How to open CD on PC. Browsing through the drawers of his desk, he found an old CD, abandoned by who knows when, containing files and data from a time (that of optical media) far from the world. technology current, consisting mainly of memory cards, USB sticks y hard drives large capacity notebooks. You have tried to open the disk on your PC ... but you realized that you had no idea. So, let's see with this tutorial how to do it.

How to open a CD on your PC step by step

The first aspect I want to deal with is opening CDs on PCs equipped with Windows and in systems MacOS.

In both cases, I will show you how to behave both when handling audio CDs (that is, those containing tracks of music in uncompressed format and which can also be read by older car radios) as well as in data CD management (i.e. those on which files and folders are stored, such as small external drives).

However, before continuing, you should make sure that you have a CD player installed on your PC or portable PC (which is not entirely obvious, since in most modern devices the optical reader is absent).

In a desktop PC, the reader must be placed in the front part of the hidden in some cases by a protective flap and easily recognizable by the presence of the button to extract the cart.

Often the CD player is also identified by the wording CD o DVD and labels related to reading / recording skills ( ROM, RAM, RW and so on).

With regard to portable PCs, the optical reader must be placed in one of the side covers, and can be recognized by the presence of a small raised button (which must be pressed to open the trolley) and by the indications on the type of compatible device and any combustion capacity.

It should be noted that on some portable PCs, the optical reader may not have the opening button: in this case, it is enough to exert a slight pressure on the inside of the door to activate the "snap" opening.

Other PCs, on the other hand, may have a simple "slot" prepared for the insertion of CD / DVD / Blu Ray, recognizable both by its size and by the words placed in its correspondence.

Your computer is not equipped with an optical reader, or is the one already present so old that it has stopped working completely?

In that case, the quickest solution is to bet on a external recorderConnectable to doors USB present on the PC and able to read and Record all types of most common discs (CD, DVD and, in some models, even Blu Ray).


Now that you are sure you have a working CD player, it is time to take action and understand how to open CD on PC equipped with operating system Windows.

After turning on the PC, identify the door of the player / recorder, open it   and gently rest the CD on the sliding part (which should be placed outside), taking care to orient the "drawn" part of the CD (the one containing the label, manufacturer's name or any other information) upwards.

Once the disc is inserted correctly into the player, wait for Windows to recognize it and proceed in a different way, depending on the type of media (audio CD or data CD) you are managing.

Audio CD

If the disc in your possession is a Audio CDAfter inserting it into your PC, you should see a notification at the bottom right (At Windows 10 ), which you must click to show Automatic playback A containing disk opening options (the choice will also affect subsequent disks of the same type to be connected).

If, on the other hand, you are using an older version of Windows, you should see the mentioned window directly in the center of the screen.

Anyway, all you have to do is select the program you intend to use to listen to the music stored in it (eg. Windows Media Player ) from the auto play screen, click the button to accept and wait for the sounds to start Songs. in Windows 7 y Windows 8.1, you can avoid storing the default program by removing the check mark from the box Always do this for audio CDs.

In this way, the selection window will be displayed again the next time you insert an audio CD.

note : If you want, you can edit manually autoplay options. open the menu Home by clicking on the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen. Access the control Panel (writing, if necessary, the name of the program in the search bar) and go to the sections Hardware and Sound> Change Default Settings for Media and Devices.

Use the drop-down menus attached to the new window that appears to choose the operation to perform when inserting an audio CD.

Autoplay (that is, the "automatic" disc reading function) is not active on the PC you are using, so you cannot see any of the windows mentioned above

No problem, you can still log in to content Audio CD via File Browser / Explore the resources.

Double click the icon This PC / Pc residing on the desktop, identifies the icon related to the inserted audio CD (eg. CD RW Drive (E 🙂 Audio CD ) and right click on it.

At this point, you can display the selection window seen above by clicking on the item Open autoplay ... located in the proposed menu, or directly start playing the songs through your favorite program, selecting the appropriate reference element (eg. Play with Windows media Player ).

Data CD

If you are not dealing with an Audio CD but need to manage a  Data CD, things change slightly. Once you insert the media into the reader, wait for it to appear push notification dialog bubble (At Windows 10 ) and click on it to display the Automatic playback (suitable for choosing "automatic" content playback options).

In Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, you do not have to perform this step, as the selection screen appears automatically.

However, from the available options, choose Open folder to view files and press the button to accept to open the contents of the disc inside File Browser, so you can navigate inside exactly as you would a "common" folder.

If you can't see the AutoPlay window because the functionality is disabled, you can still access the contents of the disc through File Browser / Explore the resources.

Double click the icon This PC / Pc placed on the desktop, identify the data CD from the available options, right click on it and select the item open / expanded of the proposed context menu.

note : If the disc starts an automatic procedure during insertion (for example, a setup program) but you were interested in its contents and did not follow the proposed instructions, close it without hesitation and follow the instructions that are shown a bit instead of seeing the files saved to disk via File Browser / Explore the resources.

If you want to enable auto play and display the operation selection screen, you can go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Change the default settings for media and devices, put a check mark next to the item Use auto play for all media and devices and confirm your choice by pressing the button Save, located at the bottom of the window.


Almost all the latest models of Mac have no burner: so if you want to open a CD on PC With macOS, you will need to get an external one (making sure to check port compatibility USB Type C ).

Once you have obtained this device, connect it to the Mac via the USB Type-C port, then start the operating system and wait for macOS to correctly recognize the reader and therefore finder.

At this point, all you have to do is insert the disc into the burner and follow the instructions below to properly manage Audio CD o Data CD.

Audio CD

If you entered a Audio CD, the easiest way to reproduce it is using iTunes, the media player included "standard" in macOS. If configured correctly, the latter should automatically start playing the songs, once the system knows the disc correctly.

Otherwise, start the program by pressing the icon as musical note annexed to Spring bar and press the icon in the form of » diskette »Located in the upper left part of the program.

At this point, a window should appear asking you whether or not to import all the tracks on the CD on the PC (converting them to AAC format and saving them in the HDD).

Once you have made your choice (you can ignore the operation by pressing the button No. ), you can start playing the disc immediately by clicking the button Play located at the top of the iTunes window, or selectively play one or more tracks, choosing them from the central section of the program.

Data CD

If the disc in your possession is a data CDSimply insert the CD into the drive and wait for the Finder to automatically recognize it - when this happens, you should see a "floppy" icon on your desktop. To explore the contents of the CD, simply double-click on this icon and wait for the Finder to open.

Alternatively, you can access the contents of the disc by opening the finder directly from Spring bar (the icon in the form of smiley face ) and click on the entry to Data CD, located within the section positions, in turn attached to the left part of the window that opens on the screen.

note - In general, the activation of a CD / DVD in macOS is completely automatic. If you cannot read the disc, check the insertion direction in the player, wipe the surface in contact with the carriage with a soft, dry cloth (so as not to scratch it), and reinsert the disc into the player.

If even this solution does not have the desired result, try inserting a different CD: if the latter is recognized correctly, the original disc is most likely irreparably damaged. If not, you can try to reset the CD player parameters by resetting the NVRAM / PRAM.

How to open a locked CD player

The drive or recorder on your PC no longer opens, so is it impossible for you to insert a CD or remove a previously inserted disc? In this case, you can intervene directly on the player to try to get out of their way, without damaging the disc or peripheral.

The first thing to do, therefore, is restart the PC and hit the open button again before the operating system starts. If the "crash" was due to continued attempts to access the contents of the disk (which would probably be damaged or unreadable), the cart should be opened immediately. On the other hand, if this procedure has no effect, you must open it manually, using the appropriate release device.

To do this, first armed with a thin, pointed object (such as a needle, an "open" paper clip, or a toothpick), look carefully at the CD player connected to the PC and look for the hole for manual opening, usually located near the car open button.

When you have found it, insert the pointed object into the small hole and push it gently to activate the manual carriage release system. In this way, you can safely remove the disk previously locked inside.

note : On some older desktop PC readers, the manual carriage opening hole is located on the side of the carriage. To achieve this, you must remove one of the casing's side panels (usually the opposite of the housing mount). motherboard).

So far the entry on how to open CD on PC.