How to register in Apple Store

Would you like to buy a PC from the online Apple Store but you don't know how to register? Just get a Apple ID, the same that you can also use to buy music or books in iTunes y applications guidance on iPhone / iPad on the App Store.

Apple IDs are free and to create them just use iTunes, Apple's popular multimedia program that allows all new users to create an Apple account in a really easy and fast way. For more information, read this guide at how to register in Apple Store.

The program iTunes is pre-installed on all MacBut if you use a Windows PC, you need to download and install it on your own initiative. Then connect to the Apple website and click the blue button Download to download the program to your PC.

When the download is complete, double-click on it to open the file you just downloaded (eg. iTunes64Setup.exe ) and, in the window that opens, first click correr and then Venga, Install on pc, Sip es final to complete the iTunes installation process. You may be asked to restart your PC.

Now start iTunes through its direct access in the desk and follow the procedure for how to register in Apple Store, which from now on is the same on PC and Mac.

The first step you must take to register in Apple Store is to select the item related to Itunes store from the sidebar of the program and click the button first Log In placed in the upper right and then up Create Apple ID es Follow.

Then accept the terms of use of the service, putting the check mark next to the article I have read and accept these terms and conditions. and click on the button I agree. Now, complete the form that is proposed by writing your address of e-mail, the password you want to use to access the Apple ID, your date of birth, the security question to recover the password in case of loss and click the button Follow to continue with the registration procedure.

At this point you will be asked to enter your data credit card (o prepaid card ), which is the payment method you will use to make purchases on iTunes, Apple Store or App Store. There is also a trick to signing up for iTunes without a credit card, but it is not recommended in most cases.

Once you have entered your credit / prepaid card details, click Follow es final to complete the registration. Then log into your inbox, open the message received from Apple and click on the confirmation link it contains to validate your Apple ID. You now have your personal account and can start shopping on all Apple services.

If you are in a hurry or for any other reason you cannot install iTunes on your PC, you can complete the procedure to register in Apple Store also by connecting to the Apple Store website and clicking on the item Create an Apple ID located in the lower right.

On the page that opens, fill out the form that is proposed with your personal data and follow the wizard to create your Apple ID to use in apple store, App Store y iTunes directly from the navigator.