How to protect your files stored in online services. Save Data in an online storage space can be very useful for accessing from any device or simply for easy sharing.

However, storing confidential data is not recommended because it can be stolen by anyone. Therefore, we recommend that you encrypt data and protect it, so that you can store it wherever you want without fear that it may be stolen.

How to protect your files stored in online services: different methods

There are several methods to encrypt data. You can encrypt and decrypt each file individually using the AxCrypt, create a virtual drive with all your confidential files with the TrueCrypt or use the software BoxCryptor, which can encrypt and decrypt any file so that it is not altered.

How to encrypt with AxCrypt

If you don't have many files to protect, you can use the AxCrypt. Its use is very simple, but you must encrypt and decrypt each file manually.

How to protect with TrueCrypt

If you have a lot of sensitive data to protect, the TrueCrypt It may be more interesting than AxCrypt. Create encrypted virtual disks that can hold your confidential data. However, every change to the virtual disk will synchronize everything with your online storage space.

Note: This solution is not recommended if your folder is too big.

How to make a file inaccessible with BoxCryptor

This is without a doubt the most practical of the three software mentioned here. The software creates a virtual drive that will be added to your navigator. This unit will allow you to import, export and access all your encrypted documents that are stored in your online spaces as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. And all this for free, up to 2GB.

Also, we recommend buying the paid version. Please note that if you try to open documents directly in the cloud, they will not be readable because they will be encrypted and will have to go through the Virtual Drive created by BoxCryptor.

How to use BoxCryptor step by step

First, download BoxCryptor. Then restart the PC. When you do this, BoxCryptor should open automatically (if not, double-click the desk to open it). You will need to create an account and give your name, e-mail and password.

After entering this information and accepting the Terms of Use, the software will inform you that for security reasons it will be impossible to recover your password if you lose it and you must use the PC on which the software is installed.

Confirm by checking the box and click Next (Following)-. Then choose the free plan (unless you have more than 2GB to store) and click Next (Following).

Your account has been created. You must enter your previously registered email and password. A tutorial will appear to help you.

A folder called BoxCryptor it will be created on your PC and will open automatically.

By completing this step we will see how to create a secure folder with BoxCryptor. Once opened, BoxCryptor will automatically detect your online storage space. Here we will use OneDrive that was already installed on the PC. Open the OneDrive folder and right click to create a new folder. The following message will appear, click Encrypt (Code).

Here we will name the folder Protected.

From here you can open the file (always via "BoxCryptor" in Windows File Explorer) and slide in all your files to protect them. Your files will now be encrypted and therefore unreadable and protected on your online storage space. Only you can read and modify them.

Note: You should always go through the BoxCryptor folder in Windows Explorer to perform your manipulations in this folder. This will ensure that everything is protected. You will not be able to read your files in another pc and to decrypt it must also go through that same folder.

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