How to ride a monster in Monster Hunter Rise. This new title introduces the Wyvern mount, which allows you to ride a monster For the first time in Monster Hunter, controlling monsters will give you an advantage during combat by dealing more damage to the target monster. But, How the Wyvern mount works? Continue reading this guide on how to ride a monster in Monster Hunter Rise to find out.

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How to ride a monster in Monster Hunter Rise, step by step

Before using the Wyvern mount you must learn to ride monsters in Monster Hunter Rise through the "Learning to Ride" quest that will be available when you speak to Hinoa. You must also ensure that the monster is in the "Ready to ride" state.To achieve this, you must cause damage using cordofibres of the Chordopter or puppet spider webs.

When attacking a monster, you must deal enough damage with Silkweave attacks to ride it or use it for your battles or other purposes like throwing it at other enemies. Riding a monster has a time limit And also, if you get hit while riding one, you lose time to do it.

If you can control the movements while riding and if you fill the gauge by hitting other enemies, you can unleash special attacks like Mount Punisher, which deal a lot of extra damage and changes based on the mounted monster.

How to ride a Wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise

How to ride a Wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise

Wyvern is the new function that allows you to move around the map riding a monster and attack others, here are the steps to follow:

  • Deal damage to a monster until it is in the Ready to Ride state. Use Wirebug attacks or Silkbind moves to deal such damage.
  • Get the "Ride Wyvern" message to appear by hitting the monster.
  • Now, press "A" to ride the monster.
  • To steer the monster you must press "R" while using the joystick, in this way you can tell it to attack or hit other enemies. Remember that you have a limited time and that the hits of other monsters can also reduce your time to be able to mount a monster.
  • Once the damage gauge is full press X + A to perform Mounted Punisher with this you will cause massive damage to your enemies.

With these simple tips you will discover how to ride a monster in Monster Hunter Rise so just get up close to a creature to move on it and explore the map. You can also check all weapons in Monster Hunter Rise for more tips on this video game.