You are tired of the usual Acrobat Reader and you are looking for a valid reader to PDF files, but you don't want another slow "block" to open. Sure, you're a bit picky, but luckily for me, I have what it does for you: a good list of alternative programs to open files PDF.

What do you care You? All right. Then take a few minutes for yourself, position yourself comfortably in front of your trusted PC, and immediately begin to focus on reading all of the following. In the following lines, in fact, we will discover together what I think is the best software for the purpose that you can use as a variant of the famous Adobe program, both on the Windows side and in the world of MacBoth free and for a fee All you have to do is choose the one that you think can do the most for you and download it to your PC.

So? May I know what you are still doing there? Come on, let's not waste any more time talking and let's get started right away. Ah, I almost forgot: to complete the information, at the end of the article I proceeded to include a step completely dedicated to the main applications for mobile phones and tablets useful in this regard and thanks to which you can view your PDFs directly on the go.

PDFelement (Windows / Mac)

The first resource I want to invite you to consider for open files PDF is PDFelement. It is software available for Windows and Mac that offers its users a wide range of display modes. It also allows you to add notes and comments, highlight PDF text, insert links and much more. Unfortunately, it is not free, but before continuing with the final purchase of the program it is possible to download and try the trial version (as I did for write this step).

To download it to your PC, connected to the program's website, press the button Free Trial and then the one with Windows logo (to get the Windows version) or with the Search engine icon (to get the Mac version).

When the download completes, if you are using Windows, open the .exe file you just got and click lo. Pigia therefore in good to confirm the use of the Italian language and in siguiente. Select the article I accept the terms of the license agreement. and click again siguiente three times and then up final.

If you are using a Mac, open the obtained .dmg package and drag the program icon to the folder applications macOS. Then right click on it and choose open twice in a row, to avoid Apple's limitations on unauthorized developers.

Regardless of the operating system used, just click the button to view your PDF files Open file that you find on the left side of the on-screen window and actually select the PDF document reference. If you want to view more PDF files at the same time, go to the menu office hour, choose the article open and select the other documents that will later be opened in additional program tabs.

To manage all display options, expand the menu instead view which is located at the top and uses the buttons that you see appear, for example, to change the zoom level, the adaptation of the page to the screen, etc.

If you later want to select part of the text, choose the option select placed on the left and highlights the text of your interest. If you want edit the text by adding notes, comments, etc., expand the menus annotation y edit They are at the top and choose the options and tools they prefer.

Do you want to export the open PDF document as an image or another file? Can be done. To do this, click on the menu. office hour found at the top, select convert select word o Other formats or, again, Other PDF formats depending on what your needs are and indicate the final output format by clicking on the corresponding icon.

Soda PDF (Windows / Mac)

Another resource you have of yours to be able open PDF files es Soda PDF. It is available free of charge for both Windows and Mac and allows you to read any PDF document, as well as browse catalogs, magazines, e-books, etc. through proprietary 3D technology. In summary, try it now and you will see that you will not regret it.

To use it, connect to the program website and click on the button Free download, to start downloading Soda PDF on your PC.

Once downloaded, if you are using Windows, open the obtained .exe file, click lo and press the button siguiente To start the installation.

If you are using a Mac, open the resulting .pkg package and click, in the window that appeared on the desktop, click continued for two consecutive times and up to to accept. Then click on the buttons continued y installEnter the password for your macOS user account and wait for the installation to complete. Then start the program by clicking its icon on the Launchpad.

Now that regardless of the operating system displays the Soda PDF window on the screen, to open the PDF you want to view click the button Open PDF document, select the file to browse and press the button open. On Mac, click the item instead office hour present in the top menu bar select open from the menu that appears and choose the PDF file of your interest.

Once you have viewed the document, you can change the display mode as you like by clicking on the tab visit placed on top and using the buttons and items attached to the menu that appears. From there, for example, you can change the zoom level, you can enable or disable 3D view, you can choose to open the document in full screen and much more.

If, on the other hand, you want to add bookmarks, annotations, text highlights, etc., go to the cards Creations, edit y insertion that you always find at the top and that serve the tools attached to them.

If you later want to export your PDF in a different format, select the tab conversion which is always at the top and click on the button corresponding to the format in which you want to export your document to your PC.

Chrome (Windows / Mac)

You probably didn't know, but you should know too chrome, the web browser of Google, it can perform the function of PDF file viewer. Besides allowing you to visit your favorite websites, in fact, it includes a plug-in to open and view PDF files that, in fact, allows you to open documents of this type without having to resort to additional programs on your PC.

