How to put at in Lenovo laptop? It is tedious to want to enter an “@”, but as a result, it leaves us another symbol or a window open that we had not thought of. On Lenovo laptops, we might go a long way trying to get the at sign.

Surely it has happened to you that you want to open your email or enter it in a platform, but for that you must put "@". If you are already tired of copying and pasting this symbol, here we will show you some command options that will make you start put at easily, as it should be.

Now then these are the keybindings that they will pull out the symbol of the network par excellence.

Method 1 to make at on Lenovo laptop

The first method requires the following key combination:

  • Simultaneously press the ALT + 2 keys on your Lenovo.

If this combination didn't work, let's move on to the next one method to get the "@":

Method 2

Now, let's move on with another option to enter at at Lenovo laptop:

  • Press the arrow keys OTHER+ on your Lenovo laptop.

Method 3 to put at

If the previous combinations have not worked for you, try the following commands:

  • Press the CTRL + ALT + Q keys on your Lenovo laptop keyboard at the same time.

Write the at sign on your Lenovo with ASCII language

Do not be alarmed, it is not about doing a complicated procedure, what we will do is press the ATL + 64 keys. This command requires that we press the combination of keys without releasing the previous ones, therefore, keeping the ATL key pressed, you will also press the "6", and without stopping pressing them, it includes the "4" key.

Consider setting your language

If the keyboard is in a different language than the one you are using on your laptop, it is very possible that the key combinations will not give the result we want, although key icons indicate otherwise.

In this regard, consider set the language of your Lenovo laptop. Go to the control panel and set the laptop's default keyboard language. Select your preferred language and start testing the combinations that we have left in the previous points.

It is recommended that test the commands in a document of writing. To avoid any type of actions that we are not requiring in any login or search page.

Si have you managed to put at, remember the procedure that made it possible, and begin to understand this symbol naturally.

Is malware preventing you from putting at on your Lenovo laptop?

A reason why you have not achieved enter the at sign in your Lenovo laptop, is that you are being affected by malware. The ideal is to verify with your antivirus, that everything is in order. If you have found one of these viruses, feel free to remove it from your computer.

After this, proceed to make the combinations that allow put at on your laptop, as we have indicated.