How to send faxes from the PC

Incredible but true, many public administration offices and many companies still prefer to use an outdated medium such as fax instead of the e-mail more practical. It is a reality that we are forced to face every day, but luckily it is not necessary to buy a fax or spend money on stationery to use this means of communication: any PC and a connection to Internet are enough.

The rest think of the very useful online services, like the ones I'm going to tell you about today, that allow you to send faxes over the Internet at no cost by typing the text directly or using files PDF and TIFF as an attachment. They work with all national numbers (and in some cases also with international ones) and do not require the installation of software or accessories on the PC.

Yes, you read that right! The services in question work from all major program navigation without requiring additional software, they are completely in Italian and to use them all you need to do is register quickly and for free. At this point I think there is nothing more to add: take a few minutes of free time and find out immediately. how to send a fax from PC thanks to the information you find below!

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Fax it

Let's start with Faxalo, a free basic service that allows you to send 3 faxes a day (except to 800 and 899 numbers) for a total of 20 faxes a month. To use it, connected to your main page, type your email address in the text field located below the header Request the fax code and click on the button Send code (make sure there is a check mark next to the item I declare that I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions ).

At this point, open your inbox and copy the activation code that you find in the message received from the Faxalo team (if you can't find it in the Incoming mail, check the folder Unwanted mail ). Then connected again to the home page of the service, select the item Log In from the bar at the top and log in by typing yours in the corresponding text fields Email and Fax code which you copied from the email above.

Once you have logged in, you can send faxes from PC with Fax it simply by typing the recipient's number in the field Recipient's fax numberby clicking on the button Glance / Choose the file and selecting the document to fax. Then press the button Send And that is.

You can use PDF documents or TIFF to send your fax with a quality equal to or less than 200 DPI and a size that does not exceed 1 MB. If you send files with a higher resolution, there is a risk that the fax will not be delivered correctly to the recipient. You can also send faxes to multiple recipients by clicking the icon printer in the upper right and selecting the option Send faxes to multiple recipients in the menu that appears.

Faxalo sends faxes within minutes of the user's request. Once the document has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email in which you will find all the details of the operation.

Even if the fax is not delivered for technical reasons (for example, when the recipient has faxing disabled), you will receive a summary email from Faxalo. However, it should be noted that before "giving up", the service makes at least a couple of attempts to send the document to the recipient. Make good use of it!

Unfortunately, Faxalo does not have an official application for mobile phones and tablets, however the site is also optimized for use in a mobile environment. This means that when you open the navigator at their mobile phone or tablet and connect to the Faxalo site, you can use the service as you normally would from your PC.

If you think the limitations of Faxalo are too strict, you can go to the tab Prices and subscribe to one of the service's paid plans. Prices start at € 1,99 / month to send 5 faxes a day and 60 faxes a month.


Another very good web service for sending faxes, which I recommend you try, is Faxator, which allows you to send up to 10 pages per month to all national numbers for free.

To give it a try, immediately connect to your home page and press the green button Register. Then complete the form that is proposed by writing your name, your email address and the password you want to use to access the service. Then provide a valid mobile number (which you will need to verify your identity), press on the card Free, put the check mark next to the wording I accept terms, conditions and privacy and click Enable to complete the registration

Now open your inbox, find the message you received from Faxator (if you can't find it, check for spam) and follow the instructions in the email to send a verification SMS and fully activate your account.

When the operation is complete, you can send faxes with Faxator by connecting to the main page of the service and logging in to yours reserved area (by selecting the appropriate item from the left sidebar). On the page that opens, select the option QuickFax o QuickFax attached from the left sidebar (depending on whether you intend to write the text of the fax manually or if you want to send the existing documents) and complete the form that is proposed indicating the number of the recipient of the fax.

You can send PDF documents, Office and other types of files without any particular restriction on their definition. Shipping is made from Monday to Friday between 8.00:20.00 a.m. and XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. You will receive a confirmation email with a preview of the first page of the sent fax as soon as the document reaches its destination.

Do you want other good news? Faxator is also available as a free app for iPhone And it's mobile accessible, so you can send faxes "on the go" even directly from your mobile phone.

If the Faxator limitations are too narrow, please note that you can subscribe to one of the paid service plans and increase the maximum number of documents / pages that will be sent each month. You can buy a surcharge from 25 euros and pay 0,06 euros each for the pages sent, or you can subscribe from 4,90 euros / month and send 100 pages per month, also taking advantage of the fax reception service to via email.


Messagenet is one of the most widely used online VoIP, SMS and fax services in Italy. As for faxes, it offers three different solutions: FreeFAX that allows you to receive up to 3 faxes / month by email at no cost; Fax which allows you to receive faxes by email at a cost of 61 euros per year (+18.30 euros per activation) and Fax Out that instead allows send faxes from PC paying only the pages actually submitted. The recharge system on which FaxOut is based implies the purchase of a recharge of at least 6 euros, while the cost of each page sent starts from 0,1086 euros. All major file formats are supported and there are no strict upload limits like there are for free services.

To sign up for Messagenet and activate your FaxOut account, connect to the service home page and first click the button Try it now! placed under the heading freefax faxin faxout and then on the button Enable found under the heading fax out on the page that opens.

Now you have to choose one of the reload cuts available in the drop-down menu located in the center of the page (I recommend the minimum for 6 euros ) and you must first click the button Recharge and then in those Go to checkout es Register to start the Messagenet registration procedure.

Now put the check mark next to all the items. I agree present on the page that has been opened (to accept the conditions of use of the service) and click on Follow, then enter yours email And yours Cell Number in the corresponding text fields and click Follow move along.

At this point, you need to verify your identity and you need to validate your account. To do this, open your mailbox, open the message that Messagenet sent you and click confirmation link contained in it. On the web page that opens, type the Verification code you received by SMS, click Follow twice in a row and fill in the form that is proposed with the rest of your personal data (name, surname, address, etc.). After completing your Messagenet registration, open the shopping cart of the service by clicking on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner and complete the purchase of the credit.

You are now ready to send a fax from Messagenet. Then connect to the home page of the service and first click on Your Name located in the upper right and then on the icon Send fax located in the center of the screen.

On the page that opens, click the button Choose File / Browse to select the document to fax, type recipient's fax number in the corresponding text field and click the button Send to start sending the fax.

If you want, you can also add one transmission description to be used in notification emails and / or cover text to use as the fax start page. You will be notified by email to take over and send the fax to the recipient.

Messagenet does not offer applications to send faxes from mobile phones and tablets, but it is possible to access the service through a browser even on the go.