How to play Fortnite with mouse and keyboard. You just started playing Fortnite, the popular title Battle Royale de epic Games, and you've heard that it is possible to use the mouse and keyboard to play Fortnit. Even on consoles. But you have not understood how to do it. Would you like to learn what the keys are for play Fortnite? Then I would say that you are in the right place, at the right time!

In today's tutorial, in fact, I will explain How to play Fortnite with the mouse and keyboard acting both from PC and from PlayStation 4 y Xbox One. You will be able to use this input method from all platforms in your possession. And I'll give you more tips to improve in Epic Games' Battle Royale title.

You just have to take five minutes of free time and read what I'm going to tell you. I have nothing else to do except wish you a happy read and have fun!

How to play Fortnite with mouse and keyboard. What you should know

Before continuing in detail on this topic, I think you may be interested to know why these entry methods allow for a good competitive advantage and how Epic Games manages it.

Basic Information

Players generally consider the mouse and keyboard to be the input method that allows greater freedom of maneuver. In fact, point and shoot with the mouse and keyboard is much faster than doing it with the controller. This allows users using these input methods to gain a significant competitive advantage.

However, Epic Games noted the discrepancy between mouse and keyboard and controller. And so he decided to divide the two types of players into separate servers, so that all users can play Fortnite on an equal footing.

How to play Fortnite with mouse and keyboard on PC

The default input method for playing Fortnite on PC and Mac it is clearly a mouse and keyboard. Below you will find all the relevant indications regarding the keys to be used.

Main buttons

The main buttons to use are very simple:

W,   S, D move space, skip cultural, (Shift to the left). For running, Equal / Num Block guidance on travel automatic, Left Ctrl bend left mouse button shoot / use consumables, Right mouse button  to point keys 1 to 6 change weapon / object, y to collect / interact with objects, M to see the map.

Once in the inventory, simply drag the objects with the left mouse button to handle everything. To place a marker, simply press the mouse wheel. In summary, the main keys are those used by most of these types of games.

Build Fortnite structures

However, to learn how to play properly, you must also know how to build the structures in Fortnite. In fact, the latter are of fundamental importance to protect yourself from enemies and catch them off guard, gaining a good competitive advantage. The key to enter construction mode is Q, while to change from one type of construction to another you must use the F1 to F5 buttons, or move the mouse wheel.

You can place the structures in the field by pressing the left mouse button, while to modify the constructions just press the button G. During construction mode, you can also press the right mouse button to change materials, choosing between wood, stone and metal.

When you have finished building a structure, you must press the button Q to exit construction mode. For all the details of the case, I invite you to take a look at my guide on how to build in Fortnite PC.

How to play Fortnite with mouse and keyboard on PS4

La PlayStation 4 It has a native function that allows you to connect the mouse and keyboard to the console and play Fortnite with this input method.

To continue, all you have to do is connect your keyboard and mouse using USB o Bluetooth to the PlayStation 4. In case you have USB devices (or with USB receivers), just go to toolbar top of main page of PS4 and press the button X controller up adjustments (briefcase icon)

At this point, select the item devices and you will find External keyboard y mouse. From here you can verify the operation of the peripherals, also configuring pointer speed and other useful options to enhance the gaming experience.

If you have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, just go back to the page devices may be made by each adjustments PS4 and select the item Bluetooth devices. Now, activate the device pairing mode and press the button X controller on the Device Name that will appear on the screen.

If it is a keyboard, you may be asked to type a Confirmation code (Generally is 0000, or reported in the device manual).

If everything is correct, you can move through the main menu of PlayStation 4 through directional arrows Keyboard By default, the button presentar replace the key X of the pad while Esc take the place of the button O.

Perfect, now you just have to start Fortnite to play with the mouse and keyboard. As for the buttons, they are the same ones that I described in the chapter on how to play Fortnite with a mouse and keyboard on a PC.

How to play Fortnite with mouse and keyboard on Xbox One

As well Xbox One allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to play Fortnite through native functionality.

All you have to do is connect your devices to the ports USB from the console. Once this is done, Xbox One will automatically recognize your mouse and keyboard and you can now use them as an input method.

In case you want to configure the mouse correctly, just press your name, present on the Xbox One home page, select the gear icon and go to the road Settings> Kinect and Devices> Mouse. From here you can adjust the pointer speed through the appropriate lever and reverse the primary and secondary button, in case you need it.

In case everything has been configured correctly, you can move in the console menus through directional arrows keyboard. Also, the button Windows replaces the button on the remote while Esc take the place of the button B.

Speaking of the keys, I recommend that you take a look at the chapter on how to play Fortnite with a mouse and keyboard on a PC (the buttons are the same)

How to improve in Fortnite with mouse and keyboard

If you have already learned how to play Fortnite with mouse and keyboard but you are still a novice player in Fortnite I assure you that, by following my instructions, you will be able to master this input method correctly.

Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all setting for improvement in Fortnite, but every user needs to find the setting that best suits their playing style. In this sense, it is very important to configure the game settings correctly, according to the platform at your disposal. Thus, my advice is to activate the voice. Show FPS de adjustments of the game and configure the Fortnite options so that the game becomes at least 60 stable FPS.

Another aspect that I consider very important is the mouse sensitivity. My advice is to try to establish sensitivity X y Y guidance on 0100 and those of aim and movement to 1. This can be a good starting point to understand which settings best suit your needs.

Don't underestimate the purchase of high-end keyboard and mouse, which can increase the convenience and functionality offered out of all proportion.