How open files APK. Before teaching you, step by step, what you need to do to be able to open files APK, it is good that you understand what we are talking about. APK files are packages that contain all the application files for Android, similar to .app in Mac or .exe on Windows.

APK files can be downloaded from any site on Internet and stored offline so your favorite apps are always at hand. So it is an additional solution to download and install apps on Android.

Currently, the fastest and safest way to download new applications for your Android device is definitely use Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can turn to third-party stores, which are extremely simple to use but don't have the same level of reliability as the Play Store, or to APK files.

How to open APK files step by step

Previous operations

To open APK file On your Android device, the first thing to do is enable the latter to install applications that are outside the Play Store.

You must install a antivirus. This is a very important operation since the downloaded apps from sources outside the Play Store may contain malware: Better to have foresight and adequate protection.

At this point, to allow your device to open APK files and install applications external to those present in the Play Store, press the icon of the adjustments present on the home screen (the computer), tap the item fullfilment of security requirements and activate the option Unknown origins from the menu that opens. Answer the warning that appears on the screen in the affirmative.

If you don't see the Security option in the Android settings menu, select the tab general -> fullfilment of security requirements, scroll through the screen that opens to locate the item Unknown sources and put a check mark next to the option Allow installation of applications from trusted and unknown sources.

Install APK file

Now that you have enabled your device to install applications even from outside the Play Store, to open the APK files that you have visited in the folder where you have downloaded the item on which you want to act.

Note that the folder in the Android devices where the files downloaded from the Internet are generally stored is the one called downloads.

Once you have accessed the folder containing the APK file you want to open, select the latter and then follow the wizard to install the application by pressing the buttons in sequence siguiente, install y final.

At this point, I can't help but tell you: congratulations, following my instructions, you finally managed to open the APK file and now have new apps at your disposal on your device.

Even if they come from a source other than the classic Play Store, the new applications installed on the device will be accessible directly from the Android home screen, just like those downloaded from the Play Store.

If I can't find the folder downloads on your Android device or in any case where the downloaded files were stored, I suggest that you use an application through which you can manage files quickly and easily.

In particular, try the ES File Manager (ES File Manager), a free file manager widespread and appreciated among users of the green robot.

To download the ES File Manager application, open Play Store, press in the search field located at the top, type is a file manager and press the first search result that appears so that you can access the section of the market dedicated to the application.

If you want to speed up the execution of these steps, you just need to press directly from your mobile phone or Android tablet. Then press the buttons install y I agree, wait for the application download procedure to complete and you're done.

Once the ES File Manager download (and installation) process is complete, launch the app by tapping the icon that has been added to the Android home screen, tap the item Download placed on the left sidebar and then tap on the APK file you want to open.

Then follow the wizard to install the applications by pressing the buttons in sequence siguiente, install y final.

Install multiple APKs in series

If you need to install more serial apps and want to speed up the procedure to open APK files, I suggest you use the app APK Installer : It is a free application that allows you to open APK files and install them in series, thus avoiding that the user has to individually identify and select all the elements on which to act.

If you want to use APK Installer, the first thing you should do is download and install the application. To do this press the icon Play Store present on your device, press the search field attached to the screen that will open, type apk installer and touch the first result.

If you want to speed up the execution of these steps, just press here directly from your Android mobile phone or tablet. Subsequently, press the button install and in I agree then wait until the app download and installation procedure starts and completes.

After downloading and installing the app, tap the APK installer icon that has been added to your device's home screen, wait for the app screen to be visible, and then tap Install APK.

On the screen that will now open, put a check mark next to the icons of the APK package you want to install and then press the green button Install selected which can be found at the bottom right.

Once this is done, the guided procedure to install all applications will start automatically. To complete the installation of various applications, simply press the buttons in sequence siguiente, install y final.

Where to download APK files

Do you want to get an APK file but don't know where to download it? No problem Open the browser on your Android device (or even your PC) and connect to the APKMirror website.

APKMirror is a service run by AndroidPolice (one of the most popular internet sites in the Android world) where you can find APK packages of the best apps available on the Play Store and more.

This is a 100% legal site, so downloads are verified and no 'hacked' apps can be found. By the way: stay away from sites that allow you to download Free Payment illegally: they often contain infected APK files that install malware on the device.

Having made this necessary clarification, let's move on to action. To download an APK file of APKMirror, connected to the home page of the service, press the icon of a magnifying glass which is at the top and search for the application that interests you (ex. WhatsApp ).

After searching, consult the proposed list of results, press the name of the application you want to download and, on the page that opens, select the variant of the application that best suits your device (eg. build Android 4.0 if you are using a device with an ARM processor and an Android version equal to or greater than 4.0) of downloads  which is below.

Finally, touch the button Descargar APK, confirm your willingness to download the APK file with the browser currently in use and press the button to accept  appearing at the bottom right. At the end of the download, you will find the APK package in the folder downloads from Android and you can install it as explained above.

Copy APK files from PC

If the application you want to install was not directly downloaded to your Android device, but it is stored on your Pc, don't worry, you can transfer it to your device and install it in a very simple way.

All you have to do is connect your Android mobile phone or tablet to the PC with the USB cable and wait for the device to be recognized.

If the PC does not recognize the terminal, open the Android notifications menu (swipe down from the top of the screen), select the entry to USB connection and on the screen that opens put a check mark next to the item File transfer (MTP).

If you are using a Mac, install the application Android File Transfer.

Once the connection between the PC and the Android device is established, press the icon File Browser attached to the taskbar (the yellow folder) and click My team  o This PC present in the left sidebar of the window screens.

In the window that will open, right-click on the icon representing your device and activate the mode Disk drive selecting it from the menu that appears.

Now select and drag the APK file you want to open into any folder on your device so that you can directly transfer it to your mobile phone or tablet.

Once the transfer is complete, disconnect your Android mobile phone or tablet from the PC by pressing the icon that represents an arrow pointing up next to the Windows clock and then selecting the item for the device from the menu that appears. .

If you use a Mac, to transfer files to the device Android, you must use the android app File Transfer that I told you about earlier.