How to send free SMS from your PC

You have run out of credit on your mobile phone but you urgently need to send a SMS. You could ask a friend or colleague to lend you their cell phone, but why look sloppy when the situation can be easily remedied without going broke?

You may not know it but there are several sites that, through special promotions and advertising information included in the messages, allow you send free SMS from Internet throughout the national territory and to any operator without any risk (unless there is a small delay in sending messages). Here is a quick selection of the best.

One of the best places guidance on send SMS free from internet is SMSteroid, which allows you to send two messages a day for a total of 30 messages at no cost. To start using it, connect to its main page and click on the item record (located on the right) to start creating a free account. Then complete the form that is proposed, click on the button Register, log in to your mailbox e-mail and click the confirmation link contained in the email received from SMSteroid.

On the page that opens, select Italy in the drop-down menu Country, write your mobile phone number in the text field below and confirm the submission of the form by clicking the button Send code. You will receive an SMS with the confirmation code to write on the site, on the page that opens, to start sending free SMS. To send SMS with SMSteroid, connected to the main page of the service, complete the form that is proposed (do not forget to enter the confirmation code, above) and click on SEND To complete the operation.

Another very valid means to send free SMS from the Internet his name is Skebby. This site, completely in Italian and does not require registration, allows you to send a maximum number of 2 messages per day until runs out total daily availability (5000 SMS). Its only flaw is that it runs out of daily SMS very quickly and doesn't always send instant messages.

To send SMS with Skebby, simply connect to the main page of the service, write the recipient's phone number in the field Number +39, message text in the field of the same name and click the button SEND NOW.

SMSuper is an Italian community that, by registering, allows you send free SMS from the Internet with a maximum of 3 messages per day. SMS can be sent to all mobile phones present in the national territory and to users in the community (in this case, a phone number is not necessary). To register for free a SMSuper, linked to your home page and click on the item Sign up free (top right).

Then fill in the form on the page that opens, put the check mark next to the item Sip (accept the terms of use of the service) and click on Confirm Shipping to complete the registration. To access the site, use the username you have chosen and the password received by SMS from SMSuper after registration. To send an SMS, use the appropriate field on the main page of the site and click the button first confirm sending SMS and then on the ad banner at the bottom of the window that opens.