How to put the percentage of battery of iPhone X

You have recently replaced your old "iPhone for" with a much newer iPhone X and everything in the thing immediately started experimenting with the various functions. However, when you did this, the battery drained without you really being aware of it and the result was that the mobile phone it went out suddenly. If you want some advice, for next time, pay attention to the percentage of charge to have a very precise idea about the level of autonomy of the device.

How do you say? Do you agree with me perfectly but you don't know how to do it with the new iPhone model you have? Well, I don't see the problem… I can explain it to you. It is true that, compared to all other Apple mobile phones, on the iPhone X the display of the battery percentage is, so to speak, hidden. In any case, by following the instructions contained in this tutorial of mine on the subject, you will see that in the end you will know where to put your hands.

Later? May I know what you are still doing standing there? Sit back comfortably, grab your "Apple Bitten" cell phone, and immediately start concentrating on reading the instructions on how to put battery percentage on iPhone X that you find just below. It's not difficult, you have my word. Are you ready?

  • Put the battery percentage on iPhone X
  • Alternative systems
    • Use the batteries widget
    • Put the iPhone in charge
    • En Apple Watch
    • En Mac
  • Monitor battery status and consumption

Put the battery percentage on iPhone X

As I indicated at the beginning of the article, on the iPhone X Apple has decided to change the display mode of the remaining percentage of battery charge.

In all other iPhone models, in fact, the percentage is always visible in the upper right part of the screen, next to the battery indicator, after activating the specific function in the settings of iOS, accessible by touching the Dell 'icon gear on the home screen, in the wording Battery on the next screen and appears EN options lever Battery percentage.

In the iPhone X, the option in question is already active by default and cannot be deactivated (in the iOS settings there is no reference to the thing as for the other iPhones) but in this case you can see the exact percentage of Battery charge. solely and exclusively by calling Control center.

To do this, take your iPhone X and slide your finger from the upper right corner of the screen to the bottom. When you do, the screen will appear in the upper right of the control center, next to battery indicator, Also there porcentaje exact charge. You can follow the steps in question with the iPhone locked and unlocked, it doesn't matter.

Alternative systems

What I indicated at the beginning of the article is the default method, so to speak, to put the battery percentage on the iPhone X. However, there are also other equally valid systems.

One involves the use of a special widget accessible through the dedicated iOS screen, another is to load the mealafonino, another allows you to obtain the desired information from Apple Watch and another from Mac. detail below.

Use the batteries widget

As anticipated, you can put battery percentage on iPhone X also using appropriate widget Batteries, including "standard" on iOS.

By default, this should already be active, so when you swipe from left to right on the lock screen or on the home screen's main page, you should see it immediately.

The widget is marked with the icon of a white battery on a green background and includes not only the indicator with the battery charge level of the iPhone X and the relative percentage but also the degree of autonomy of the other connected Apple devices to iPhone (for example, the Apple Watch).

If the widget is not visible, it is obviously because it has been disabled. To activate it, access the screen with all the widgets as indicated above, scroll the latter down and press the button Edit.

Then locate the widget Batteries in the list below the header Other widgets and press the button "+" green color that you find in their correspondence. Then click on the element final in the upper right to confirm the choice made. And There you go!

You can place the widget in the order you prefer by pressing the button with the three lines horizontally that you find next to its name after adding it to the active widgets and, while pressing it, dragging it to the position that suits you best. Even in this case, then press the voice final to confirm and apply the changes.

Put the iPhone in charge

Another system, not exactly practical but useful, in order to view the iPhone X battery percentage is to put the device in charge.

By doing so, in fact, the exact percentage of the charge level reached by the battery will appear on the iPhone lock screen. Obviously, the data is visible as long as the iPhone remains charging and is also shown only on each new screen reactivation, shortly after it automatically disappears and is replaced by the current date.

It goes without saying that to take advantage of this system, take the battery charger of your iPhone, classmate the latter to the iPhone and a power source and you can finally get the information in question.