To do so, first of all, download the famous browser on your Windows or Mac PC (if you haven't already, of course) by following the instructions I gave you in my tutorial on the subject.

Then start browsing and drag the PDF document you want to open to a new tab. Alternatively, you can open your PDF files in Chrome by right-clicking on the reference file, selecting the item To open with from the menu that appears and then choose Google Chrome from the additional menu that opens.

Through the screen that will be displayed at this point, you can view your PDF, increase or decrease the zoom level (using the buttons capacitor positive (+) lead y negative (-) lead present in the lower right corner) and enable or disable the display of the internal screen (using the button that shows a square with open sides which is always at the bottom right).

also can print the PDF (by clicking on the printed at the top) and rotate the document (pressing the button with arrow that you always find at the top of the screen).

note: The PDF viewing function is also included in all other popular browsers (eg. Firefox y safari ) but compared to them, Chrome offers better document management.

PDF-XChange Viewer (Windows)

PDF-XChange Viewer Instead, it is a program to open PDF files for free, completely in Italian and that really has nothing to envy to commercial solutions. With it, you will not only be able to open any type of document in PDF format, but also delete / extract pages from files, export them as images and much more.

Are you asking me how to use it? I will tell you immediately. The first step you should take is to connect to the website of the software and click the button Download located in the upper center, to download the program to your PC.

Once the download is complete, extract the compressed file you just got in any location and start the .exe file inside it to start the software installation procedure. In the window that opens, click first lo and to good to confirm the use of the Italian language. Later press siguiente, check the box next to the article I accept the terms of the license agreement. click siguiente for six consecutive times, press install and then final.

Once the program is installed on your PC, you can immediately start using it to view your documents in digital format. To open a PDF file with the PDF-XChange Viewer, all you have to do is click the button open you find in the software toolbar.

You can also open several documents simultaneously in the same PDF-XChange Viewer window, using the tabs shown at the top of the program, and select / copy the texts present in them, by clicking on the icon select present in the toolbar and highlighting the desired text portions with the mouse.

To export the open PDF as an image, I instead went to the menu office hour, select the article export and click Export as image. In the window that opens, select the file format in which you want to export your document from the menu Image Type:, indicates the folder in which save images by clicking the button Examine … and start the conversion by clicking To export ….

You can also add texts and notes in open documents. To do this, go to the menu instruments click on Comment and note and select the items notes y text.

Preview (Mac)

Are you using a Mac and would like to know an alternative system to open PDF files to the previous ones? If this is the case, I am happy to inform you that if you are not looking for particularly advanced features, you can also avoid using third party tools and trust preview, the application included "standard" in macOS thanks to which it is possible to display images and PDF, for the note.

To use it for your purpose, simply double-click the PDF icon that interests you and in a few moments you will see it appear on the screen in the Preview window. If nothing happens or if you set a different PDF reader as default, open Preview by clicking on its icon (the one with the photography ) at Launchpad, select the reference PDF in the window that opens and press the button open.

Once you have viewed the PDF, you can highlight one or more text snippets by clicking the button with the marker pen Which is at the top. If you want to insert notes, drawings, etc., click the button with the pencil always placed at the top of the Preview window. To manage the zoom level, use the special buttons with magnifying glass found in the upper left.

Do you want to import your PDF as an image? You can also do this. To do this, click on the item office hour attached to the menu bar select To export …, indicates the format of the output file from the drop-down menu format, choose the location to save through the menu Located in: and press Save.

Application to open PDF files

To conclude, as they say, I want to point out some apps for mobile phones and tablets that you can use to open your PDF files directly and conveniently on the go, without having to go through the PC.

There is so much to Android and for iOS, both free and paid. You can find below the ones that IMHO represent the best in the category. Download the one that you think can do the most for you and start using it right away.

  • Exodus PDF (Android / iOS): excellent application for mobile devices thanks to which you can open and view documents in PDF format. It also includes some features of edition which can be very convenient and it also supports document syncing via cloud.
  • Foxit PDF Reader & Converter (Android / iOS): Recognized application for opening PDF files on the go. It's free, but through in-app purchases you can enable additional features, such as protecting PDF files with certificates, signing PDF documents with digital certificates, create PDF files blank, etc.
  • Google PDF viewer (Android): As its name implies, it is the PDF file viewer distributed directly by Google for your devices. It offers all the most wanted basic features and it's free.
  • PDF Expert by Readlle (iOS): application for iOS devices through which you can view and edit PDF files in a simple and complete way and through a very nice user interface. It costs 10,99 euros.