How to recharge your Paypal account

Have you just registered with PayPal to have the freedom of buy online without having to communicate your credit card details to third parties but you don't know how to fund your account? Don't panic, I'm here to help you. Watch this tutorial and find out how to top up your PayPal account using your bank account or claiming funds from PayPal to which you are entitled but have not yet been able to withdraw.

How do you say? Are you interested but being impractical in terms of new technologies, are you afraid that the operations to be carried out to recharge your PayPal account will be too complicated? Well, you must know that you are wrong ... and also very wrong! In fact, contrary to appearances, recharging your PayPal account is a fairly simple operation to perform even for those who are new to the world of Internet and that of digital payments, you have my word.

Having clarified this, if therefore you are really interested in knowing what steps you need to follow in order to recharge your PayPal account, I suggest that you take a few minutes of free time, feel comfortable and focus on reading the instructions that you will find below. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied and that in case of need you will also be ready and happy to explain to all your friends in need and eager for similar advice on how to proceed. Then? What are you waiting to get to work? The online deals you have been viewing can end at any time!

Table of Contents

To transfer

If you want to know how to top up your Paypal account, the first step you need to do is log into your account. To do this, connect to the PayPal website by typing in the address bar of your Web navigator favorite, press the button Send present in the keyboard and log in to your account by clicking on the button Log In in the upper right, completing the fields shown on the screen with the address of e-mail and the password referred to your PayPal account and then pressing the blue button Log In.

On the new web page that will be shown to you at this point, make sure the tab is selected Your Order in the part in top left of the screen and then click on the item Recharge account located in the sidebar. Once this is done, you will be shown a web page that contains the bank details (beneficiary, beneficiary's bank, IBAN code and BIC code) that you will need to use to make a transfer to PayPal and through which you will recharge your account.

Then take note of the data displayed on the screen or print the reference web page and then arrange a transfer directly from your bank using the information noted above and entering the term as a reason recharge. To make the transfer, you can go in person to the nearest office of your bank or you can use the home banking service that it offers by starting the procedure to enter a new European transfer using the corresponding option in the account administration panel.

The process does not involve additional costs and is completed in two, maximum three business days.

Keep in mind that the procedure to recharge the PayPal account that we have just seen together will be successful only and exclusively if the account from which the transfer begins is in the name of the same person who has the PayPal account. However, it is not essential that the bank account is associated with the PayPal account to recharge it.

Receive and / or request payments

In addition to this, as I have already indicated, you can recharge your PayPal account by receiving and / or requesting payments from other users registered in the service who may owe you money. To do this, reconnect to the PayPal home page and then click on the item Send and request which is placed at the top so that you can access the section of your PayPal account through which to send and request money. Then click Ask for money.

Then complete the field Email address or name which is displayed on the screen by typing the name or email address of the person from whom you want to receive money in your PayPal account and click the button close then indicate in the amount field the amount of money you intend to obtain.

If necessary, change the currency type by clicking on the corresponding drop-down menu and fill in the field if necessary Add a message writing a message to associate it with your payment request. Finally, press the button Ask for money.

After completing these steps, the recipient of the request will receive an email notification message to the email address indicated above that will warn them of their intention to recharge their PayPal account by receiving a payment. If you are not a PayPal member yet, you will also be invited to create an account.

You can also send a payment reminder by going to the form Chronology from your PayPal account, by clicking on the article related to the payment request and clicking on the article Send a reminder. In case you have to think again, you can cancel the payment request by going to the tab Chronology from your PayPal account, by clicking on the item related to the payment request and clicking on Cancel.


Another way to recharge your PayPal account is to request the transfer of a certain amount of money to other users, taking advantage of PayPal.Me. Have you never heard of him? It is an innovative system designed by PayPal that consists of creating a personalized link for each account that can be shared via email, social network, chat, etc., with the person from whom you want to receive money. Whoever receives the link can send a sum of money to their liking simply by clicking on it and following the quick and easy wizard proposed in the browser window.

To top up your PayPal account through PayPal.Me, the first step you must take is to create a custom link to use the service. To do this, type in the browser address bar, press the button Send on the keyboard and then click the blue button Create your PayPal.Me link located in the center of the screen.

Then fill in the field under the article Enter your link below by writing the final part of the link that you want to use to use the service (eg. NomeCogonome ) then click the button Create link and you must also log into your PayPal account. Finally, select the background color that you want to apply to your PayPal profile. Me, specify the reason you intend to use the service by choosing between Friends and family es Goods and services then click on the button Create link present below.

Finally press the button See your link, copy and paste what is reported in the address bar of the new tab that will open in the web browser and send the link to your acquaintances so that they can make recharge requests for your PayPal account.

If you have already created your PayPal.Me link in the past or if you have forgotten it, you can always and in any case see it by accessing the section Send and request PayPal by clicking on the article Create a PayPal.Me link and taking note of the link next to the article Your link attached to the new web page displayed.

From smartphone

The operations to be carried out to recharge the PayPal account that I have indicated in the previous lines can also be carried out from the mobile phone. If you have a mobile phone, you can download and install the PayPal app to iPhone, Android es Windows phone and send a payment reminder.

Once the installation is complete, press the application icon on the main screen of your device and enter the login details in your PayPal account by typing them where necessary. Once the main application screen is displayed, tap the item Ask for money located in the lower right and tap Begins. Then write in the field Name, email or mobile number the name, email address or mobile phone number of the recipient of the payment.

Now indicate the amount of money to "charge" and press Venga, add any accompanying text message by tapping the button + placed in correspondence with the article Add message attached to the new screen that is proposed to you, review all the data for the recharge request and make sure that everything is correct, then click on the article Ask for money present below to complete the procedure.

If you want to top up your mobile PayPal account using PayPal.Me, touch the icon in the form of gear present on the main screen of the application, select the item PayPal.Me, if you have not yet created your own custom link, follow the simple wizard proposed on the screen by following the instructions I gave you in the previous lines and then press the button Share your link and select the desired exchange method by choosing among those proposed.

Alternatively, copy the link shown to you in the box below the entry Share the link with friends and paste it where you see fit. Easier than that?

Don't want to download the PayPal app on your mobile phone but still need to top up your mobile account? No problem. Simply connect to the mobile version of the PayPal website using the web browser you normally use on your device to surf the web and that's it.

Later you will have to follow the steps that I have indicated in the previous lines, when I explained how to recharge your PayPal account from your PC, the procedure is practically the same.


As an alternative to the operations that I have indicated in the previous lines, you can recharge your PayPal account also by associating a payment method to your account to be able to make payments on the Internet through the latter.

So is! If you associate a credit card (also rechargeable) or a bank account with PayPal, you can pay through the latter without there being any credit in your online account. PayPal becomes a kind of "bridge" that is used to not provide credit card details or C / C to third parties when making an online purchase.

To associate a credit card or bank account with PayPal, you must connect to your account, select the tab Wallet present at the top and press the button Link a bank account o Link a card.

Later you will have to verify your identity accepting the withdrawal (or payment) of small sums of money in the account or card associated with PayPal and entering the data provided in the service as the reason for the transaction. For more information, see my article on how to pay with PayPal.