Your Windows Phone is no longer working properly and you want to try resetting it? Do you have to sell your Nokia Lumia but you don't know how to erase the data in the memory of the mobile phone? Well, know that you have come to the right place at the right time.

With today's guide, we will discover it together How to restore Windows Phone to erase all data in the phone memory and, if desired, restore applications and settings from a previous installation of the phone. operating system. This is an extremely simple operation to complete, the important thing is that you carefully follow the instructions that I am going to give you and that you create a Backup of all your data.

Are you ready to start? Perfect, then roll up your sleeves and get to work! The instructions below are specifically for Windows Phone 8.1, but should also work for other versions of the Microsoft operating system. The model and "brand" of the mobile phone in use are irrelevant: the procedure to be followed is the same for all Nokia Lumia products, for Lumia sold by Microsoft and for Windows phones produced by other companies (there are very few, but there are). Happy reading!

Table of Contents

First steps: Windows Phone backup

How do you feel about losing all your contacts, your messages, and the applications that you have installed on your mobile phone? Bad, right? Then before restore windows phone proceed to create a reserve of all the data on the phone, it's not difficult.

Windows Phone backup is done partly in the cloud, that is, in Internet, where the OneDrive service lets you save applications, settings, SMS, contacts, photos and videos; and partially offline, connecting the phone to the PC in a very trivial way. Let's see in more detail how to proceed.

Online backup

To take advantage of the online backup features that Windows Phone offers, you must associate your mobile phone with a Microsoft account. This is usually done during initial operating system setup, but can be done later if necessary. All you have to do is go to the menu. adjustments Windows Phone (the settings icon located on the screen with the list of all applications installed on the device), select the item email and account from the screen that opens and press the button add an account.

At this point, return to the screen adjustments Windows Phone, select the tab work in the upper left corner and verify that all backup functions are active (otherwise activate them yourself).

  • To save SMS, go to the menu backup> SMS Windows Phone and verify that the option SMS Backup is set to yes.
  • To save applications and settings, go to the menu backup> apps and settings Windows Phone and verify that it works Make a backup of your configuration y Application backup they are both active To immediately start a backup of applications and settings, press the button back up now.
  • To save photos, go to the menu backup> photos and videos Windows Phone and make sure there is a check mark next to a choice between Good quality y Excellent quality, under the heading photo.
  • To save videos go to menu backup> photos and videos Windows Phone and put the check mark next to the option Excellent quality, under the heading video. Saving videos is not active by default since movies take up a lot of space on OneDrive.

Finally go to the menu settings> sync settings Windows Phone and enable data synchronization (themes, app settings, data and passwords from Internet Explorer) between your Windows Phone and the other Windows devices associated with your Microsoft account.

If you use WhatsApp, don't forget to backup your conversations by following the instructions in my tutorial on how to recover WhatsApp backup. And the same goes for any other messaging app installed on your device (except those that are based on cloud systems and save all messages online automatically, like Facebook Messenger).

Offline Backup

The online backup functions are very convenient and efficient. However, an "outdated" backup is always recommended with transferring photos, videos, and other important data to PC.

To connect your Windows Phone to your PC, all you have to do is use the USB cable supplied with the phone. The device should be automatically recognized by the PC. If not, proceed to download the windows phone app for Windows 7 and to repeat the operation after installing the latter on your PC.

Windows must recognize the mobile phone as a normal memory unit, so to access the files in the latter you just have to open the Explore the resources (the yellow folder icon located at the bottom left of the taskbar), select the item computer o This PC from the left sidebar and double click on the phone icon.

At this point, locate the folder that contains the files of your interest (eg. photos for photos and videos e downloads for files downloaded from the Internet) and copy them to your PC with a simple copy and paste. To import photos and videos in a more "neat" way, you can use the application photo Windows 8.x and Windows 10 or the function Import images and videos Windows 7 (accessible by right-clicking the phone icon in Explorer). To sync music, ringtones and other multimedia content between the PC and the phone, you can use the Windows Phone application for Windows 7 that I mentioned above or the Windows Phone application to Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

Windows Phone Recovery

Once all your data is saved, you can take action and restore windows phone. Then go to the menu Settings> About Windows Phone, tap the button restart your phone and respond yes to the two warnings that appear on the screen. If you use a mobile phone with expandable memory and you also want to delete the contents of the microSD, place the check mark next to the item also delete the SD card.

If for one reason or another you cannot access Windows Phone settings, please do a forced restart phone and start operating system recovery by following the instructions below.

Press and hold the keys power y Volume mobile phone until you feel a vibration. Then release both keys, first Volume and hold it until you see an icon exclamation mark appear on the device screen. At this point, press the keys in sequence Volume +, Volume, power y Volume. and the Windows Phone recovery procedure will start automatically.

The standard or forced Windows Phone recovery procedure takes about 15 minutes. At the end of the latter, the initial Windows Phone setup procedure will start, through which you must decide whether to configure the phone as if it were a new device or if you want to restore data, applications and settings from OneDrive.

If you have to sell your cell phone, do nothing. Turn it off and let the new owner configure the device. Otherwise, follow the Windows Phone initial setup procedure by selecting the language in which you intend to use the operating system, connecting to one wireless network and adjusting the settings to Date and Time.

At this point, configure yours Microsoft account, choose the Windows Phone Backup to Restore, Press the button siguiente and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the initial setup procedure for your device. While apps and data will be downloaded from OneDrive, you can start using Windows Phone with no problems. Everything happens automatically.

At the end of the restore operations, you will find data, applications and settings as you left them in the previous installation of Windows Phone. The only exceptions are represented by photos and videos, which will no longer be found in the Windows Phone roll but in the OneDrive folder.