How to turn off Nintendo Switch

After buying the Nintendo switch and having completed its first setup, you wasted no more precious time and immediately stuck in front of to the tv from your home to play with your new console. When you have finished your free time, you have turned off the Switch convinced that you had carried out the procedure of the correct form. Later, however, you found out that you had put the console into standby mode and this, in reality, was not completely turned off. Therefore, now you would like to know what shutdown modes you have at your disposal and, above all, how to put them into practice.

No problem: if you spend a few minutes of your time, I can explain how to turn off nintendo switch and what options are available to you. In fact, you should know that the console can be completely turned off or "put" into sleep mode, allowing you to resume a game in progress the next time you start the Nintendo Switch. In addition, I will tell you how to activate parental controls, which allow you to see the time of use of the console and configure the device to turn off automatically. Interesting, right?

If you can't wait to get more information, don't wait any longer and dive into the topic right away. Come on, make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and dedicate yourself to reading the following paragraphs. Follow carefully the instructions that I am about to give you, choose the shutdown mode that you think best suits your needs and I assure you that, by putting into practice the instructions that I am about to give you, turning off your Nintendo Switch will be really very simple. . Happy reading and most of all, have fun!

  • Turn off Nintendo Switch into sleep mode
  • Turn off the Nintendo Switch completely
  • Turn off Nintendo Switch from mobile phones and tablets

Turn off Nintendo Switch into sleep mode

The simplest solution for turn off Nintendo Switch is to activate the sleep mode, which allows you to put the console on standby and quickly turn it back on later, allowing the console to battery last longer. This feature is useful for those who use the device frequently and want to resume the game without waiting for power-on times, resuming exactly from the screen where the previous session was interrupted.

To activate sleep mode, pick up the Nintendo Switch, press the button for at least three seconds Power located at the top of the console and, in the new screen that appears, select the option Rest mode. Confirm your intention by pressing the button A of the Joy-Con.

Alternatively, you can also turn off the Nintendo Switch from the main menu. To do this, press the button Home (the icon of Home ) on the right Joy-Con of the console, select the option Delete (the icon of a line within a circle ) and press the button A to activate sleep mode. If you think this is too long a procedure to turn off the console, press and hold the button with your finger Home until a menu appears on the right side of the Nintendo Switch screen. At this point, click on the element Rest mode And that is.

If you're wondering how to get out of sleep mode, all you have to do is press the button Home of the Joy-Con. Subsequently, pressing the button A and by pressing the same button three times, you can return to the exact screen where you left your gaming session.

It will be useful to know that the console, by default, goes into sleep mode automatically after 10 minutes if the Nintendo Switch is used in handheld mode or after 1 hour if the console is connected to the TV. To change the sleep mode setting and schedule the console to automatically shut down, press the button. Home To access the Nintendo Switch main menu, select the item System settings (the icon of Sun ) and, in the new screen that appears, choose the option Rest mode.

Now, touch the item Automatic when not in TV mode and choose one of the available options ( 1, 3, 5, 10, 30 minutes es Never ) to set a sleep timer when the Nintendo Switch is used as a handheld console. If, on the other hand, you want to set the console to sleep even when the console is connected to the TV, select the option Automatic in TV mode and choose one of the options available in 1, 2, 3, 6 o 12 hours. By selecting the option instead Never, the console will only shut down manually.

Finally, selecting the option No present next to the article Turn off media playback you can set a timer for sleep even when playing multimedia content. However, when setting the item Sip (and thus disables sleep mode) the console will automatically shut down after 4 hours of inactivity.

If you haven't put it into sleep mode but your Nintendo Switch has automatically turned off as well, the latter's battery is almost certainly low. In that case, proceed to reload the console as I indicated in my guide on how charge Nintendo Switch.

Turn off the Nintendo Switch completely

Turn off the Nintendo Switch completely It is the ideal solution for turning off the console when it is not used for long periods of time. By doing so, no information about the game in progress will be "stored" and once the Nintendo Switch is turned off, all data will be lost.

Before proceeding with the complete shutdown of the console, therefore, make sure you have saved all the progress of the game, then all you have to do to turn off the console is to press the button for at least three seconds Power at the top of the Nintendo Switch until the menu appears on the screen Power. Then select the article Shutdown options and press the button Delete to completely turn off your Nintendo Switch.

Turn off Nintendo Switch from mobile phones and tablets

Maybe not everyone knows that it is possible turn off the Nintendo switch from mobile phones and tablets through a specific application. In fact, when you download and install the application Parental controls for Nintendo Switch available for devices Android e iOS, you can not only set a console usage time, but also force console shutdown.

After downloading the Parental Controls app for Nintendo Switch from your device store, launch it by tapping its icon ( two little men on a White background and orange ), then press the voice Venga and touch the button Login or Create an account. On the new screen that is displayed, press the button Log In, enter the data associated with your Nintendo account in the fields Direction of e-mail / Login ID es Password and press the button Log In.

If, on the other hand, you do not have a Nintendo Account yet, press the button Create a Nintendo account, choose if you want to register through Nintendo Network ID, using a count of Facebook, a account Google or Twitter account, otherwise enter your data in the fields Nickname, Email address, Password, Date of birth, Gender, Country / Region, Time zone and press the buttons Follow es Confirm and register to register using your email address.

To complete the registration, log in to your inbox, write the verification code in the email sent by Nintendo and copy it into the field Confirmation code, then press the button Confirmation to create your account and that's it.

Now press the button Venga, take the console, turn it on and press the button Home to access the main menu, then select the item System settings, choose the option Family filter and access the section Family filter settings. Finally press the button If you have already downloaded the application and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the connection between the app and Nintendo Switch.

Once you have completed the first application setup parental control for Nintendo Switch, go to the section configurations and touch the item Game time limit to set a game limit for Nintendo Switch. To also force the console to turn off (which will automatically go into sleep mode), move the lever next to the item Suspend software de OFF a EN And that is.