make Edge audio adjustment and click on "configure site".
  • We do it through the select "common settings", and then “audio setup”.

Finally we must go to the “Webex Allowed Callback Countries” area, in this case we must make use of the activation fields to enable or disable a specific country or place.

What is the cost of Webex?

Regarding this point, we must say that the platform offers its services for a cost of approximately $ 27 on a monthly basisThrough the annual plan, people will be able to count on a number of 100 people who intend to organize themselves to participate in meetings, and with a total limit of 200 members.

  • WEBEX, a good option. Use it now!