How to restore hidden files after infection. If, due to a virus, some of your files do not appear on your desk, this tip can help you. To begin with, you need to treat the infection responsible for this problem so that the hidden files are not at risk of disappearing forever.

We recommend asking for help in the security forum to eradicate viruses from your PC. You can also use at least one antivirus online to try to remove the virus.

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How to restore hidden files after infection step by step

Note: Do not delete temporary files until the files appear again. Some of the program These are used to restore files hidden by the virus (do not use cleaning programs such as CCleaner or Glary Utilities)

How to show hidden folders

First, right click on the desktop, choose Rearrange the icons by and make sure the item Show icons on the desktop is selected. If not, select it.

If the problem is not resolved, go to My Documents through the menu Home and tab Tools, choose Folder options. On the tab Display mode activar Show hidden files, folders and drives.

Otherwise, right click on the menu. Home and select Properties > Personalize. In the window that appears, click Default settings > Ok > Apply.

If the hidden folders still don't appear, use the following keys with Registry Editor (regedit) and enter these settings:


Modify the registry entries:

CheckedValue = 1 DefaultValue = 0

Change registry entries:

CheckedValue = 0 DefaultValue = 0

Note: Do not change any registry keys or values ​​if your PC is at risk of crashing or stalling.

  • Roguekiller

Download RogueKiller and close all ongoing programs. Right click on Run as administrator.

Otherwise, run RogueKiller.exe, when prompted, write 6th and give to confirm. A report should appear (RKreport.txt is also located next to the executable). If the program has been blocked, try several times. If it really doesn't work, change your name to winlogon.exe.

  • Pre_Scan

Deactivate your protections and save the software on your desktop. Download Pre_Scan. Download the software to your desktop if it has not been saved to your desktop. There will be a slight extinction of the desktop. Don't be afraid, it's normal.

After downloading, run it and wait for the scan until Pre_scan.txt on the desktop Post the report in the forum if you need help.

Note: The tool may take a while to allocate files (it all depends on how many you have), let it work to the end.

  • FindyKill

This software allows you to remove the Beagle virus., Repair the safe mode and restores hidden files after infection. Download FindyKill to your desktop and run it with the option Eliminate.

  • Virus Effects Eliminator

Virus Effects Remover is software that allows you to remove the effects of virus attacks from the Windows registry and file system.

It also detects registry errors caused by the virus and allows you to unlock infected system functions such as registry editor, task manager, file options or command line.

Virus Effect Remover can be minimized and be discreet in the background, an icon in the system notification area will allow you to access the program at any time. The proposed software is an open source version.