How to mute camera sound on WhatsApp

Among the many applications of instant messaging that you have installed in your mobile phone, the one you use most frequently is Whatsapp Not only to keep in touch with your friends, but also to take some pictures.

If when you make them you have noticed that a «click» sounds that can be quite annoying, here we explain how to deactivate this sound and make the photographs more «silent».

In this guide I will explain how to mute camera sound on whatsapp using the application of the famous instant messaging service, both in Android as in iPhone.

  • Remove camera sound on Whatsapp from Android
  • Remove camera sound on Whatsapp from iPhone
  • Alternative solutions to turn off camera sound
    • Android
    • iPhone

Remove camera sound on Whatsapp from Android

If you wonder how to mute the sound of WhatsApp camera and you use a device Android, you should know that to reach your goal you must turn off the volume of the ringer, setting your smartphone in the mode Vibration o silence.

To activate the mode Vibration, Press the button Volume down with the phone already unlocked (so not on the lock screen), then press the bell icon once or twice if you want to put your mobile on silence.

Another method you can use to mute the volume is the one that involves accessing through the menu Settings from Android. To do this, open the application Settings  (The gear symbol ) on the home screen, find the item Sounds and select it.

Then look for the option Ringtone, to reduce the volume level. If you want, you can also select the  Silence mode  to turn off all sounds faster.

In addition to the aforementioned methods, to deactivate the ringtone you can also access through the Notification Center Android: To do this, swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom and tap the button Sound, to change it to Vibration. If you prefer, you can press the same button again to activate the mode. silence.

Doing so will mute the system volume and consequently the camera sound will not play when you take a photo via the app Whatsapp.

Remove camera sound on Whatsapp from iPhone

To remove sound from the camera Whatsapp en iPhone you must, also in this case, activate the mode silence on the phone.

To do this, use the lever located on the side of the device, moving it up OFF (so the orange switch is visible). To confirm the operation, the warning will be displayed on the screen silence.

Unfortunately, this is the only possible solution to turn off the camera sound in Whatsapp guidance on iPhone, there are no other settings that can be adjusted at the software level.

Alternative solutions to turn off camera sound

In case the solutions indicated above are not the most suitable for you, you can consider not using the application Whatsapp to take pictures, but instead use your mobile's default camera directly.

In the latter case, you can continue by turning off the camera sound, following the instructions below.


To turn off camera sound Android, you can access it through the settings of the camera application itself.

Start the application Camera, by clicking on its icon on the home screen of your device, then clicking on the gear icon, located in the upper right and, in the menu that appears, move the lever up, which corresponds to the option Turn off the sound.

Once done, you can go back to shooting mode on the camera and take a photo by pressing shutter button.

An additional solution to disable camera sound on Android is to turn off the ringer by setting the phone to mode. Vibration o silence,  This can be done in the same way as explained in the previous section.

After taking a photo through the app Camera device default, you can easily send it via Whatsapp. To do this, start the messaging application, click on its icon that you will find on the home screen and identify the conversation to which you want to send the photo. Then press the clip icon.

Then select the image previously obtained, and, finally, click on the arrow icon, to send it.


If you have a iPhone, you can use the application Camera iOS default, but first turn off the shutter sound with the buttons. for audio adjustment, or using the Control center from iOS.

To do this, you must first ensure that the keys in question do not affect the ringtone. Then unlock your iPhone and press the icon configurations ( the symbol of a gear ) found on the home screen.

Now, in the menu that appears, select the option Sounds and deactivate the sounds option keyboard.

At this point, turn off the iPhone sounds, using the key Volume down : press and hold until the volume bars disappear and the text is displayed accordingly silence.

If you prefer to act through Control center, access this panel by sliding your finger from the bottom up (up iPhone 8 / 8 Plus or earlier models) or by sliding your finger down from the upper right corner of the screen (up iPhone X or later models).

Now, find the volume control lever (the symbol of the speaker ) and move it down until the icon with the crossed out speaker. Then start the application Camera of iOS and take a photo as you normally do, pressing the circular button.

Now to send Whatsapp the image taken, start the application in question and open the conversation of your interest. Once done, press the icon capacitor positive (+) lead and press the voice Photo and video library, in the menu that appears.

Then select the photo you just took and send it by pressing the arrow icon.