How to move SMS from phone to SIM

You are finally about to replace your old mobile phone with a state-of-the-art mobile phone. However, before taking the 'big step', you would like save yours SMS most importantly by transferring them to the SIM card which you will also use on the new phone later.

Maybe I can give you a hand but, before continuing, I want to tell you that what you intend to implement is an obsolete procedure: today, in fact, we prefer to synchronize messages through cloud services or, at most, through memory cards and not through SIM. In any case, since it is an old mobile phone, I can give you a hand and explain how to move messages from mobile to SIM.

How do you say? As old as it is, the mobile phone you want to operate on is a mobile phone equipped with the operating system Android ? No problem, you can still achieve your intention. The speech, on the other hand, would be different if you were dealing with a iPhone. But now let's not put too much meat on the fire and try to go in order.

  • How to move SMS from mobile to SIM
  • How to move SMS from Android to SIM
  • How to move SMS from iPhone to SIM

How to move SMS from mobile to SIM

Let's start with the procedure dedicated to old cell phones, those without smart functionality. Since each mobile phone has different menus and options, I can tell you that, in principle, to move messages from mobile to SIM you have to turn on the mobile phone, navigate the message menu and select the SMS want to switch to SIM.

Then press the button Menu phone (or select the entry Options ) and select the item copy to SIM or the voice move to SIM, to copy or move the selected SMS to the SIM.

Remember that the space available on SIM cards is very limited, so you will not be able to save more than 20-30 messages on each tab.

How to move SMS from Android to SIM

As mentioned above, move messages from mobile to SIM it is a now obsolete practice, supplanted by other, much more flexible and effective methods of saving messages (mainly cloud services). In view of this, the copying of messages to the SIM is not available in many of the latest generation mobile phones, but there are still some exceptions.

For example, if you use a mobile phone equipped with Android, you can most likely backup your SMS to SIM via APP Messages (the one with the icon cartoon or about what you should find on the home screen or in the drawer, that is, on the screen with the list of all the applications installed on the device).

To continue, start the application in question, open the conversation of your interest, make a prolonged touch In the SMS that you want to move to the SIM (to activate the selection mode), check all the messages of the conversation that you want to export to the card and first touch the button Menu (which should be at the bottom) and then on the element Copy to SIM card (on the menu that appears on the screen), to complete the operation.

Cloud backup

If your mobile phone does not support the SMS to SIM copy function, you can opt for an alternative solution, capable of offering you an automatic and constant backup of messages on a platform independent of the phone in use: gmail.

With the application SMS Backup + in fact, you can configure an automatic backup of your SMS in Gmail and find them all in your email box (in a specific folder of it): this will allow you to retrieve messages at any time and on any device or compatible platform to access to Gmail, then from other Android mobile phones, from iPhones, tablets, PCs and more.

To enjoy the benefits of SMS Backup +, open the Play store (the colored ▶ ︎ symbol found on the home screen or in the drawer), find the application within the latter and proceed with its installation, first by touching its icon and then on the button Install on pc. If you are reading this tutorial directly from Android, you can open the page of Play Store dedicated to SMS Backup + by tapping here.

Once the installation is complete, start SMS Backup + and activate the lever next to the item Connection. Therefore, authorize the application to access your contacts and select the Gmail account use to back up messages to the cloud. If you have not yet set up a Gmail account on your mobile phone (or if you want to use a dedicated one), create a Gmail account and then associate it with your device, through the menu Settings> Accounts of Android.

Once you have set up the Gmail account of your interest, tap the buttons Ok lets es Support, check that the box relative to Automatic backup is active and you will have an automatic backup of your messages in Gmail.

To find the messages stored in your inbox, you will need to log into Gmail through the web panel, the Android app, or iOS or the email client and go to the folder SMS present in it.

Local backup

As you can imagine, messages saved in Gmail cannot be viewed through the app. Messages from Android. To pass SMS from a Android device to another and find them in the Messages application of the operating system, you should use the classic applications to backup and restore data locally, to copy everything to one SD card and then transfer the SMS to other device.

Among the applications that allow you to backup and restore SMS locally, I recommend SMS backup and restore, which is available in two versions: one free with advertising and another paid version without advertising, which costs 3,99 euros.

How to use? I'll explain it to you right away. Once you have downloaded the application from the Play store from Android, launch it and tap the button first let's start and then on that grant, to give the application all the permissions it needs to function properly.

At this point, click on the element Set up a backup, activates only the lever relative to posts, set as backup path a folder from SD card inserted into the phone (if your mobile phone does not have expandable memory, please choose an internal memory path), press the button Support (bottom right) and confirm, to start copying the messages.

If you wish, you can also enable automatic backup creation by selecting the item Edit Time from the main screen of the application and choosing the schedule you prefer.

Once you have created the backup with your SMS, to restore it to another phone, you will have to copy the file.xml that concerns you on the new mobile phone (you can know the name and the exact path of the file by selecting the item Show details from the initial SMS Backup & Restore screen) or insert your old phone's SD card into it, after which you will also need to install SMS backup and restore. If you don't know how to copy files on Android, check out the guide I dedicated to the topic.

After starting the application and having granted all the necessary permissions on the new mobile phone, you will have to press the located button located in the upper left, select the item Restore In the menu that appears on the side, activate the lever relative to posts, press on the element Select another backup and indicate the archive . Xml from the backup to restore.

Once this is done, pressing the button Restore (bottom right) and then up Okay es Gears, you can start copying the messages to your phone and then find them in the app Messages of Android.

Final report: To restore SMS, you will need to temporarily set SMS Backup & Restore as the default app for managing messages on Android. After the reset is complete, you can reopen the Messages app and reset it to default by pressing the appropriate button displayed on the screen.

Are you going to transfer your SMS from an Android phone to a iPhone ? If so, I recommend using the app Switch to iOS Apple, which guides the user to transfer all data from Android to iOS terminals: I have covered this in great detail in this tutorial.

How to move SMS from iPhone to SIM

Do you have a iPhone And are you wondering how to move SMS from phone memory to SIM? I regret to tell you that such an operation is not feasible. Apple's mobile phone, in fact, if we exclude the import of contacts from the SIM to the phone (which I told you about in this tutorial of mine), it does not provide a free interaction between the SIM and the device memory. However, if you intend to transfer messages from your "iPhone to" to another mobile phone, you can resort to alternative solutions.

For example, if you want transfer messages from one iPhone to another, you can resort to synchronization iCloud, which allows you to have the same messages on all devices associated with your Apple ID. To take advantage of this function, all you have to do is associate the new iPhone with the same Apple ID configured on the old iPhone (if you don't know how to do it, read this guide of mine dedicated to the subject), go to the menu Settings> [tuo nome]> iCloud and, if necessary, activate the lever relative to Messages. The SMS will be available directly in the application. Messages from iOS.

You need to transfer your messages from iPhone to Android device ? In this case, you can trust applications and pc programs that allow you to transfer data between the two known platforms, for example Samsung Smart Switch : I told you in more detail about these solutions in the tutorials on how to transfer data between iPhone and Android and how to copy data from iPhone to Samsung.