How to open a DMG file. Have you downloaded a DMG file from Internet but can't you open it? If you use a Windows PC, it is normal. The DMG files they are image files, like the famous ISO, which are based on the proprietary UDIF format developed by Apple.

Simply put, these are files designed for systems Mac and not for Windows. For use on PCs equipped with the operating system Microsoft, you must necessarily rely on third-party applications, such as the ones I am about to recommend.

On Mac, DMG files shouldn't cause any problems, unless you're dealing with corrupt files or have 'bypassed' the association between the files and the DMG file reader utility included in macOS. If your file is infected, there is not much I can do, you need to get a "healthy" version of the image file you are trying to open. In the second case, however, to solve the problem and reopen the DMG files with a simple double click on them, simply act in the macOS settings.

Everything clear so far? Well let's do it.

How to open DMG files in Windows

If you use a Windows PC and want to know How to open a DMG file, I leave you here are some very useful applications for this.

7-Zip (free)

Maybe not everyone knows it, but 7-Zip, the famous free alternative to WinRAR, lets you open files DMG in a very simple way. Unfortunately, it doesn't support password protected DMG files, but it does its job just fine otherwise.

To download 7-Zip to your Pc, connect to its official website and click on the item Download in the version of Windows installed on your PC: 32 bit x86 if you are using a 32-bit version of Windows or 64 bits x64 If you use a 64-bit version of Windows.

When the download is complete, double-click on it to open the file you just downloaded (e.g. 7zxx-x64.exe ) and, in the window that opens, click first yes and then install y close  to finish the 7-Zip installation process.

At this point, you should associate 7-Zip with the files in DMG format. To do this, right click on any format file dmg and select the article your property from the menu that appears. In the window that opens, click on the button cultural, , select 7-Zip File Manager from the list of available applications and voila.

If the 7-Zip file manager does not appear in the list of available programs, click the items Other apps y Search for another application on this PC and select the executable "C:Programmi7-Zip 7zFM.exe".

Mission accomplished! You can now open files DMG, view its content and extract it to any folder simply by double-clicking on its icon.

HFSExplorer (free)

Another free solution that I recommend you consider is HFSExplorer - A free and open source application that allows you to open DMG files and drives formatted in HFS and HFS + on Windows systems.

It is very simple to use, but unfortunately it cannot "digest" many encrypted files and requires the presence of Java to run on PC.

If you want to try it, connect to the Java website and click the button first I agree and then Java free download y Accept and start the free download to download the software to your PC.

When the download is complete, open the Java installation package ( JavaSetupxx.exe ) and press the buttons yes y install. Therefore, wait until all the components necessary to install the program are downloaded from the Internet and, in the window that opens, uncheck the item related to Yahoo! or for Request search application to avoid installing promotional toolbars and modifying browser settings. Then click siguiente y close  to finish the configuration.

At this point, just download HFSExplorer on your PC by connecting to the application's website and clicking on the item Download the installer for Microsoft Windows systems.

Once the download is complete, open the software installation package ( HFSExplorer-xx-setup.exe ) and first click on the button yes and then siguiente, I agree, siguiente twice more in a row install y finished to close the configuration.

Mission accomplished! Now open any DMG file by double clicking its icon and HFSExplorer will automatically take care of revealing its contents.

If this does not happen, right click on any image in DMG format and select the item your property from the menu that appears. Then press the button cultural, (in the window that opens) and select the icon HFSExplorer from the available application menu.

If you can't find HFSExplorer in the menu of available applications, go to Other apps, Then in Search for another application on this PC and select the HFSExplorer path: "C:Program Files (x86)HFSExplorerbinhfsexplorer.exe" associate the program with the DMG files.

To extract the contents of a DMG with HFSExplorer, click to accept in the image file system dialog (for example, HFS). Then select the items to export with the mouse and click the button extract or export  to select your destination folder. If, on the other hand, you only want to open a file, double-click its icon and press the button. Open file.

As mentioned above, support for DMG files encrypted with AES-128 and AES-256 systems is confirmed in the official documentation of the application, but in practice many times extracting DMG files with passwords gives an error.

PowerISO (payment)

Another way to open dmg files on Windows it is converting them to ISO images. To do this, you can use the PowerISO software (which costs about 25 euros) but it is also available in a free trial version that allows you edit files up to 300MB.

To download the program to your PC, connected to its website and click on the link Download PowerISO vx.x (32-bit) or in the link Download PowerISO vx.x (64-bit) depending on the operating system you use.

Once the download is complete, open the PowerISO installation package (ex. PowerISOx-x64.exe ) and first click on the button yes and then I agree. Uncheck items related to promotional software (eg. Chrome and SpeedUpMyPC ), uncheck the box related to the acceptance of the terms of use that are on the same screen and click install, siguiente y final to finish the configuration. On the last screen, place the check mark next to the file extensions you want to open with a double click with PowerISO.

To convert a DMG to ISO with PowerISO, start the program through its icon that appears on the Windows desktop, click Continue without registering and select the article convert of menu instruments of the program

In the window that opens, click on the icon binder placed under the heading Source file and choose the DMG file to convert, if you want to specify the destination folder of the ISO file by clicking on the second icon of the binder and press to accept  to start the image transformation process.

Once you have completed this operation, I suggest that you open the ISO file you just generated with the same PowerISO.

Select the image with the right mouse button and select the item PowerISO> Open with PowerISO (o Open with> PowerISO ) from the menu that appears. Unfortunately, the conversion does not work with encrypted DMG files.

How to open DMG files on Mac

Even if you have a Mac, can't you open DMG files? Strange, but don't worry, we will certainly also find a solution for this.

If the problem is just one file, I'm sorry, but you're probably dealing with a corrupted dmg file it cannot be read by macOS because it was not fully downloaded or incorrectly generated.

In this case, all you can do is re-download the damaged dmg file and / or search for a good, undamaged version.

If, on the other hand, the problem concerns all dmg files, which macOS no longer opens (nothing happens when you double-click its icon) or they are opened with software other than official Apple software, proceed from the Following way.

  • Right click on any file in dmg format and select the entry Get information from the menu that appears.


  • In the window that opens expand the panel To open with, select the article diskimagemounter from the dropdown below and click the button first Change all and then Continue.

If you can't find DiskImageMounter in the drop-down menu to select applications, choose the item Plus … and "manually" select the executable /System/Library/CoreServices/

It's okay. At this point, double-click a file in DMG format and this should open normally by displaying its contents (or requesting the unlock password, if protected).

If you have more problems, try to start your Mac in safe mode holding the button cultural, of keyboard during startup.

So far the tutorial today.