How to take a screenshot of the iPhone XS

After reading my guide on which iPhone to buy, you have decided to retire your old "iPhone for" and buy a newer one, choosing a iPhone XS. In the weeks after your purchase, despite some differences from previous iPhone models, you learned how to use the main functions of your new mobile phone and became familiar with the new features that Apple introduced in iOS. Sadly, you haven't figured out how to make one yet. screenshots And for this reason, she would like you to help her succeed in her endeavor. If that's the case, let me tell you that you've come to the right place at the right time.

With today's guide, in fact, I'll explain how to take a screenshot on iPhone XS listing all the solutions at your disposal. First, I will show you the detailed procedure to "capture" the screenshots of your interest by pressing the physical buttons of the iPhone, as well as explain how edit, crop and delete a screenshot without going through the iOS Photos app. After that, I'll show you an alternative procedure to take a snapshot of your device's screen using AssistiveTouch, the feature that allows you to activate a virtual Home button with which you can also take screenshots.

If you can't wait to learn more and get back to using your new iPhone XS, let's not waste any more precious time and take action right away. Get comfortable, set aside five minutes of free time and, iPhone in hand, dedicate yourself to reading the following paragraphs. I assure you that, following the instructions that I am about to give you and trying to put them into practice, photographing the screen of your iPhone XS will really be very easy. Let it be?

  • How to take screenshots on iPhone XS
    • Standard procedure
    • Alternative procedure
    • Edit screenshots
    • Take screenshots of web pages
    • Merge the screenshots
  • How to take screenshots on iPhone XS Max

How to take screenshots on iPhone XS

The procedure for take screenshots of iPhone XS it's quick and easy and requires no download applications. This feature is, in fact, built into iOS 'standard' and can be used by simply pressing two of the three physical buttons on the device. Which? I'll tell you right now!

Standard procedure

As mentioned earlier, for take a screenshot on iPhone XS just press the physical keys of your "iPhone by", the same ones used to turn the device on and off or manage the volume.

Then take your iPhone and press the button simultaneously Turn up the volume (the physical button located at the top of the left side of the iPhone, which is used to increase the volume of the device) and the right side button (the same one you use to turn on / off the iPhone screen).

If all goes well, the device will emit a white light similar to a flash, and if the volume is not muted, a sound similar to taking a photo will indicate that the screen has been "captured."

If, on the other hand, you wonder if it is possible to take a screenshot using Crab I'm sorry to tell you that this feature has not been implemented on any iPhone at the moment. However, if you have activated Siri and say the commands "Hello Siri" es "Take a screenshot", Apple's voice assistant will remind you of the procedure to take a screenshot of the screen.

Alternative procedure

In case one of the two side buttons is damaged, it will be helpful to know that there is a solution to take a screenshot on iPhone. activating Touch support, the accessibility feature that allows you to have a virtual Home button on the screen and control the device with ease, you can take a snapshot of your iPhone screen even without pressing the key combination that I indicated in the previous paragraphs.

To activate AssistiveTouch on your iPhone, go to configurations iOS, touching the icon gear wheel visible on the device's home screen and press on the items General es Affordability. In the new screen that appears, find the section Interaction, touch the option Touch support and move the lever next to the item Touch support de OFF a EN.

Alternatively, if you have a connection to Internet and you have activated Siri, you can also activate AssistiveTouch through voice commands, saying the prayers "Hello Siri" es "Activate AssistiveTouch".

Now you are ready to take a screenshot on the iPhone XS using the virtual Home button that appeared on your "iPhone by" screen. To continue, touch the white button, choose the option Device, touch the item Other and touch the option Screenshot to "capture" the screen of your interest.

It will be useful to know that you can also customize the AssistiveTouch screen and configure the quick options of your interest. If so, please log in again configurations iOS, tap the elements General, Affordability es Touch support and, in the new screen that appears, select the option Edit main menu.

Then press the button +, to add a new icon, touch the new added icon, select the option Screen snapshot and press the button final and also to save the changes: when doing so, to take a screenshot, simply press white button and select the option Screen snapshot of the proposed menu.

