How to restart the PC from the keyboard. Over time, you have discovered the pleasure of using the PC keyboard to perform operations that you normally do with the mouse, which takes much more time. You have already discovered several "shortcuts" that have greatly sped up your daily work. However, there are some operations that you have not yet been able to perform from the keyboard, such as the restarting the pc. Is this the case, am I right? So I know that, if you want, I can help you and explain how to fill your lack.

Yes, you got it right! With a little ingenuity, in fact, it is possible to restart the PC using only the keyboard, without the need to click here and there between buttons and menus! If you can't wait to understand how to do it, keep reading: Throughout this guide I will explain How to restart the PC from the keyboard in different ways, taking advantage of the functions built into the OS Windows and macOS.

How to restart the PC from the keyboard in Windows

If you are interested in restart the pc from the keyboard and you are using a Windows PC, there are solutions you can use, all included "as standard" in the operating system from Microsoft and do not require the installation of program external

Default combination

For example, for restart the PC from the keyboard in Windows 10, you can use the context menu of the Start button, which you can access by pressing the key combination Win + X  keyboard.

If you did not know, the key Win is the one with the Windows flag, usually located in the lower left, between the keys Ctrl / Fn y alt.

As you can easily see, the menu in question contains quick links to some Windows management functions, including shutdown options. So after pressing the Win + X key combination, use the directional arrows to highlight the item Close or disconnect, Press the button Enter To access the next submenu, highlight the item Reboot the system and press the Enter button again to confirm the operation.

Another way to restart the PC with keyboard, applicable both in Windows 10 as in previous versions of the operating system, it is to use the window End of the working session.

For this, first press the key combination Win + D, to put the desk Windows in foreground. Then press the key combination Alt + F4 and using the directional arrows move the dropdown Choose one of the following actions for your PC en Reboot the system and press the button enter keyboard, to restart the PC.

note - If you have a laptop and the combination doesn't work, try using the keys Alt+Fn+F4.

Custom shortcut

If you wish, you can also create a shortcut for the immediate restart of the PC on the Windows desktop and associate a combination of keys.

First, go to the desktop of the PC, right click on an empty place on it and select the items New> Link from the context menu that appears on the screen.

Then, type the command shutdown /r /t 0 inside the text field Enter the route for the link, Click the button siguiente, enter any name to assign to the link you just created (eg. Restart PC ) and click on the button final, To complete the procedure.

Now you just have to associate a key combination with the shortcut you just created, so that you can comfortably access it through the keyboard. To continue, right-click the shortcut icon located on the desktop, select the item your property from the menu that appears and click on the tab link, located in the new window that opens.

Once this step has also been passed, click in the text area Keyboard shortcuts, press and hold the keys you want to use to invoke the PC restart function (eg. Shift + Ctrl + R ) and release them when they appear within the text area. To finalize and make the changes effective, click on the buttons apply y to accept.

From now on, you can restart your PC by pressing the keyboard shortcut first Win + D (to bring the Windows desktop to the foreground) and immediately afterwards the previously chosen key combination.

If you don't like the link, you can easily change it with a simple procedure: right-click on the "shortcut" in question, select the item your property from the proposed context menu and click the button Change icon, located on the next screen, to select the icon that will be applied to it. When you're done, press the buttons apply and accept, P to confirm the change.

note : using the command seen above, the PC, before restarting, will ask you to close all open programs that contain unsaved documents. To avoid this behavior and "force" the closure of all active programs (with the consequent loss of unsaved work), you can configure the command shutdown /r /f /t 0.

How to restart Mac from keyboard

What is said for Windows is also valid for Mac : this means that macOS also allows you to restart the PC directly from the keyboard, using functions already integrated into the operating system (which do not require the installation of third-party software).

Default combination

Unless you have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you can restart your Mac with one of the following predefined key combinations.

  • ctrl + cmd + eject - allows you to close all programs and restart your Mac. If there are documents with changes without save, you will be asked if you want to save them.
  • Ctrl + Cmd + font - allows you to "force" restart your Mac, closing all programs first, without any request to save (previously unsaved work will be lost).
  • ctrl + power - displays a dialog box that allows you to restart your PC, turn it off or put it to sleep. To reset, use the left and right directional arrows to highlight the button. resume and finally press the button enter keyboard.

Custom shortcut for Mac

If you use a MacBook with touch bar, or if the Shortcuts macOS defaults are not to your liking, you can create a custom key combination to restart the Mac from the keyboard, using the functionality abbreviations Apple's operating system.

In order to do it, do this: open them System preferences by clicking on the d-shaped icon gear attached to the dock bar click the icon keyboard resident in the new window that will open and then select the tab abbreviations (above)

Now click on Abbreviation located in the left sidebar and click the button capacitor positive (+) lead to define a new keyboard shortcut. Configure the dropdown menu application en All applications, write the word Restart ... in the text field Menu title (Don't forget the ellipsis!), Click in the text area Keyboard abbreviation and press the key combination you want to use to restart your Mac.

Finally click the button Add and that's it! Each time you press the key combination defined above, the Mac will close all active applications and restart, and will also ask you to save any documents that are still open.

note : if you want to combine the PC reset function with a key (ex. F11 ) or a key sequence that is already in use, you must first disassociate the last one from the currently set function. For example, to associate the F11 key to restart the PC using the steps shown above, you must first go to System Preferences> Mission Control and change the key associated with the function Show desktop (which is F11 by default).