How to put the icon Google on the desk. Using PCs and special technological tools is something he still has a hard time understanding. You certainly cannot call yourself a person interested in exploring all modernities, even if your effort to adapt is noteworthy, at least when it comes to using technological tools that are now considered indispensable.

The PC and the relative use of a browser to navigate in Internet and checking email, for example, are things you know but don't have much experience with.

In particular, there is a procedure that you would like to carry out for which you would need my help, since this requires a more expert use of the PC: it is the possibility of put the google icon on the desktop.

Well if things are really so you don't have to worry at all. So complicated As it may seem to the inexperienced, putting the Google icon on the desktop is actually a game of children. Do you have any doubt? Then you just have to read this guide: I will explain how to do it step by step. Therefore, I wish you a good read.

How to put the Google Chrome icon on the desktop, step by step.

Before explaining how to place the icon Google Chrome on the desktop, I have to do a little introduction. There are two alternatives available to you as there is a difference depending on the problem you have encountered.

In the first case, maybe you accidentally deleted the browser icon from your desktop (so it is already installed on your PC) or, in the second case, you never had it because you didn't install it. In the following paragraphs I will explain how to solve these two "problems." We proceed!

How to install Google Chrome

To place the Google Chrome icon on your desktop, then on a PC with a Windows system, you will first need to contact your official web address to download it, using the browser you use (in this guide I will use Microsoft Edge en Windows 10).

Now click on the blue button Download Chrome And, in the window that appears, uncheck the box to send the usage statistics, if you prefer. Then click the button Accept and install and then click on the button Save. After downloading the installation file and starting it, click the button that appears in the User Account Control.

Wait for Google Chrome to download the necessary files and complete the installation from the Internet. Once installed on your PC, the Google Chrome browser will open, giving you some advice on how to set this navigation tool as the default.

As you can see, now the Google Chrome icon will have appeared on your desktop, simply because you performed a new installation.

How to put the Google Chrome icon on the desktop and in the taskbar

Let's take the case now that, even if you installed it, the icon has not appeared on your desktop. Maybe it appeared and deleted it by mistake, but in any case it is not a problem, it is not difficult to restore it. I will briefly show you the different procedures you can follow to restore the Google Chrome icon.

The first procedure I suggest you do is the following: press the Windows button on your keyboard and scroll the list until you find the Google Chrome icon. Now right click on it and select the item More> Open file path. The browse window for your programs will open ( program ). To get to this folder, you can also follow this path: C: Microsoft Windows ProgramData Start Menu.

Inside this folder you will find the Google Chrome icon, in which you must right-click and click copy. Now go back to your desktop, right-click anywhere and click the item Catch. This will restore the desktop icon.

Search Google Chrome on PC

What happens if Google Chrome does not appear in the list of Windows Start programs? In this case, you will need to navigate within the installation folders of Windows programs, but it is nothing you cannot easily do.

First click with the right mouse button on the icon at the bottom left of Windows and click explore office hour. From the left navigation menu, click My PC and follow this path: Local disk C> Programs (x86)> Google> Chrome> Application.

Inside this last folder, you will find a file called chromium.exe. Right click on it and select the item copy. Now go back to your desktop and right click anywhere empty. From the context menu click Paste link. In this way, you will have restored the Google Chrome icon, to which you must change the name, replacing the wording chrome.exe - connection en Google Chrome.

Another quick method is to create a link directly from the desktop using a tool provided by Windows. To do this, right-click anywhere on the desktop where there are no other icons.

Select the now new article, from the context menu, and then link. Click now on Surf and continue in these folders: This PC> Local Disk C> Programs (x86)> Google> Chrome> Application. Select the file now chrome.exe and click on the button good. Now click siguiente and writes Google Chrome in the text field Enter the name of the connection. Click the button final have the Google Chrome icon restored on your desktop.

Now add the icon to comienzo or Taskbar (the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen). I will tell you how to do it right away. When you have restored the icon to your desktop, right click on it and select the item Add at the beginning. By doing so, pressing the Windows button on the keyboard, you will find a square icon with Google Chrome symbol which will allow its execution.

If you want to add Google Chrome to the Taskbar, right click on the Google Chrome icon on the desktop and select the item Add to task bar. In this way, in the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen, you will always have the Google Chrome quick launch icon available.

How to put the Google icon on the desktop

We assume that you want to set an icon on your desktop that allows you to start the Google search engine with a single click. To carry out this procedure, you could perhaps proceed by modifying the home page of your browser (I wrote this other guide on the subject), but perhaps you are comfortable with the one you have already configured (for example, you have configured another search engine or the page of your favorite website). How to do it then? There is another solution that I'm talking about in the following lines, explaining how to do it, step by step.

Right-click anywhere empty on your desktop and select the item from the context menu New> Connection. In the text field Enter the path for the connection, type (you can also enter ). Then click siguiente and write in the field Enter the name of the connection, the name you want to give your personalized connection. Then click final. The new icon for your custom connection will appear on your desktop.

If you want to start one of the many Google services using the icon on your desktop, you can go through the procedure I described above, but by entering the specific addresses of the services. Below I will list some addresses URL for Google services, so you can create your own icons:

  • gmail :
  • Youtube :
  • google drive :
  • google news :

How to put the Google icon on the desktop (alternative method)

The method I illustrated in the previous paragraphs takes advantage of the ability to launch a custom URL from your desktop, using your favorite browser. But there is also a simpler workaround that requires the use of the Google Chrome browser to create Shortcuts on related desktops with specific URLs.

I imagine you have been intrigued, but remember that, to continue reading this procedure, you will need to have Google Chrome installed on your PC. If you don't have it, go back to the beginning of this guide; I explained how to download and install it.

After opening Google Chrome and having reached a web address (in this case, the Google search engine URL in the link ), click on three point symbol located in the upper right.

From the context menu select the item other tools and then click on Add to desktop. In the window that appears, write the name you want to enter for your icon and uncheck the box Open as a window. By unchecking this box, Google Chrome will open with all its functions and you can use, if necessary, even the extensions you have installed. While it is active, the page will open in a Google Chrome window with limited functionality.

The quirk of this procedure is that each icon you create for each specific web address will be visually personalized, so you can easily find the web service you are looking for at a glance on your desktop.