How to search for groups on Telegram. Your friends who use Telegram do nothing but talk about a group of which they are members and in which memes and funny images are published every day. Needless to say, you would also like to participate in this virtual discussion, but you don't know how to search for groups in Telegram. So you wonder if I can help you and explain how to identify a group conversation in this famous messaging application.

How to search for groups in Telegram step by step

Types of groups

Before explaining you in detail how to search for groups in Telegram, I have to clarify the differences and list the types of them. This is because the Telegram application includes not only one type of group, but three: the private group, private supergroup and public supergroup.

The types of groups differ from each other by the access methods and the possibility of being identified by the users. In the following lines I will tell you, therefore, what are the main characteristics of the three groups mentioned.

  • Private group : is a chat multi-user that can host up to 100.000 members at the same time. Being a private group, Telegram users cannot identify it. To access it, it must be added manually by a administrator (who can share access to the group through a link) or by group members, if the configuration allows it.


  • Private supergroup : This multi-user chat, capable of holding up to 100.000 members, differs from the private group in that administrators can moderate it by pinning or deleting messages and taking other actions. Also in this case, being a private group, it cannot be identified directly in the Telegram app, since to access it you must be added by an administrator or accept the invitation received through the link created by the same.


  • Public supergroup : it is a multi-user chat that has the same characteristics as the private supergroup but differs in the possibility of being identified by Telegram users. As I will explain to you in the next chapters, public Supergroups can be identified using the Telegram application and its internal search engine, but also using social media sites. Internet that fulfill the function of search engine.


Search for groups through the Telegram app

Now that you understand the differences between Telegram groups and understand that you can only search for one public supergroup, let's move on to the most practical part of this tutorial.

In the next few lines I will explain how to search for a group using the Telegram guidance on Android e iOS. You can also perform the same procedure to locate a group via Telegram Web or using the client for Windows and macOS.

To search for a public group through Telegram, launch the latter on the device you are using and once the home screen is displayed, use the search engine located in the upper left corner to write the name of the group you are looking for.

This way, you can see the corresponding search results, next to Global search.

At this point, once you have identified the group of your interest, tap on it and then tap (or click), depending on whether you are using the app Telegram  in a mobile phone / Tablet or Pc and then press the button + Join (Android / iOS / Web) or the one called + Join the group (Windows / MacOS).

Through websites

Alternatively, another solution you can fall back on to find a group in Telegram  It is related to the use of a website that acts as a search engine for groups and channels present within the famous instant messaging platform.

In this sense, I suggest the use of Telegram Spain, website that deals with aggregation of bots,  groups y channels Telegram, which allows you to easily enter the latter, using the appropriate button.

That said, to search for a group on Telegram using Telegram Spain, first connect to the site using a navigator to browse the internet and on the main screen you see, click on the menu item Groups that you find in the bar at the top.

This way, you can see the section dedicated to groups and use the search engine at the top to search for a group. You can also use the buttons The most voted y last, to better sort the search for a group.

Also, when touching the wording Groups located at the top, you will be able to see a drop-down menu and through this, more easily identify a category of groups, for example, by clicking on an item such as Music o Technology.

If you have identified a group that interests you, you can enter it by clicking the button Add to Telegram, which you see next to the name.

As an alternative to Telegram Spain, you can connect to the website Each best chats from Telegram showing group list Telegram more popular.

Also, you can filter your search by clicking on the item TOP 100 or in the call Trends, to display, respectively, the list of the 100 most popular or currently trending groups.

Through this website, once you have identified the group of your interest, you can join it; to do this, press Telegram symbol  you see corresponding to the identified group.

Search for groups through Telegram channels

To search for groups in Telegram you can think about subscribing to a channel of Telegram, as it usually happens in the channels to which users are invited to subscribe groups and other channels affiliated with it.

This usually happens with the larger channels (see this tutorial of mine to find out what they are the best Telegram channels), as Telegram Spain. I give this example because it is a channel mainly dedicated to sponsoring other groups and channels.

If you joined the channel Telegram Spain, you can view published posts with the indication Categories: Groups. In this case, tap or click on the link indicated by the Telegram channel administrator: you will be redirected to the Telegram Spain website.

Now, as explained in the previous chapter, click the button Add to Telegram, to start the instant messaging application and subscribe to the Telegram group selected.