How sell cars in GTA Without connection. After you start playing the first missions you have been entrusted with GTAYou wonder if there is a chance to sell vehicles in the game and raise money. Even in offline mode or in the previous chapters of the saga that do not include any online multiplayer components.

If things are like this and you wonder how to sell cars in GTA Without connection, You are in the right place. In this guide, in fact, I will show you the procedures that you will have to follow to sell the vehicles in the various chapters of this famous video game saga and win so much money.

What you should do is simply make yourself comfortable and pay attention to all the suggestions that I will give you to put them into practice. I am sure that, at the end of the reading, you will have clear ideas about the procedures you must put in place to achieve your goal. That being said, I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

How to sell cars in GTA V offline. What you should know.

If you would like to sell cars in GTA V in the mode history, you should know that unfortunately it is not possible to carry out this operation. In addition to some quests given to you during the Vehicle Recovery Campaign, such as Devin Weston's, there is no in-game functionality that allows you to sell cars.

This possibility was introduced only in online mode, thanks to a DLC which allows you to recover cars and then export them, for earn money with the sale of the latter. In the mode  history, however, it is possible to install a mod for PC that allows you to enable car sales.

I warn you that the use of modifications is only allowed in this mode of GTA V. Start. GTA Online with active modifications could result in the ban of the account.

There are several modifications that allow you to enable car sales in GTA V for PC. The one I recommend you use is Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealer, since it does not require the installation of any additional component.

Download Mods for GTA

To get the mod in question, you must reach this link, which refers to the web portal, and press the button Download. After taking the archive .zip, extract its contents into the main GTA V installation folder.

In case you bought GTA V at steamthen you will need to hit the road C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common Grand Theft Auto Vwhereas if you bought it on the Rockstar Games website you will need to access the path C: Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto V Program Files.

After placing the contents of the file inside the main GTA V folder, you just have to start the game. When you open the map, you will notice a new one dollar icon - This indicates the location of the place where cars can be sold, which corresponds to Premium Deluxe Motorsport that is to say, the distributor of Simeon, a character that you already met, since he entrusted you with the first missions within the game.

After reaching the rear of the dealership with any vehicle, place it in the yellow circle, to show a box, in the lower left, that tells you to press the button Y sell the car or the key N to cancel the operation.

By confirming the sale of the car with the appropriate button, it will be placed in front of the dealer, which will be sold at the indicated price. As you spend time in GTA V, you will have the possibility to sell the vehicle and thus earn money. A specific notification will notify you of the sale and the money will be immediately credited to your account.

Car sales in GTA IV

Are you playing in GTA IV And do you want to know how to sell cars in this chapter of the saga? Well then I know that at some point in the adventure you will be contacted by Stevie, a character who will commission you to recover a series of cars, which you will then have to transport to their warehouse to sell them.

Stevie will contact you via SMS, indicating from time to time the vehicles that you will have to recover. Therefore, your goal will be to find the car indicated in the message and take it to the delivery point, taking care not to damage it. In fact, the value of the vehicle will depend on its condition: the more damaged it is, the less the amount you will get from its sale.

After delivering the 30 cars Stevie ordered, you will be given the option to deliver other vehicles that you will find worldwide from GTA IV for money.

Car sales in GTA San Andreas

If you are playing a little GTA San Andreas and you wonder how sell cars. Please note that this operation is possible during a specific time in the main campaign, when you will be asked to retrieve the listed cars.

After you have purchased the Wangs Cars dealership, a dock will appear at the dock of the port of San Fierro proyecto de ley With a list of ten cars to find: When you find one of the ones on the list, willow trees on board and drive to the port of San Fierro. Then you will have to use the crane to move the car cargo ship tied to the side.

For each vehicle you deliver, you will be credited with a cash amount, which will vary depending on the car model. When you find all ten cars, you will be rewarded with an additional cash prize. From now on, a new list will be available, and you will have other vehicles to retrieve.

This procedure must be performed three times, for a total of 30 vehicles. Delivering all of the cars listed will allow you to accumulate a total of more than $ 1 million.

So far the short guide on how to sell cars in GTA offline.