On Apple Watch

Have an Apple Watch and would like to see the battery percentage of your iPhone X? It can be done, but you have to use a special third-party app. There are several applications of this type, I recommend Battery duration which is free (but offers in-app purchases to unlock additional features) and on the iPhone it also offers useful information about the iPhone's battery status.

To use it, then connect to the section dedicated to the application in App Store, Press the button Get, press twice in a row side button of your iPhone X and face the front camera of the device to use Facial identification to authorize the download. If you have not configured Face ID For App Store downloads, after pressing the side button you will be prompted to enter the password of your Apple ID.

Now, use your Apple Watch and connect to iPhone by enabling Bluetooth and then wait a few moments for the app to install on your smart intelligence Apple brand.

If the installation does not start automatically, open the application Clock on the iPhone by pressing the relative icon on the home screen (the one with the Apple Watch on foreground and the black background ), check that the section is selected Apple watch From the bottom left of the displayed screen, locate the item Available applications doing a slight scroll and pressing the button Install on pc next to the application name.

Now, there is nothing left to do but access the list of applications on Apple Watch by pressing Digital crown (the circular button on the side), touch the icon Battery duration and, on the screen that appears, press on the item iPhone. Once this is done, you will be shown a new screen with the battery indicator and the exact percentage of charge.

On Mac

By resorting to the use of a special program available for Mac, it is possible to put the battery percentage of the iPhone X on the PC. The software you should consult is BatteryNotfier. It is a free program for macOS that, in fact, allows you to see the charge level of the iPhone and other iOS devices from the menu bar, also warning when it is necessary to charge them.

To use it, connected to the program's download page on the MacUpdate website, click the button Download at the top, click the link No thanks, take me to my download in the window that opens and wait a few moments for the BateryNotifier download procedure to start and complete on the Mac. If the download does not start automatically, click the link Click here force the procedure.

Once the download is complete, extract the file ZIP obtained from any location on macOS and then drag the software icon to the folder Applications macOS, right click on it and choose Opens twice in a row, to start the application, however, bypassing the limitations imposed by Apple against unauthorized developers.

Once done, you will see the program icon (a battery ) at the top right of your Mac screen and clicking on it will show you the iPhone charge level.

To enable the percentage display, click the wording preferences from the menu that appears and check the appropriate option in the window that appears. From here you can also configure the warnings that will be displayed in case of low battery.

If you want, you can also use the appropriate widget by calling Notification Center macOS by clicking the button with the list at the top right of the screen, by pressing the button Edit which is at the bottom and clicking "+" next to the BatteryNotifier widget.

However, keep in mind that in order to see the iPhone X battery on your Mac, the two devices they must be connected to the same wireless network or the iPhone must be connected via a Lightning cable to the Mac.

Monitor battery status and consumption

Now that you've finally figured out how to put the battery percentage on your iPhone X, how about finding out how to monitor the "health" of the latter as well as consumption? You can do it all using the features included in iOS, without downloading third-party resources.

Regarding the battery status, simply use the function called "Battery status", included in iOS from version 11.3 of the operating system Apple mobile. To use it, press the configurations found on the home screen of the device, select the item Battery on the displayed screen, and then step Battery Status (beta).

On the screen that will be shown, you will be shown the information regarding the maximum capacity of your iPhone X battery and those related to the maximum performance capacity.

If the maximum battery capacity is less than 80% It is the case that the substitution hypothesis is considered. For more information on this, you can check out my guide on how to change iPhone battery.

Regarding consumption monitoring, you can find out which are the applications and activities that weigh the most on the load of the iPhone by accessing Settings> Battery and scroll through the list at the bottom, corresponding to the section Battery usage.

Leaving the tab selected Last 24 hours You can find out the applications and activities that have affected the battery consumption the most in the last 24 hours, while selecting the tab The last 7 days You can get information about the top iPhone apps and activities in the last week.

The percentage of use is reported for each activity and application indicated. If you wish, you can also know the exact usage time of each item in the list by touching the button with the clock that you find on the right

Scrolling the screen further down, you will find the section Time since last full load, with data related to the use and stand-by of the device. If you want some tips on how to optimize iPhone battery life, you can check out my dedicated tutorial on how to increase iPhone battery life.