How to schedule a recurring webinar in Slack?  Google Slack is a platform based on messaging that is linked through channels, which is to be used at a professional level. Being easily accessible from multiple connectors and platforms.

Google Slack was founded to have a great variety of elements that serve the user, beneficiaries for events, meetings, seminars as well as meeting communication needs, as well as sending messages, used as tools or files. Currently More than 750,000 companies in the world are using Google Slack

How does scheduling a recurring webinar work in Slack?

How does the programming of a recurring webinar in Slack work? Webinars in Google Slack, occurs through the integration of this platform with others, such as Livestorm.

Why intertwine Google Slack with Livestorm?

The composition between Google Slack and Livestorm, will allow you to manage the users registered to a seminar, event or scheduled meeting which will give you more information about them. Allowing to know more about your users, beneficiaries and participants integrating from Slack with Livestorm.

1.- Keeping up to date with the merger of Slack and Livestorm in the organization of seminars

Through integration between Livestorm and Slack, the owner of the seminar will manage exactly when a participant signs up for your event. Receiving a notification in an exclusive channel of Slack, which and each time someone completes a registration form in  Livestorm it will automatically be scheduled.

Thus, as your entire team will be part of the same page, creating plenty of opportunities to train in this way and to be able to place the participants that are compatible with the delivery of the seminar.

More is instructed

Each profile included in google Slack, through this integration, will be immediately located with data from third parties who wish to participate in the proposed seminars according to the agenda.

For which this allows you a general and global vision of the participant registered in the proposed seminars as scheduled, even before the scheduled event starts.

It will also be possible to adapt content according to the exposed needs and use the previous information to improve content.

Momentarily, the following triggers and characteristics of its elements to be incorporated will be supplied

  • Event published
  • New enrolled
  • Session ended
  • Session started

How to integrate Slack with Livestorm?

Through Integrate Google Slack and Livestorm accounts with the webhooks. Absolutely access to the URL of Slack webhook and add to Livestorm account.

2.- Use Google Slack and Zoom to teach classes, seminars and virtual tutorials

A virtual classroom is set up, which is as easy as starting Google Slack channels and setting up or managing a Zoom video conference. Ensuring that work area administrators in Slack of the institution have added the  APP Zoom for Slack.

  • A channel is established and labeled with the name of the subject, tutorial, seminar or project and the corresponding interested groups are invited as well as the public that borders on the subject of the seminar.