Alternatively, in the section Touch support, choose the option of your interest between Just touch, Double touch es Long press, touch the item Screen snapshot and touch the button final to save the changes and take a screenshot, respectively, by pressing the white button once, pressing it twice quickly or pressing long.

Next, to deactivate AssistiveTouch, you need to go back to the menu Settings> General> Accessibility and move the corresponding lever up OFF -

Edit screenshots

Regardless of the procedure used to take a screenshot of your iPhone, it will be useful to know that the screenshot you just took, before being automatically saved in your iPhone's photo gallery, will be visible for a few moments (about 7 seconds ). in the lower left corner of the screen.

By clicking on the box in question, you can access the editor from iOS photos to preview the captured image and make changes to it, using one of the tools visible below.

  • Marker : is the tool that allows you write y to draw in the screenshot.
  • Highlighter pen - Useful for highlighting, with an opaque stroke, a portion of the previously captured snapshot.
  • Pencil : write on the image with a light stroke.
  • Rubber : allows you to erase any stroke inserted with the pen, marker, and pencil.
  • Selection tool : Select a screenshot item.
  • Color chart : It is useful to quickly select the color of your interest.

Also, by pressing the button + located in the lower right, you can use additional tools to add some text and also to sign and also to enlarge a part of the image and to insert several shapes ( Square, cartoons, arrows etc.).

If, on the other hand, you want to crop the screenshot and save only part of it, you can select the part of the image that interests you by dragging one of the 8 cursors visible on the sides and corners of the screenshot.

Once you have completed the changes that interest you, click the button final (top left) and choose the option Save in photos, to save the screenshot and make changes, or the option Delete screen snapshot to permanently delete the image.

Take screenshots of web pages

If your intention is to do the screenshots of complete web pages, I'm sorry to inform you that this feature is not yet available on iPhone (it will be introduced with iOS 13). However, you can be successful in your attempt by downloading one of the third-party applications that allow you to do this, such as Awesome screenshot for Safari.

Once you have downloaded the application in question from the App Store, all you need to do is start Safari, press the icon of arrow inside a square visible below and choose the option Other. In the new screen that appears, move the switch next to the item screenshots de OFF a EN and press the button final To save the changes.

Now, connected to the web page you want to capture, press the icon again arrow inside a square, touch the item screenshots, choose the option Full page and select one of the available options from Small size es Real size to indicate the size of the screenshot.

In the new screen that appears, if you want, you can add writing, shapes and effects (for example, the blur effect) to the screenshot you just took. Once you have finished the changes that interest you, tap the ✓ button and press the item Save, to save the image within the Awesome Screenshot for Safari application.

Merge the screenshots

If you wonder if it's possible merge screenshots made with your iPhone XS, you should know that even in this case you can do it by downloading a third-party application, as Sticht It.

Before explaining how to merge your screenshots with the application in question, you should know that the free version of Sticht applies a watermark (a logo) to the saved screenshots. To remove this limitation and banner ads, you must purchase the Pro version, at a cost of € 3,49.

With that said, after downloading Stitch It from the App Store, tap the button Opens (or the application icon on your iPhone's home screen) to launch the application and press the button +, to import the screenshots of your interest. Press the button Okay to allow the application to access your photos, select the snapshots you want to merge and press the button final.

Now make sure the order of the screenshots you want to merge is correct, click on the option Sew it!, located in the upper right, touch the button Confirmation to save the combined screenshot to iOS Photos app and that's it.

How to take screenshots on iPhone XS Max

If you have a iPhone XS Max, the "big brother" of the iPhone XS, it will be useful to know that the procedure for taking a screenshot of your "iPhone by" is similar to the one I indicated in the previous paragraphs to take a screenshot on the iPhone XS.

Again, all you have to do is take your mobile phone and press the button at the same time Turn up the volume and right side button. Automatically, the "captured" screen will be saved to the application reel. Gallery from iOS.

Alternatively, tap the icon gear wheel to access the configurations iOS, tap the elements General, Affordability es Touch support and move the lever next to the item Touch support de OFF a EN to enable the feature in question and use the virtual Home button that appeared on the screen to take screenshots.