Have you just copied some MP4 videos made with your mobile phone to your PC but some of them look backwards? It can happen. Don't worry though, this is a problem that can be solved quite easily without resorting to expensive software for the edition of videos.

All you need are free programs that can be easily found online, thanks to which you can turn them upside down or rotate MP4 video without negatively affecting its original quality. Or at least without these repercussions being visible to the naked eye (a lot will also depend on the conversion profiles and output formats you choose).

The only drawback of the matter is that to rotate the videos it will be necessary to subject them to a new encoding, this means that you will have to wait several minutes for their saving to complete. Waiting for longer movies could last even more than an hour. Anyway, don't worry, the whole procedure will be much simpler than you think. So how about we get to work right away? All the steps you need to follow are illustrated below.

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Rotate MP4 videos on Windows

If you are using a Windows PC, I recommend that you turn to Video to Video converter which is an excellent free converter equipped with various functions to edit videos, including precisely those to rotate and flip videos. It not only supports MP4 files, but also all major video file formats and requires no installation to work (at least in its portable version).

To test it, connect to its official website and first click on the button Download and then in the voice Click here to download the file ZIP. So wait for the zip file containing the application is downloaded to your PC, open it and extract the contents to the folder of your choice. Then start the executable vv.exe, choose the Italian from the list of available languages ​​and click on the button good to access the main screen of Video to Video Converter.

Now drag the MP4 video to rotate or flip it in the converter window and select the output format to save it after the changes are completed: if you want to get a standard MP4 file click on the icon MP4 present on the card Video Profiles from Video to Video Converter. If instead you want to create an MP4 video optimized for iPhone, iPad or other specific models of mobile phones and tablets, select the tab related to the brand of the device or the operating system of the video destination (eg. apple o Android ) and select one of the listed devices.

Once you have selected the desired output format, move your attention to the right sidebar and make sure it is in the dropdown menu quality the option is set Same as the source (so that the output video has the same quality as the start video). Then scroll down the sidebar and activate one of the options listed below.

  • If you want to rotate the MP4 file 90 ° to the right or left, expand the dropdown menu rueda and select the option hand (left) or law (right) of the latter.
  • If you want to flip the movie, expand the dropdown menu flip and select one of the following options: horizontal flip to mirror the video horizontally, vertical flip to flip the video vertically or xy flip roll the film backwards.

Finally click on good y convert, wait for the video to finish processing and enjoy the final result. By default, Video to Video Converter saves the output videos in a folder contained in the path where the program files were extracted. If you want to change your destination, click on the icon binder located in the lower right.

Rotate MP4 videos on Mac

If you use a Mac can rotate video MP4 directly with QuickTime, the multimedia player present "standard" in all versions of OS X. Its operation is very simple.

You must first open the video to rotate or flip it with QuickTime. If QuickTime is no longer the default media player on your Mac, to do this you must right click on the MP4 file to be edited and select the item Open with> QuickTime Player from the menu that opens.

Then you must click on the menu. composition located at the top of the screen and select the desired option from the latter: Turn left to rotate the video 90 ° to the left, Turn right to rotate the video 90 ° to the right, speculate to reflect it horizontally or turned around put it upside down.

Finally select the item export of menu office hour QuickTime and select the output format in which you want save the rotated video: 1080p, 720p etc.

Rotate MP4 videos during playback

Do you want to rotate a movie only momentarily, while watching, without actually modifying the file? No problem using the free media player VLC, which is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, you can rotate movies as they play without waiting for them to be re-encoded and without making any modifications to the original files.

To activate this function, all you have to do is go to the menu Tools> Effects and Filters program select tab Video Effects> Geometry and put the check mark next to the entry transformation. For more detailed instructions, see my tutorial on how rotate videos with VLC.