How to succeed on YouTube

In the end, you decided to open your channel Youtube And now you would like some tips on how to get noticed. Well, if you want a lot of subscribers and visits, you should try to grab the attention of the community with interesting and attractive content, trying to stand out from the crowd. I know, it seems like a pretty difficult task to complete, and indeed it is, but it's worth a try.

In this guide, therefore, you can find some useful tips on how to be successful on youtube It will definitely help you to achieve your goal. Obviously, don't think that following them will allow you to instantly "blow up" on the famous video platform owned by Google- Like in any other field, here too commitment is required and a lot, but only a lot of patience, but with just the right amount of commitment. And luckily, you may be able to take some of the satisfaction out of it.

So are you ready to accept the challenge and get involved? Yep? Fantastic! So take all the time you need to read this tutorial and, above all, try to put into practice the "tips" that I will give you. I am sure that if you have perseverance and commitment, in time you will be able to bring home satisfactory results. Happy reading and good luck in everything!

  • Identify the topics to cover
  • Create interesting and quality videos
  • Optimize the content produced
  • Use YouTube tools
  • Promote the channel on other platforms
  • More tips for success on YouTube

Identify the topics to cover

To succeed in succeed on YouTube it is of fundamental importance to address issues of interest to the service community. You ask me how identify topics to cover on your channel ? Rather than relying solely on your intuition, I recommend that you do this Google Trends, a service offered free of charge by Google and through which it is possible to know in real time the topics most searched by web users.

To use Google Trends for this purpose, go to this page, close the service example window by clicking on the symbol X (if necessary) and select the item YouTube Search of menu Google search. Then select the article Italy of menu All over the world located on the left, to see which are the most searched topics in Italy, and then choose the option Last 30 days of menu 2008 - Present / Last 12 months.

If you wish, you can also select the category of your interest from the menu All Categories, to obtain the list of keywords most searched by users interested in the type of video that you are dealing with on your channel. As you can see, the search results are sorted by Trends in two columns: in that Most wanted the most searched keywords at all are listed in the indicated time period, while in that Growing are the hottest keywords of the moment.

For more information on how use Google TrendsPlease consult the in-depth study that I linked to you: surely this reading will also be of use to you.

Create interesting and quality videos

It is unthinkable to attempt your ascent to success on YouTube without betting on quality content. If until a few years ago even those who produced not excellent content could have some margin of success, today things are decidedly different: the market is more saturated and the quality standard has increased significantly. This is the reason why create interesting and quality videos It is the starting point to try to be successful on YouTube.

How can you create quality content? First of all get the right equipment : maybe a mobile phone with a good camera or better yet a professional video camera, a microphone and possibly tripods, action cameras, etc. Furthermore, the use of software tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final cut es Sony VEGAS Pro or other programs for take care of the phase edition and video editing.

Of course, having the right team is not enough to create quality content, too. you need to know what to propose to your audience and, above all, how to do it: in this sense, it may be practical for you. write a real script to guide you in the making of each video, to leave nothing to chance.

Clearly, also pay attention to regularity with which you make your videos: it is true that you have to pay attention to their quality, but this should not affect the frequency with which you can make them. So try to set yourself a reasonable goal (maybe post one video a week) and then do your best to achieve it.

Optimize the content produced

Optimize the content produced It's one of the most important things to pay attention to in order to have the best chance of success on YouTube. What can you do to optimize your content? One way is to insert the keyword correct (maybe the ones you found with Google Trends, as I suggested in the first chapter) in video title and in related tags, without sacrificing the readability of the title and the relevance of the labels for its content.

I will give you a practical example so that you can better understand the point. Let's say you've decided to make a video dedicated to » savory tarts Perhaps because he has noticed a growing interest in this topic. Well: you could create a title like » How to make savory pies "or" 5 tips for the perfect savory tarts «And use as tags some» secondary «keywords related to the main one (for example,» cakes ", » salty "," autumn savory tarts "," savory cake ideas ", Etc.). It is not so difficult.

Use YouTube tools

also use the tools that YouTube offers it is important to try to be successful on the "Big G" video exchange platform. For what reason? Because some of these tools offer the possibility of analyzing your channel in detail, accessing constantly updated statistics on the type of users who see your content and the interest of the latter. However, other tools allow you to have more direct contact with the public, which helps to retain the channel's subscribers.

Among the tools that I recommend you use are Analytics and the application YouTube Creator Studio (for Android e iOS) that allow you to view the statistical data of your channel, know the contents that have been most successful in the last period (both in terms of views and minutes of viewing), consult data on traffic sources, monetization statistics and much more .

Another tool that I recommend you use is the Live. Thanks to this function, in fact, it is possible to start live broadcasts that allow you to speak "face to face" with your subscribers (and not only), offering them the opportunity to ask questions to the youtuber about curiosities related to his life and work on YouTube.

You can also take advantage of the live shows to get any topic covered in upcoming videos. If you want more information on the function in question, read the in-depth analysis where I explain in detail how to direct on YouTube.

Promote the channel on other platforms

Can you boast a certain degree of popularity in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or others social media? So get the ball rolling promote your channel on these platforms By doing this, you can try to "convince" followers who already follow you on other platforms to subscribe to your channel, so that they can also follow you on YouTube.

Are you not very popular on social media and would you like to try to change the situation to have a better chance of promoting the videos you post on YouTube? In that case, read the guides that I linked to you a moment ago: there you will find tips that will undoubtedly help you improve things.

More tips to succeed on YouTube

I conclude this guide by giving you some other tips to be successful on YouTube. I'm sure these latest tips will help you too.

  • Be available with your subscribers - When a user comments on one of your videos, you can be available by replying to them, if only to thank them. However, if you are criticized, do not be tempted to respond in an argumentative way: thank the author of the comment for expressing their opinion and promise that you will try to do better.
  • Try to be more original - Even if you have to deal with "trivial" topics, try to be original, trying to see the topic addressed from a different point of view. Users who watch the video will surely appreciate it very much.
  • Have consistency - Do not think that following the "tips" that I gave you in the previous paragraphs for a while is enough to achieve success on YouTube. You should try to be constant, not get tired of following the instructions I gave you: even if you do not initially notice very encouraging results, you should not give up on the first difficulties: perseverance sooner or later will reward you.