How to take screenshot on Lenovo laptop? Screenshots are usually very useful if we need to build a document or report with screen evidence on our computer.

We have this same function in mobile devices, but generally it is done the same in all. However, you will likely find yourself wanting to know how you can take a screenshot from your Lenovo laptop. Now, we will see how to do it, in a few simple steps, from different Lenovo models.

Take screenshot with Lenovo ThinkPad

If you want to make a general capture of the screen you are seeing, what you should do is press the "PrtSc”, Directly on your Lenovo. The capture will be saved to the clipboard, which means that when pasting in a screen where the image format is allowed, it will appear.

You can paste the image directly to your document, in a chat window, or a drawing program. Remember not to have copied anything else, after having done the screenshot.

If you're looking for take a screenshot In a window where the action is located and it is not the whole screen, press the following keys simultaneously: "Alt + PrtSc".

Capture the screen of your Lenovo Yoga laptop

If you are on a Lenovo Tablet, you can take the screenshot After a very simple procedure, for this, just press the power key and the volume down key simultaneously. You will see that the screen will react to this action, making a blink.

The screenshot you have taken, you will find it in the archives or in the gallery of your Lenovo. Just like a phone would. Then, you can have the image of the capture as you wish.

Procedure to take screenshot on Lenovo from Snipping Tool

For, get a screenshot with Lenovo making use of this integrated tool, we will do the following:

1. Start the application

It starts with pressing the start button on your Lenovo. Then, enter the Snipping controls, when you click on the search bar, the Snipping Tool will appear (Snipping tool).

2. Select the capture

Once you have started the snipping app, do click on the button "New”That appears in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, the blank screen will be displayed, and you can barely see its content. Now your pointer will look like a cross.

3. Cut the screen

Click on the screen where you want cropping and capturing to start. Move the mouse, covering as much space as you want. Once you have released the click, a screen with the clipping you made will open instantly, where you can edit your capture.

4. Copy and paste the screenshot on your Lenovo

If you have made the appropriate changes to your capture, proceed to copy by right clicking on the capture image. Then paste it where you want it.