Yours Apple Watch Has it gotten incredibly slow and / or has its autonomy been reduced to the bone? Are some complications, such as the weather, using location services no longer working? Don't panic! Before you go to an Apple service center or, worse, think about buying a new one smart intelligence, try resetting your Apple Watch and pairing it with your iPhone.

As it is said You have already thought about it but you have no idea How to reset Apple Watch to return it to factory conditions? Don't worry, I'm here for this. Take five minutes of free time, read the instructions that I am going to give you carefully and try to put them into practice: I assure you that you will be able to restore your smartwatch and, hopefully, solve the problems you find with it in less than a day. yourself.

For the tutorial I used an Apple Watch Series 0 (Apple's first smartwatch model) equipped with watchOS 4.x, but the following indications should be valid for all "made in Cupertino" watch models and for all The latest versions from his operating system. I just have to wish you a happy reading and good luck with everything!

Apple Watch format

If you want to find out How to reset Apple Watch completely, therefore, by deleting all data and settings on the watch, you must first disassociate the device from your iPhone: this way you will remove the activation lock from Apple Watch and have a Backup "New" of all the data present on the watch (in case you want to restore it following the "formatting" procedure).

The Apple Watch backup is automatically saved on the iPhone (and therefore iCloud or iTunes, depending on how you back up the iPhone) and includes: app data and settings, home screen layouts, watch faces, dock settings, system settings, health data, playlists, and photos synchronized with the clock.

To proceed with decoupling Apple Watch from iPhone, launch the app clock in your «melafonino», select your name Apple Watch from the screen that opens and press the button first (S) (next to the name of the clock) and then in the option Cancel Apple Watch Pairing. Therefore, confirm by pressing the voice Cancel Apple Watch Pairing below, enter the password for your Apple ID, Press the button Cancel pairing and wait a few minutes for the watch to unlink from the iPhone.

The Apple Watch dissociation procedure (and subsequent device initialization) will complete when the load wheel around the Apple logo is completed and the watch's welcome screen appears.

If you've forgotten the unlock code on your Apple Watch, or in any case intend to use the watch with the same Apple ID, you can also bypass the decoupling process of the iPhone device and directly order its initialization.

To do this, open the app clock in your «melafonino», go up General> Initialize, play the voice Initialize Apple Watch content and settings, confirm and, if necessary, enter your Apple ID password.

Apple Watch initial setup

After resetting Apple Watch, you need to go through the initial device setup procedure again. So go to your iPhone home screen, activate Apple Watch and wait for the message to appear To set up this Apple Watch, use iPhone.

At this point, touch the button continued on the iPhone, frame the face of the Apple Watch with the phone camera or, if the operation fails, touch the item Pair Apple Watch manually and select the name of your watch on the screen that opens.

Once you have passed this step, decide whether restore a backup Previous Apple Watch or if set the watch as a new Apple Watch. In the first case, choose the backup to restore and continue. In the second, however, answer the questions asked on the iPhone.

So please indicate if you are using Apple Watch hand o law, ax the terms of use of the device by pressing the appropriate item and choose whether to activate the tracking itineraries (a feature that monitors itineraries and weather during outdoor sessions). Then choose whether share with apple view usage statistics and confirm by pressing the button good.

At this point, you need to set an unlock code for Apple Watch. So hit the button Create a code, write the code you want to use to protect the watch (twice in a row, directly on the Apple Watch face) and continue with the configuration of Apple Pay.

To set up Apple Pay, tap the button continued, choose the cards for use with Apple Watch, type the security code y ax The conditions of use of the service.

Then, press the button continued and decide if install everything the applications on iPhone also on Apple Watch (an operation that I do not recommend if you had problems with the duration of the battery) or if decide later What to do.Then, you can disable the automatic installation of the apps and manually choose the ones to be used on Apple Watch as explained in the chapter of this tutorial on how to reset the Apple Watch home screen.

Mission accomplished! In a matter of minutes, your Apple Watch will sync with your iPhone and you can enjoy all the features of your "new" smartwatch. During the initial syncing phase, you can continue to use iPhone normally.

note: If you want to restore the backup of your Apple Watch and pair the watch with a new iPhone, you must first restore the "melafonino" using a iPhone backup originally used to generate Apple Watch backup. For more information on how to make an iPhone backup, read my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

Restart Apple Watch

If you want to restart Apple Watch in the sense that you want to restart the watch, not in the sense that you want to restore the contents and settings of the watch, press and hold key side button for a few seconds, wait for the shutdown menu to appear and move the lever to the right close. Then hold down the side button Apple Watch for a few seconds and wait for the watch to restart.

Does your Apple Watch has blocked and no longer responding to commands? Don't worry you can run un forced restart the watch by holding down the side button and digital crown for at least 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

Reset Apple Watch home screen

to wish restore Apple Watch home screen without deleting other data or settings? It can be done, and it's also very simple! First, start the application clock on your iPhone and go to the menu General> Initialize. Then play the voice Initialize Home Screen, confirm by pressing the button Initialize Home Screen that appears next and go.

The procedure will restore the default layout of the Apple Watch home screen. To customize the layout of the apps on the watch after initialization, select the item Application design application clock iPhone

To remove individual apps from Apple Watch, select them on the app's home screen clock for iPhone and upload OFF the voice stick Show on Apple Watch.

Then, to avoid the automatic installation on Apple Watch of the downloaded apps on the iPhone, go to the section general application clock and climb OFF the voice stick Automatic application installation. Simple truth?

Reset Apple Watch without iPhone

For initialize Apple Watch directly from watchOS, the watch operating system produced by the Cupertino giant, press the digital crown to access the home screen and press the icon adjustments (gear).

On the screen that opens, go to general, Then in initialize and finally in Content and settings. The content and settings of the clock will be restored to the factory state, but to eliminate the activation lock of the device it will be necessary to proceed with the disassociation of the application clock for iPhone (as I explained earlier).

If you have forgotten the unlock code of your Apple Watch and therefore cannot access the menu adjustments of the same, you can open the watchOS shutdown menu (by holding down the key side button for a few seconds), apply firm pressure to the lever close and select the option Initialize content and settings from the screen that opens.

The procedure must be carried out by keeping the Apple Watch in the charging cradle, and in the end, the watch must be reset from previous backups.