How to open HTM. A few days ago, she came across a file with an extension that she had never seen before: HTM. Initially, you didn't care about it, but a few hours ago, your boss asked you to see the contents of that file.

Today I will explain how to open a htm file in all OS most popular for PCs (Windows and macOS) and for mobile phones / tablets (Android and iOS).

However, before continuing, it seems correct to give you more information about this type of extension: HTM files, exactly like the HTML files, contains websites, similar to what you see when you browse Internet through your browser.

The HTM format, in fact, exists because of a simple compatibility problem: the first versions of Windows were compatible with files whose extension was with only 3 letters, therefore, it was not possible to use the HTML extension (which would have been adopted later anyway).

How to open HTM files with Windows

As you might well understand by reading the introductory lines of this guide, HTM files primarily identify web content, exactly like the more "famous" HTML files. To open them in view mode, therefore, just use any browser.

Windows, in general, automatically associates the program generally used to browse the Internet with the HTM extension: for this reason, the easiest way to view a HTM files in the operating system Microsoft, go to the folder that contains it and simply open it with a Double click on its icon.

If everything went in the right direction, you should be able to correctly view the content of the web page described in the HTM file using your favorite browser, for example Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

If for some reason the HTM extension is not associated with any program, proceed as follows: go to the folder containing the file in question, right click on it and select the item To open with of the proposed menu.

Then select the navigator with which you want to open the file of the list of proposed programs and that's it.

Alternatively, you can launch the browser as you normally would (for example, via the icon on the desktop) and drag the HTM file inside your window - it will open instantly.

Modify the file

You started experimenting after reading my guide on how to create an HTML page, now would you like to take advantage of the file you just received to apply some changes for testing purposes?

So, as you can easily guess, you won't have to open the file with your browser, but with a program that can modify the source code of the page.

You can do it extremely easily: right-click on the HTM file in question, choose To open with from the context menu and then select the option Choose one Ltra Application / Program / Default Program ....

In the window that appears, be sure to select a program for edition text (such as Pad of notes o WordPad Windows for example) and remove the check mark from the box Always use this application / program to open files HTM.

If programs of this type do not appear in the list, click the item Other applications / Find another application on this PC or on the button Examine …, then go to the folder that contains the executable (.exe) file of the software you want to use.

For your information, you should know that there are programs specifically designed to intervene in HTM / HTML files, which contain features specifically dedicated to this type of operation (code formatting and indentation, automatic completion, error reporting, etc.): I have to point out some of them in my HTML program guide.

Change default program

How do you say Do you want to make the HTM files open in a browser other than the default one on the system, or directly with a text / HTML editor of your choice? No problem: Windows allows you to customize the programs to be used based on their extension in a very simple way.

I will immediately explain how: first, right click on any HTM file, select item your property from the menu that appears and, in the window that opens, press the button Change … placed next to the wording To open with.

Finally, select the program with which you want to open the HTM files from the proposed list, by clicking on the item Search for another application on this PC or on the button Plus …, if the software you want does not appear in the list.

How to open HTM files with Mac

Even in MacOS, the operating system preinstalled in Mac, things are exactly like Windows: htm files are opened, by default, via the default system browser (eg. safari ); therefore, to view the web page generated by the file, simply double-click the file in question.

If, on the other hand, you want to use a different browser than the default, right-click on the file in question, choose the item To open with and select the navigation program of your interest from the proposed list.

Finally, an even faster method to open files HTM with Mac is to drag the file in question directly to the browser window (this operation, however, will overwrite the content of the currently active tab).

Modify an HTM file

Even on macOS you can edit an HTM file in a very comfortable way using a text editor (preferably simple or specific to create web documents).

In this case, I recommend that you trust text editing, the "basic" program for managing text files on Mac. However, before continuing, you will need to make a small change to the default behavior of the software; otherwise, you will not be able to view the web page correctly (due to the automatic formatting applied to the text).

So first, start text editing calling it from the folder more>   Launchpad macOS (the icon in the form of rocket docked), click the menu text editing placed in the upper left and select the item Preferences …

Once this is done, go to Open and save of the window that opens, put the check mark next to the box View HTML files as HTML instead of formatted text and close the configuration window.

At this point, you can choose to open the htm file being edited directly from the TextEdit window (via the menu File> Open ... ), or right click on the file in question, select the entry open with from the context menu and choose the text editing from the list of proposed programs.

Change default program

Do you want HTM files on your Mac to always open with a different program than default browser of the system? You can achieve this very easily!

First, right-click on a any file in HTM format, select the article Get information from the menu that opens and when you get to the next window, act on the dropdown menu To open with to specify the program of your interest.

When you're done, press the buttons Edit all ... y siguiente To save the settings.

How to open HTM files on Android

Have you received an HTM file and want to open it in Android ? Nothing could be simpler - in most cases, what you need to do is press the file icon directly within the application from which you received it (eg. gmail ), touch the item Google Chrome (or whatever browser for Android you prefer to use) and choose if you want to open the file with your chosen application just for once o always.

However, if after touching the file icon you should see HTML codes inside it, you can fix it by accessing menu general editor (generally accessible via buttons (⋮) y ), touch the item Open in ... (o Open in ... / To open with ) and select the browser of your interest among the proposed options.

How to open HTM files on iOS

As for the iOS Opening HTM files is even easier! In fact, all you have to do is locate the page of your interest in the application where you received it and touch its icon to open it in the system's HTML viewer. Nothing more and nothing less!

If desired, you can save the HTM file to one of the device's designated folders, or to iCloud, as follows: After following the steps above, tap the share (the shaped button square with arrow pointing up ) and select the item Save to file from the proposed panel, taking care to specify the path where you want to keep the file in question.

How to convert HTM files

If you have come this far, it means that you have understood perfectly how to open a htm file, but still looking for a method to convert the web pages in question to other formats, such as documents PDF or JPG type images.

Is this really so? Then let me help you with this too! You should know that you can easily convert HTM files to PDF documents using the service PDF Convert online.

After connecting to this website (which respects the privacy of users by deleting files uploaded to its servers a few hours after uploading), press the button Choose file ... and select the HTM file of your interest through the proposed panel.

Then click the button Convert now! to start the conversion immediately, which may take a few seconds.

Once you therefore arrive on the results page, locate the file link PDF generated ( random name followed by extension . Pdf ), press the link in question and save the PDF document open in browser.

You intend to convert the HTM file into a JPG image, visit this website and proceed in a manner absolutely similar to what we saw above (the resulting link, this time, however, will have an extension .jpg ).