How to record in a Zoom Room in Lifesize? Recording in meetings is a very useful method nowadays, following the boom in videoconferencing.

Most communication platforms have cloud storage, this guarantees that the information, records and data are safeguarded in the best way. With the security provided by the digitization of information. In this regard, being able to count on Cloud technology to save information is extremely vital.

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Start recording in a Zoom Room

Before starting with the process to record, The first thing we must do is log in from the Zoom Portal Web platform. Once we have logged into our account, we will click on the "account management" option. After this, we will click on the option that says “Account Settings”.

We will see a menu with several options, look for the one that says "Automatic recording ”, Go there and verify that the option to save in the cloud is activated. You will see it in the "Recording" tab. If it is not activated, it is best to activate it in the check box. After this, confirm this action and select “Activate” for the changes to be saved.

Recording storage in the cloud

When you have entered a call, whether you have set it up or it is a meeting that has already been scheduled, you can start recording. By clicking on the record iconwhile the call is in progress.

When you have agreed to record; provide the email address where you want to receive the link. Or, if the meeting has already been scheduled, the recording will be sent to the address that is registered in the account.

View the recording

When the call or recording, You can receive it by email, that is, you will see in your message box, the link with which you can view the recording of the call.

You can share this with other users, in order to display the content as and when required by other members. To be saved in the cloud, they will be completely safe, before any eventuality.

Files stored in the cloud, can be shared to all users. Being able to select the access range and monitor who has accessed the information.

View the meeting recording as an administrator

In order to view the meeting recordings, being an administrator, the first thing we will do is enter the Zoom web portal. After logging in, go to "Account Management". Then, click on the option "Recordings management "

Then select the host's email or Zoom Room, then click on the given meeting with the title that corresponds to the one you are interested in and you will see the recording.

If the recording you are trying to see has not yet finished converting, you will see in its status information “Processing recording ”.