Would you like to make the weekend out of town a little less boring by bringing your music favorite? Would you like to listen to the music in your library iTunes even when you're not in your room? You can do both, just have one Protectors.

If you want to know more, read the guide at How to transfer music from PC to iPad that I am going to propose and you will immediately learn how to copy all your Songs favorites on the Apple tablet and how to listen to your favorite songs streamed from your PC. Too easy!

Let's start by seeing How to transfer music from PC to iPad in a standard way, that is, using iTunes. All you need to do to copy music to your iPad using Apple's multimedia software is to connect the tablet to the PC using the supplied Dock / Lightning cable and click on the device name (ex. iPad from ) present in the menu devices located in the upper right.

At this point, select the tab music From the top of the window, place the check mark next to the item Sync music and click on the button apply Located at the bottom right to start copying the entire iTunes Music Library to your iPad.

If you don't want to copy the entire iTunes library to iPad, but only songs from a specific artist, genre, album, or playlist, put the check mark next to the item Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres. and select the items to sync between PC and tablet.

Another way to transfer music from PC to iPad consists of the use of applications third parties, such as Phone Drive, that allow you to copy any type of file from your PC through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB (using iTunes file sharing) to your Apple tablet. The free version of Phone Drive allows you to copy a maximum number of 10 files to the device, while the paid version (0,89 euros) has no limitation.

To copy music tracks from PC to iPad using Telephone unit, all you have to do is start the application on the tablet, press the icon with the two arrows located in the lower right and select the item File Transfer Mac / Pc from the menu that appears. Then open the navigator on your PC and connect to the address Bonjour HTTP name or in the address HTTP IP address indicated in the iPad application.

This will take you to a web panel where you can drag all the files (the music tracks, in this case) to transfer them to the iPad without going through iTunes. Just drag with the mouse the music files to be transferred to the iPad in the box Drop files here to upload and ready

Alternatively, if you don't need to physically transfer iTunes songs to your iPad but just want to listen to them via tablet when you're at home, you can take advantage of the feature. Share with family iTunes, which allows you to stream tracks in your iTunes library from your PC to iPad and iPhone.

To enable song sharing, select the item Actively share in the family of menu File> Family Sharing from iTunes, enter your Apple ID details on the screen that appears and click the button Actively share in the family.

Then start the application music from your iPad, press the button more located at the bottom right and select the menu item that opens first shared and then the name of your iTunes library (ex. Bookstore ). Et voila! In this way, you can enjoy the songs on your PC directly on the iPad through streaming. For iTunes family sharing to work properly, your PC must be turned on and your PC and iPad must be connected to the same wireless network.