Over the past few days, your modem has started throwing tantrums. Connection to Internet it jumps continuously, the wireless network is absent sometimes, and other problems arise alternately. Given the circumstances, you are likely to seriously consider restarting your device. How do you say? Have you already thought about it but have no idea how to do it? Don't worry, I can explain it to you.

If you take a few minutes of your precious time, I can illustrate it in a simple but detailed way. how to reset the modem. The operation, the immediate advance, contrary to appearances and beyond what you may think, is extremely simple to perform, even for those who, a bit like you, do not consider themselves a "geek". «. So? May I know what you are still doing with them? Take a few minutes for yourself and put the instructions below into practice.

Just a little clarification before we get started: Since I don't know the exact make and model of the modem it has, the menu-related prompts in the device's admin panel and click buttons may not be 100% accurate. However, the steps to follow to perform the operation in question are always the same, so you should not encounter major problems when completing the procedure. Having said that, there is nothing more to do than wish you a good read and good luck with everything!

Preliminary operations

Considering the fact that, going to reset modem, all the settings related to the connection in use and the operation of the device will be lost (since the latter will return to the factory state), before following the instructions on what to do, which I will provide in the following lines, I strongly suggest you do much reserve Device settings

In this way, once the reboot procedure is complete, you can restore the modem settings that are currently applied automatically, without having to navigate through the various menus available in the device settings panel. However, to be successful, you must first provide access to management panel Unit. To learn how to proceed, follow the instructions on what to do next.

Access the modem admin panel

As I said in the previous lines, to make a Backup modem settings, you must first access the device administration panel. To do this, first open the navigator website that you generally use to surf the net (eg. chrome ), write in the address bar the IP the modem and press the button presentar at keyboard of the Pc.

Usually, the IP address of the modem is o If you try to use the ones I just showed, you see an error message, please verify that the IP address used is correct by looking at the back of the device, where a special label should be attached. If the tag is not present, you can refer to my tutorial on how to find the IP address of router to know how to solve it.

Once you have entered the IP of the modem in the address bar of the browser, if you are asked to enter Username and password to log into admin panel try combinations admin / admin o admin / password, which are the default. If the combinations I just provided are not correct, always try to look at the label attached to the modem or its instruction manual to find the information you need. If despite this you continue to have problems or if there is no label on your modem, you can refer to my tutorial on how to find your modem and router password. to try to deal with it.

In the unfortunate event that you cannot access the modem's configuration panel in any way, perhaps because it is locked or because it returns strange errors, you can try to fix the situation by turning off the device via physical button to turn on and off It is usually located on the back of the device or on the side (next to all ports for connections), and turn it back on after a few seconds, always using the button in question.

If the button to turn the device on and off is not present, you can still turn it off and access the modem disconnecting it from the power supply and reconnecting it a few seconds later.

Modem Configuration Backup

Once you are logged in to the modem control panel, you can reconfigure. To do this, go to the section on advanced management of the device, then access the section related to administration, identifies the option to carry out the backup configuration and click on it then press the button to support attached to the new page displayed and ready.

Therefore, the file with the settings for the modem configuration will be downloaded to your PC, which you should keep and which you can use later to restore all the device settings or, in any case, if necessary. If you have not changed the default settings of your browser, the file will automatically be saved in the folder Download of the Pc.

Later, you can restore your modem backup by always going to the same section above, identifying the redaction of restore saved settings from file by clicking on the button Browse / Open, selecting the previously created backup file and pressing the button to continue with the restoration.

Reset the modem

After backing up the modem settings, you're finally ready to take the real action - go and reboot the device! I can tell you right away that you can do it in two different ways: by acting on the above control Panel on the device or by pressing the physical button present on the device. Below you will find how to proceed in both cases.

Through the control panel

Would you rather reset your modem by going through the device's control panel? Then first provide access to the latter, as I indicated in the dedicated step at the beginning of the guide.

Then go to the section on advanced management modem, go to the section on administration or to System toolslook for the entry for the factory reset or reset and click the button to come With the operation.

Once this is done, the modem will reset and the lights on the front of the device will quickly turn off and back on (as if the modem had been removed from the outlet and then reconnected to the last outlet), to stabilize. After a few minutes.

Once the process is complete, verify that everything has gone in the right direction by going back to the device control panel and verifying that the device settings have been reset to the factory state (for example, verify that the name of the wireless network The default password has been reset and the relative password, that previously opened door unlock rules have been removed, etc.).

Please note that not all modems allow you to reboot using the control panel. In the event that, going to the configuration of your device, you cannot find any element related to the execution of this operation, you can still succeed in your attempt using the appropriate button physically present on the device, as I have explained in the following lines.

So know that after the reboot procedure is complete, you will almost certainly have to configure the parameters related to your internet connection from scratch. If the modem has not been able to automatically identify the correct configuration parameters, you will automatically be offered the corresponding page to configure the connection. If this is not the case, you can start the configuration by accessing the section related, in fact, with the Internet settings.

By physical button

If, on the other hand, you are interested in how to reset the modem using the appropriate button on the device, you must first identify the last one on the modem. It usually looks like a small black dot looking inward marked with the wording RESTART o IDT, to press it you must use the tip of a ballpoint pen, pencil or clip.

To reset all modem / router settings, you must press the key in question and hold it down for approximately 30 seconds, until all of the lights on the front are quickly turned off and on (as if the modem had been removed from the outlet and then reconnected to the outlet) to stabilize later. Obviously, the operation must be carried out with the modem connected to the power supply and switched on (if it is equipped with an on / off button).

Once the reboot procedure is complete, to verify that everything went in the right direction, go back to the device control panel and make sure the device settings go back to the default settings (for example, check if it has been rebooted the name of the default wireless network and your password, make sure that the rules for opening the doors you have set have been removed, etc.).

Please note that after completing the reset procedure, you will most likely have to configure the parameters related to your Internet connection again. If the operation is necessary (and thus if the modem was unable to automatically "capture" the correct parameters), you will be automatically offered the relative configuration page. If not, you can start the setup by going to the section Internet settings in fact

In case of doubts or problems.

Have you followed my wired and signal instructions but still have not been able to reset your modem because you cannot find specific items in the administration panel menus? Still not able to navigate through the different device settings? If this is the case, the best suggestion I can give you is to find the additional information you need by consulting the support and assistance from the website of the device manufacturer in your possession.

Below you will find links to the Internet sites of the main modem manufacturers currently present in the plaza.

After connecting to the site of the manufacturer of your modem, type the exact name of your device in the search field, select the relevant result from the list that appears and consult the user's manual in digital format of the device and / or the directions and frequently asked questions.

If it can help you then, below I have also reported some of mine. specific guides on how to reset and / or configure the modems provided by the main telephone operators and some specific companies.

As long as you have a modem supplied directly by one of the leading providers on the market, you can get the support you need even by contacting the appropriate customer service. If you don't know how to do it and your manager is TIM, read my post on how to call the TIM operator, while if your provider is Vodafone read my tutorial on how to contact the Vodafone operator. you Fastweb ? Then you can check out my guide on how to shovel with Fastweb operator, while if your manager is Infostrada You can rely on the instructions on how to speak to the Wind operator for how to speak to their customer support.