How to restore the service program Google Play. When tidying up your room, you found a tablet Android that he hasn't used for a long time: he immediately thought of "recycling" it to read some books. The problem is, after resetting it and doing the initial setup again, you started getting error messages related to forced shutdown of Services of Google Play. Unfortunately, you have no idea how to remedy this unforeseen event and are already thinking of abandoning the idea of ​​using the newly found device again.

How to restore the Google Play services program step by step

Previous information

Before even acting and explaining how to do it, in practice, restore Google Play servicesLet me give you more info on why this component is present on Android.

You should know that, initially, applications from Google (like Maps, gmail, Google Play, etc.) were updated only when all the operating system Android was getting an update: for this reason, it was really very difficult to apply the only fix without touching the entire operating platform of the device.

Thanks to the "bundle" of Google Play Services, this situation no longer occurs. This application, which later became an integral part of Android, is responsible for managing the feature updates for Google applications and services that were previously closely tied to operating system updates.

In addition, Google Play services include many functions to manage the access to Google services y privacy settings, for the policies of installation and upgrade Google Play applications and, not least, for the location with low power consumption.

In some cases, especially on devices that are a bit more "out of date", it may happen that the Google Play Services start to behave abnormally, causing problems as if it continues. forced closure of the application. In general, it is sufficient to wait for a corrective update to obtain a spontaneous solution to the problem.

However, if this does not happen automatically, you can apply simple procedures to try to restore the proper functioning of the Google Play Services, removing potentially corrupted data, or reinstalling the published updates, as I will show in the next chapters of this guide.

How to restore the Google Play services program

If errors in Google Play services continue to prevent you from making the best use of Android, you can use various tricks to try to restore its proper functioning.

Next, I will point out those that, in my opinion, are the simplest and most effective: delete the cache and data used by the application, reset the Google account and manually update "Google Play Services".

Delete the cache and data

In some cases, the malfunction of the Google Play Services is due to the presence of corrupted data specific to the application itself or the entire Google service framework. Therefore, it may be sufficient to remove this information to return the situation to normal.

Doing it is really very simple: first, go to adjustments Android by touching the icon in the form of gear placed on the device screen, go to the section Applications and notifications and click on Show all applications present below.

En Android 7.x and precedents, you must instead enter into Settings> Application.

When you get to the next screen, tap the button (⋮) located in the upper right and click on the item Show system application / Show system that appears in the menu displayed on the screen, to include Android applications that are protected in the list.

Once done, identify the item Google Play services in the proposed list, tap the item Storage space and press the button Clear cache placed on the proposed screen.

If available, repeat the operation with the button. Clear storage space / Delete data.

Later, press the key ago twice   of Android (or in the arrow located in the upper left corner) to return to the list of installed applications, this time touch the item Google services framework, touch the button deactivate and confirms the desire to continue pressing Disable app.

Then tap on the item Storage space, press the buttons Erase storage space / Erase data y to accept  and repeat the operation on the button Clear cache.

When you finish restart Android completely, reported on the administration screen of the system application as I showed you earlier, press the entry to Google services framework and then on the button allow to enable it again.

Finally, perform a second reset from the system and verify that the problems with Google Play services have been resolved.

Reset your Google account

If the solution used above does not have the desired effect, you can try to restore the normal functioning of Google Play Services by deleting the Google account already set up on Android and then adding it again immediately afterwards.

In fact, it can happen, in fact, that some problems related to the incorrect functioning of the application may depend on a corrupted user profile for reasons not specified in greater detail.

note : When deleting the Gmail account from Android, it is also removed any data associated with the service from the device such as emails, calendars, contacts, files saved in Drive, etc. However, these will be saved in the cloud and available again as soon as you add the profile to the Android device again.

Also note that, to carry out this last operation, you must necessarily remember the Google password associated with the account: if you have forgotten it, I advise you to recover it as soon as possible.

First, open the adjustments from Android and go to section account : On the corresponding screen, touch the Google account associated with the device and press the button Delete account placed below. If you can't find it, try tapping the button (⋮) located at the top right and select Delete account of the proposed menu.

To conclude, please answer yes to the proposed warning screen later, and after the operation is completed, restart Android.

Once the reboot is complete, you can re-add the previously deleted Gmail account - to do so go to Settings> Account, touch the button Add account, select the article google Enter the proposed options and follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the association of the profile, indicating, when requested, the email and password access points and sync options.

If you need additional help regarding removing and adding Google accounts, I suggest you check out my tutorial on how to remove Android accounts from Google and how to associate a android phone with Google (also valid for tablets).

Update Google Play services

Could not solve your problem using the methods suggested above? So the situation could be more complex than expected and you may need restore Google Play services program to update the relevant application installed on Android.

This way, when the problem was due to a failed update, you would have the opportunity to return to normal by doing a "fresh" installation of the service.

As I told you before, Google Play Services is a fundamental component of the Google operating system, so you cannot uninstall it as you normally would.

In this case, what you should do is manually remove the applied updates (without completely removing the application), and then install them again from Google Play Store.

Doing so is not difficult at all: just to get started, go to adjustments Android by touching the appropriate icon located in the drawer of the device, access the section Applications and notifications (o Application ) and, if necessary, press the button Show all applications to see the full list of installed software.

At this point, identify the item Google Play services, touch it and touch the button (⋮) located in the upper left: select the item Uninstall updates from the menu that appears and agree to continue with the following warning message.

At the end of the procedure, restart Android and when the operating system is ready start the Google Play Store ; through the top bar, search for the application Google Play services (or click on this link if you are reading this guide from the Android device in question).

Now you don't have to do anything other than press the button refresh, wait for the updates to be applied to the system, and after completing the procedure, restart Android again to verify that the problem has finally been resolved.

If you are unable to update Google Play Services using the method illustrated above, you could try using an alternative procedure. In this case, however, you should get root permissions on the device (a procedure that, I remind you, could invalidate the warranty ) and continue the update using a APK Of third parties.

Finally, if even the update doesn't solve your problem, as an extreme option, you could try uninstalling the app. This, however, could cause instability of Google applications and all the components that depend on them.