How to record in Zoom Rooms in Slack?  The purpose of Google Slack It is gathering teams and, sometimes, the contribution requires meetings that take place directly with the other people affiliated with the event on screen. With the  APP From Zoom it is easier to start a meeting or in case join one of it directly from Google Slack.

In a row, in this post we will point out certain elements that we hope will be of great support when starting recordings in Zoom Rooms in Slack

How does recording to Zoom Rooms work in Slack?

How to record in Zoom Rooms in Slack? 

1.- Previously before starting

  • Ratify that your accounts Zoom y Slack are linked to the same official email address of the user.
  • Make sure you have a Zoom Pro plan, Business, for Training or API. To make outgoing calls, for which you will need a plan of Zoom Phone.

2.- How to certify Slack in Zoom

To place the  APP Zoom in Google Slack, a Zoom account manager will be required to pre-approve Slack in Zoom Marketplace.

  • Login to Zoom.
  • Find the Google Slack ad on the Zoom Marketplace.
  • Click the button for pre-approval from Slack.

3.- How to place the Zoom APP in Slack

Once an executive of the Zoom account has already approved  Slack In the Zoom Marketplace, any individual with permission to add APPS to your workspace of Slack install the app.

  • Access the Zoom APP page locating itself in the Directory for Google Slack applications.
  • Click on Add to Slack.
  • From the Zoom website, click Add to Slack.
  • Click on Consent for Zoom to access Google Slack.
  • Set aside your workspace and click Zoom below the  Applications at the bottom of the key on the left side.
  • Choose Authorize Zoomand continue with the prompts to link your account.

Then and once you have added the Zoom APP to your work area, all members will be obliged to connect their account from Zoom to Slack in order to use it.

4.- How to link your account

If the Zoom app is already located in your workspace, you can link your account by following these steps:

  • On the left sidebar of your PC, click Applications. If you don't see this option, click More to locate it.
  • Locate and choose the Zoom to open direct message through the application.
  • Press click give Will authorize Zoom.
  • Login to your Zoom account.
  • Click on Authorize.

5.- How to use Zoom in Slack

Through the use of the APP for Zoom starting and joining meetings from Slack or to make outgoing calls with Zoom Phone.

Start a meeting

  • From a conversation, click on the  lightning bolt icon located on the left side of the message field to display the menu in shortcuts.
  • Search and choose / zoomin the menu to add the forward slash address to the field of the
  • Forward the message to all members of the channel for which they will see it in a message to join.
  • Click on Unirse to start the meeting.