How to put Touch ID on Instagram. Think someone might catch your iPhone while wearing it and can gossip on your account Instagram. Perhaps the best option is put the Touch ID on Instagram and thus block access to the application even when the phone is unlocked.

In the following paragraphs of this tutorial, in fact, I will be able to explain to you in detail how to protect access to the Instagram application using some functions included "standard" on the iPhone and with other apps to Android.

How to put Touch ID on Instagram step by step

Basic Information

Before you get to the heart of the guide and see how to put touch id on instagram, I think it necessary to make some necessary clarifications in this regard.

First of all, you should know that, at the time of writing this article, Instagram does not integrate a function as such to protect access to the application with Touch ID. However, the activation of the iOS You can achieve a similar result, as a password can be set to protect access to the application.

This also applies to Android but, in this case, it is not correct to talk about Touch ID, since this is the name of a technology owner of Apple. In Android we generally talk about unlocking with fingerprint.

How to put Touch ID on Instagram for iPhone

Let's get straight to the point and see how to proceed in iOS.

As already mentioned, it is not possible put Touch ID on Instagram for iPhone (that is, it is not possible to protect Instagram with your fingerprint), however, you can block access to the application with a security code.

You can do it with IOS restrictions and more precisely with the function Use time, available on all iPhones equipped with iOS 12 or later. Thanks to the function in question, it is possible to block access to certain categories of applications with a code or PIN.

To use this, open the app configurations, touching the gray icon with Gear located on the home screen go to the item Use time and press on Enable "Usage Time". Then press the button Next and touch the button It's my iPhone.

Now scroll through the displayed screen, press the item Use the code «Time of use» and choose a four-digit code to block access to Instagram (and possibly other applications).

After setting the code, tap the item Application Limitations, write the bar code previously configured and select from Add usage limitation.

In the new screen that opens, expand the menu Red social and put the check mark in the box Instagram. At this point, set the timer for Instagram usage limit to 0 hours and 1 min (which is the minimum time allowed) and touch the item Add (top right).

To finish the job, start the application Instagram, wait a minute and the blocking will be done promptly. In this way, access to Instagram will be allowed only if the relative unlock code that you configured earlier is provided.

When in doubt, you can still retrace your steps and disable the Instagram lock. To do this, go to Settings> Screen Time> App Limits> Instagram and touch the button Remove limitation. Of course, you will be asked to enter the security code that you set earlier.

Is your iPhone an iOS version earlier than 12 and for this reason you cannot use the "Screen Time" function? Don't worry, in this case you can block access to Instagram by activating restrictions on the use of applications based on your target age (which for Instagram is 12+ ).

Go to Configuration> General> Restrictions, touch the option Enable restrictions, indicates the 4 digit PIN you want to use to protect your settings from unauthorized changes and enter it again on the screen that opens.

Now select the item Application in the iOS restrictions menu and place the check mark next to the type of application you want to allow use (ex. 4+ es 9+ ) or touch the item Do not allow applications to hide all third-party applications installed on the "iPhone by" (and not just Instagram).

Again, you can retrace your steps in no time by going to the menu Configuration> General> Restrictions and clicking on the option to disable restrictions. You will be asked to enter the security code you set earlier.

How to put Touch ID on Instagram for Android

If you want put Touch ID on Instagram for Android, you can use one of the many applications that allow you to block access to applications with a code, for example Norton app crash, developed by the creators of Norton Antivirus.

After installing and starting Norton App Lock, click the item I agree and start>   Okay and allow the app to show up on other apps by moving to ON the switch Allow to view other applications.

Back, therefore, on the Norton application lock screen, press the button Configurationselect items Other downloaded services> Norton App Lock Serviceput in ON the switch displayed on the screen and press the button Okay.

Once done, reopen the Norton app lock screen, tap the item, Switch to password (top right), write the bar code to use to unblock Instagram (and possibly other apps).

Click on the item Choose the account Google, select the Google account to set up PIN recovery and touch the item Next.

Now, in the new screen that has opened, make sure that the symbol of closed black padlock (top right).

Should there be a open lock, press to activate Norton App Lock protection. Then touch the item Instagram. The lock icon next to the Instagram application will turn green, which indicates that access to the application is blocked by the previously set PIN.

If in doubt, you can remove the PIN request by starting Norton App Lock again and after providing the unlock code, click on the article again Instagram   the padlock located in correspondence of the latter.