How to renew WhatsApp

They told you that after the first year of use you have to renew WhatsApp paying a fee of € 0,89? Forget this! Whoever told you that WhatsApp is paid for is only misinformed. As of early 2016, the 89-cent fee that was actually provided after the first year of service use is no longer required. WhatsApp has become 100% free and therefore there is no subscription to renew.

In short, you don't have to worry, the application will not "expire" and your account will not be closed (unless it is against the rules of the service, but that is another matter). The only thing you have to take care of "renewing" is the application itself, in the sense that you must always keep it updated so as not to lose its new functionalities and not take unnecessary risks related to computer security.

How do you say? You are new to the world of technology and you don't know if the version of WhatsApp installed on your smartphone is recent enough. No problem. Give me five minutes of your free time and I will explain how to check for WhatsApp updates on the main platforms of the mobile sector: Android, iOS y Windows Phone. This is really a no-brainer, don't worry.

Table of Contents

Update WhatsApp

If you want to check for updates for WhatsApp, all you have to do is open your store mobile phone and go to the application update screen. Below you will find step-by-step instructions for the main OS of the mobile world.


If you use a terminal Android, open the Google Play Store (the icon of the white shopping bag with the game symbol "printed" in the center), press the hamburger icon located in the upper left and select the item My applications and games in the menu that opens.

You will be redirected to a screen with the list of applications installed on the mobile phone that need an update. If among these there is also WhatsApp, proceed to install the update by first pressing the application icon and then the buttons Update es I agree.

Please note: App update on Android should be done automatically. If that has not happened with WhatsApp, it is possible that there is a problem with the configuration of Play Store. To fix this, open the Google Play Storepress hamburger icon located in the upper left and select the item configurations in the menu that appears. On the screen that opens, "tap" on the item Automatic app update and place the check mark next to the item Automatic update of the application only via Wi-Fi.


If you use a iPhone can update WhatsApp opening the App Store (the icon of the letter "A" on a blue background) and selecting the tab updates which is located in the lower right.

You will be shown a list of all the apps installed on your phone that need updating. If there is also WhatsApp among these, "touch" the button Update located next to its icon, if necessary enter your Apple ID password and you're done.

Please note: iPhone also has an automatic application update system. To check its operation, go to adjustments iOS (the gear icon), select the icon iTunes Store and App Store and make sure that the option Automatic downloads is active for updates. If not, activate it yourself by moving to EN the lever relative to updates.

Windows phone

If you have a mobile phone equipped with Windows phone, open the Shop Windows Phone (the shopping bag icon with the Windows logo "printed" in the center), press the button (...) located in the lower right and select the item adjustments in the menu that appears.

On the screen that opens, tap the button search for updates and make sure the options Update apps automatically es Update with Wi-Fi only are active. By doing this, Windows Phone will automatically check for updates and install them on your phone.

To learn more about the WhatsApp update process, read my tutorial on how to update WhatsApp in which I dealt with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

How to change your WhatsApp account

You changed your phone number and you want renew WhatsApp transferring your account to the new line? This can also be done. Open WhatsApp, press the button (...) and select the article configurations in the menu that appears. If you are using an iPhone, select the tab directly configurations which is located in the lower right.

Then move to Account> Change number, Press the button Venga and complete the account transfer process by writing yours old number And yours new number in the corresponding text fields.

When the operation is complete, you can install WhatsApp on the new line and activate it, all settings and data synced in the cloud will be transferred to the new account. For more information on this procedure, I suggest you read my guide on how to change WhatsApp number.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that if you want to "update" your WhatsApp account by changing your profile picture, status or name so that it is displayed to your contacts, all you have to do is go to the menu configurations app and press on your current profile picture.

On the screen that opens, you can change your name, status and profile image by simply pressing on them. For more details on this, check out my tutorials on how to change photos on WhatsApp and how to customize WhatsApp.