How to record in Zoom Rooms in Lifesize? Establishing video in meetings, allows us to carry out video conferences more efficiently, so that our work team stays better connected in a live meeting.

On the other hand, power record meetings, it is advantageous when it comes to making a count or even sharing the videos with those who could not attend the meeting and it is necessary to do a count. Ideal for those seminars or participation events.

It is even very useful when it comes to broadcast an event, uploading the video so they are viewed in a new meeting room.

We'll see how I know record meetings from a Zoom Rooms:

How to record in Zoom Rooms?

To start making a recording, the first thing to do is start with making a call. For this, it can be a newly created call; or one already programmed. Once you are on the call, click on "Start recording”From the call screen.

The recordings will be saved in the cloud and therefore will be sent the recordings to the address email address you provide.

To see the recording that we have saved in the cloud

We only have to access the email address that we have provided at the time of save the recording, or in the email that has been attached to the Zoom account, if it is a call that has been scheduled.

In the email with the recording, we will see a link with the recording that has been made of the call, and that we have saved in the cloud.

Lifesize video center

To start the video recordings by Lifesize, we must enter the administrator preferences, in the option of "Video", then select the option of "recording and transmission", then the configuration of "Recorder ”must be enabled.

If you want to record all calls automatically, keep the option to "record automatically" activated. You can also record all participants of a meeting. Choosing between local video and remote video. To be able to record what is required. The recordings will be saved in the cloud, for a more practical and easy access.

Manage passwords for recordings

With Lifesize you will be able to configure access codes to obtain the recordings. For this, we must go to the option of "Recording password" and enter the password for the server authorization. If it turns out that this option is blank, that is; You have not written a password for the recording, it means that each user will be able to enter an access code.

If a presentation has been specified via a Lifesize video center record key, it will override the presentation of the recording that has been configured in the video system.

Being able to establish meeting points with communication platforms ensures that we can establish transmissions according to the guidelines we need. Go through the Lifesize options, guarantees us a better understanding of its functions.