How open files . Xml. Unlike the HTML file, which is a structural document with predefined tags, XML is a document that acts as a container for storing data that can be used by other software. XML files are easy to open - just use the appropriate program. It is also possible to open this type of file by using online services and applications for mobile devices. Android / iOS / iPadOS.

How to open .xml files in Windows

For, open a XML file in Windows You do not need to download very complicated additional software, as some basic programs are already installed on your PC that allow you to view them in a few clicks.

Notepad / WordPad

The aim of the Memo pad Windows can open XML files instantly. Simply right-click on the file in question and, from the context menu that appears, select the items Open with> Notepad.

Even the basic Windows text editor, WordPad, you can open XML files as these types of files can be viewed as simple textual content. Don't forget that XML files are nothing more than containers for data and information entered textually.

Do you want to know how to open an XML file with WordPad? It's really easy! Right-click on the file and then from the context menu choose the items Open With> WordPad.

Browser to browse the Internet

You can also open an XML file with any browser to browse Internet: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge y Internet Explorer they can open an XML file in no time.

To do this too, right-click the file in question and in the context menu that appears, click the item To open with. At this point, among the options you see, select the element that refers to the name of the navigator that you intend to use.

The XML file will open directly in a new browser tab and you will be able to read its textual content.

How to open .xml files on Mac

If you are using a Mac and you want to understand how to open an XML file, you don't need to complicate your life by installing difficult software. All you need is the browser Safari, that, like any other browser, you can easily view files with this extension.

To open the XML file you have identified, right-click on it and choose items from the context menu Open with> Safari. In the blink of an eye, the file will open with the Web navigator macOS default.

Alternatively, you can also use the note software, text editing, already pre-installed on macOS. To open the XML file with this application, click on the file with the right mouse button and next to the menu To open with, select the article text editing. And here is your open file.

With excel

If you regularly use the suite software Office, You will be glad to know that some of these allow you to open XML files. For example, word is able to see the content of this type of file, in the same way that I have already shown it for Notepad or WordPad.

As well Excel, the famous software for processing spreadsheets, is capable of reading the XML file. However, the file in question will be displayed as an XML table and not as plain text, as is the case in Word.

To open the file with Microsoft Excel, start the program and from the side menu select the item open other workbook files, taking care to locate the XML file in question. From the menu, open the file as XML table and that's it.

How to open .xml files online

Curious about the content of the XML file you found but don't want to download software? No problem, it is not required.

To open the file that has the .XML extension, you can use one of the many online viewing tools. Here there is some places of the Internet that offer the visualization of XML files: they are easy to use and truly immediate tools.

The first website that does the job of XML file viewer is the tool XML Viewer. To use this tool, go to the official website at

The interface of XML viewer It is simple and functional: you will see that by following the directions on the following lines, you will have no difficulty using it to view XML files.

First, press the button Surf, to locate the file on your PC or Mac. After selecting it, click the button. open  from the dialog box, to complete the import process.

On the screen XML inputOn the left you will see the text of the file you have opened, while on the right screen you can see it according to other structures. Pressing the button Tree view, you can see the structure of the different labels and dependencies; by clicking on Beautify / Format you will be able to see the well formatted source code while using the button Minimize you can remove all unnecessary code.

Also, you can export XML in other formats, like CSV ( Export to CSV ) or in JSON ( XML to JSON ). If you want to make changes, you can save them by pressing the button downloads, That allows him save the new file on the PC, always in XML format.

If you just want to open the XML file that you have identified and don't mind reading the content in different formats or structures, I highly recommend the XML website. designed to allow you to open an XML file in a few clicks from your browser.

How to use it? It's very simple: first connect to your main website and once you see the website in question click Open file y Choose file.

Now you will have to locate the XML file that you found on your PC, click on it and then on the button open from the Windows or macOS dialog, to open it. Once loaded, press the button Enter at keyboard.

If everything went in the right direction, the file will have an indication XML. The file will be displayed in the bottom pane and you can click the button Text view, to see it in full text format.

Among the numerous Internet sites that perform the task of opening and viewing XML files, the one that stands out for its captivating graphical interface is

As you can obviously guess from the name of domain, the proposed goal is to allow you to view the content of an XML file. The site serves this purpose very well and also has a user interface that is really nice to look at.

To use it, connect to your main website, upload the file you have identified, using the button Surf, and press the button Format.

If you wish, you can format the text in Json format (the button Json ), delete the superfluous code (the button Minimize ) and activate the tree view.

How to open .xml files on mobile phones and tablets

Would you like a solution to understand how to open .xml files away from home with your devices?

Opening an XML file on your Android mobile phone or tablet is very easy. Also in this case, since it is a file with textual content, the default text editor of the Android devices you can open it.

Once downloaded, open it from your device's file manager - you'll see it open in the blink of an eye via the tool Text editor.

If you are using a device iOS, instead, download the file from the cloud service you used to transfer it to your mobile device, for example iCloud.

Being a file that contains textual data, just tap on it to see it as a normal textual note. As you have seen, you don't need any kind of third-party app to open and view it.

How to open .xml files in PDF

Do you want to open an XML file via file management software PDF? Well, I have all the solutions that can surely be suitable. In fact, you should know that in most cases an XML file cannot be opened directly via PDF software, but you can convert it to the latest format.

Although there are some programs that allow you to view an XML in PDF, such as electronic invoicing, which I will explain in the next chapter, in some cases it is necessary to carry out its conversion first.

This operation is possible using one of the many solutions illustrated in the previous chapters, taking care to print in pdf format. You can also use tools that allow immediate conversion from XML to PDF.

In all these cases, what I advise you to do is consult my guide on how to convert an XML file to PDF, in which I have shown you all the solutions that can help you achieve this.

How to open a .xml.p7m file

If you have received an electronic invoice in format XML o XML.P7M, the use of one of the tools proposed in the previous chapters is not an adequate solution. This is because the proposed software allows you to view the textual content of an XML file, regardless of its structure.

In this sense, what you need is a tool that can open this type of file, maintaining the structure and format of the invoice, to read it correctly.

There are several programs designed for this purpose, such as women  o AssoInvoice, or some solutions or online applications for mobile devices.

So far all the options to know how to open .xml files.