How to Stream from YouTube. For some time now, streaming on YouTube has become quite popular and, although there are platforms that are gaining traction, this is still the main platform for live content. However, not everyone knows how to stream correctly and they end up being disappointed.

So that this does not happen, from Creative Stop, We are going to explain step by step what you must do to make a live on YouTube without wasting time. Shall we start ?.

In previous articles we have talked about how to monetize a video on YouTube ocHow to update YouTube without the Play Store. However, this time we are going to focus on explaining how to stream from YouTube.

How to Stream from YouTube step by step

How to stream from YouTube step by step

Next we are going to show you all the steps you must follow to stream from YouTube easily and quickly.

1. Create a live broadcast

The first thing you should do before starting a broadcast on YouTube, is download and install a live streaming and recording program. This type of program is responsible for encoding multimedia files, compressing the original format and decompressing them at the time of playback. Additionally, the programs can capture desktop (desktop), camera, and microphone content.

The programs that you can use to create your live shows are the following:

  • XSplit Broadcaster.
  • XSplit Gamecaster.
  • Game Capture HD.
  • Wirecast.

When everything is ready, you can connect the show to your YouTube account for a live broadcast.

2. Choose the type of transmission

There are two types of transmission:

  • Stream now: faster and with less configuration possibilities.
  • Events: that can be tested before going live.

How to "Stream Now" on YouTube

If you choose to use the option «Stream now«All you have to do is start recording your content and YouTube will automatically detect the frame and resolution of your stream to start it.

Once you are live, the platform will take care of reducing the transmission to the appropriate resolution so that everyone can watch the video without any limitation on their device.

How to "do Events" on YouTube

Another option that the platform allows is to create a «Event»Scheduled. Through events, you have the possibility to edit and configure your live streams in real time. In addition, you can set the start time of the live show, activate a backup stream or create multiple streams to be broadcast simultaneously.

3. What to do during a YouTube Streaming

Once you've installed your favorite streaming program and you've chosen the type of stream that best suits your circumstances, it's time to start Streaming. To do this, you must start interact with people who follow you enabling the chat and creating cards.

In addition, it is necessary that you keep track of your live metrics to analyze the weak points and strengths of your audience and thus keep moving forward.

How to Chat on YouTube Streaming

Chat remains enabled on streams and is disabled at the end of the event by default. Guarantees you a greater interactivity with your followers and therefore more audience. However, if you prefer, you can choose to disable the feature before or during the event, to focus on the video.

How to add cards to an event on YouTube

In addition to enabling chat, another way to increase interactivity in your streams is by adding cards to your event. These redirect the viewer to where you want to take them. They appear on the screen with custom images and titles.

Cards can be activated at any time and there is no limit on the cards to be created per stream. To add, the user will certainly not have any problem, as it is very simple and quick to do.

4. How to interrupt the broadcast in a YouTube Streaming

How to stop live streaming depends on the streaming option you have made:

  • If you have chosen to use the «Broadcast live«By activating the transmission only through the encoder, simply open the software and end the live event in the same field in which you started.
  • In the case of scheduled events, YouTube can manually perform both the start and the end of the stream. At first, you will need to configure your encoder for that live broadcast with the information provided by the platform. When you want to stop streaming, just click «Stop streaming»On the YouTube screen, without having to open the encoder.

5. Analyze your metrics in YouTube Analytics

Track your metrics streaming in the Google Analytics tab, during a live broadcast, it will help you know the number of people connected at the time of the live and all comments they have made in the chat. It's a good way to see if your content is liking people.

In addition to showing only numbers and general data, Analytics performs a detailed analysis of your transmission metrics, showing, for example, data such as the gender and location viewers, as well as information about the participation and performance. All data is collected and is available for download between 48 and 72 hours after the end of the transmission.

When you finish your Streaming, you should not worry about publishing the content of the transmission, since this is done automatically by YouTube at the end of each event. However, you can edit the generated file, edit the information, the settings and even be able to choose to improve the video quality for the viewers of your channel.

This has been it! We hope this article has been useful to you. If you now want to learn to stream a game on YouTube, continue browsing Creative stop.