How to pay WhatsApp

Despite having touched on the topic several times (even recently), I keep getting questions about WhatsApp costs. Some friends, especially older ones who are preparing to test the application for the first time, ask me how to pay whatsapp, if there are functions of the application that suppose an extra cost and if there are price differences between the versions of WhatsApp for iPhone, Android y Windows Phone. So here I am, ready to get back "on track" and clear all doubts about WhatsApp costs.

If you are also about to try this famous app for the first time and you have doubts about its real price, take five minutes of free time and read the article that I am about to propose. In a short time we will find out together how download WhatsApp, how to activate an account in the latter and how to keep application consumption under control (in order to limit costs).

I assure you that the subject is much simpler than you imagine, and there are many good news that I have to give them. First? Well, WhatsApp is free! You may only have to pay for the data usage required by your rate plan, but we'll get to that in a moment. Let's try to go in order.

How much does WhatsApp cost?

As I just mentioned, WhatsApp is free, It can free download on all smartphone models and sending messages does not involve any cost. Even sending photos, videos, documents, and making voice calls are free, but it wasn't always that way.

Until January 2016, WhatsApp was only free for the first 12 months, after which it provided for the payment of an annual fee of 89 cents; fee that no longer has to be paid and has been automatically canceled for all users, old and new, of the service.

In short, if any site tries to get you to pay for WhatsApp or you receive messages about a paid Pro version of WhatsApp, ignore them, they are beautiful and good scams!

How to download WhatsApp for free

Made it clear that it is not necessary pay whatsapp, roll up your sleeves and download the app on your mobile phone. Don't know how to do it? Don't worry, this is a game of children.

If you use a terminal Android, open the Google Play Store (the white bag icon with the "printed" game symbol in the center), select the search bar which is above and seeks Whatsapp within the latter.

On the screen that opens, touch the icon Whatssap message (the green balloon with the white earpiece inside) and proceed with the download of the application by pressing the button first Install on pc and then on that I agree.

If you use a iPhone, open the App Store (the letter 'A' icon on a blue background located on the home screen), move to the tab Search located at the bottom right, select the search bar which is above and seeks Whatsapp in the latter.

On the screen that opens, locate the Whatssap message (the green balloon with the white earpiece inside), press the button Get / install located next to it and, if necessary, sign in with your Apple ID. To log in, you may need to write your Apple ID password or, if you have a Touch ID-equipped iPhone model, place your finger on the Home button.

If you use a Windows phone, open the Shop Windows Phone (the shopping bag icon with the Windows flag "printed" in the center), press the icon magnifying glass what is down and looking Whatsapp.

Next, select the WhatsApp icon from the screen that opens and press the button Install on pc to start downloading and installing the app on your phone. It will take a few seconds.

If you find any problem in the WhatsApp installation procedure, try looking for a solution in my how-to tutorial install WhatsApp, there I dealt with the installation of the application in more depth.

Final report: WhatsApp is also available for BlackBerry, Symbian, Nokia S40 and Windows Phone 7.1, however, from the end of 2016 these platforms will no longer be supported. If you have a phone equipped with one of these OS, be prepared to change it. Meanwhile, you can download WhatsApp by opening your browser and visiting the site.

How to activate WhatsApp for free

After downloading WhatsApp on your mobile phone, you need to create a free account to use the service. Then start Whatsapp selecting its icon on the main screen of your mobile phone and pressing the button Accept and continue accept the terms of use.

Then write yours Cell Number, Let's go is and press the button Okay to start the process of verifying your identity. The identity verification procedure consists of typing the Confirmation code you receive by SMS. If you do not receive the message, select the item Giving me a call located below and the verification code will be dictated by voice through an automated call.

Once the number is verified, choose the First name and Profile picture you want to use in WhatsApp and "tap" the button Venga twice in a row to use the service.

The names of your friends who use WhatsApp are automatically imported from the phone book. To start a new conversation with them, go to the tab Contacts o Favorites application and select their names.

How to limit WhatsApp consumption

The only costs that can be derived from the use of WhatsApp are those related to the data consumption. If you make a particularly intensive use of WhatsApp on the 3G / LTE network, make a lot of voice calls, download a lot of videos and share a lot of multimedia content, you could quickly exceed the data traffic threshold provided by your rate plan and pay a few euros more on your bill. (or be without a data connection).

As is easily understood, this is not a risk that only concerns WhatsApp, in any case there are some tricks that you can put into practice to limit the use of data by the application and thus avoid the risk of "exceeding" the threshold. of your rate plan.

To limit the use of data by WhatsApp, go to adjustments application and select item Use of data from the screen that opens. If you don't know how to access the WhatsApp settings, press the button (...) located on the main screen of the application and select the item configurations in the menu that appears. However, if you are using an iPhone, simply select the tab configurations located in the lower right.

At this point, place the check mark next to the item Reduced data consumption To activate data saver during voice calls (which, however, adversely affects the quality of conversations), press the voice When using the mobile network and remove the check mark from items related to media content that you do not want to download on the 3G / 4G network: photo, audio, video o the documents.

On iPhone, to choose which content to download on 3G / 4G, select the items Stock, Audio, Video es Documents in the WhatsApp settings menu and choose Wi-Fi o Wi-Fi and cellular from the screen that opens.

In conclusion, if you want to always be aware of the data traffic of your mobile phone, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to check the traffic of Internet and use the applications mentioned in the latter. I assure you that they will help you a lot, regardless of WhatsApp.