Do you need to combine two files format PDF but you don't know which program to use? A colleague of yours advised you to use Adobe Acrobat or some other paid program, but would you like to avoid spending money? No problem.I am happy to announce that there is a wealth of free software you can bundle with PDF files, and I'm here today to talk to you about it. Trust me, you will have many options!

Whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac, waste no more time, take five minutes of free time and discover how to unify two PDF files thanks to the applications that I am going to advise you. I assure you that in no time you will be able to merge your documents and get "perfect" PDF files visible on any device and in any program that can read PDF files.

How to say Are you using a restricted PC where you can't install new programs? There is no problem even in this case! There are online services that allow you edit, merge and split PDF files directly from the browser without installing software on the PC. If you don't believe it, keep reading, find everything explained below!

Unify two PDF files in Windows

If you would like to unify two PDF files and use a Windows PC, here are some applications that should do for you.

PDF merge tool (free)

The first software I suggest you try is PDF Merge Tool. It is a completely free and open source "little program" that can also be used for commercial purposes. It does not require tedious installation procedures and works on all editions of Windows as long as Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 is installed on the PC. If you use a PC equipped with Windows 10 o Windows 8.x and you have not installed the .Net Framework yet, on the first launch of the PDF Merge Tool you will be asked if you want to download this component and upon confirmation, everything will happen automatically in a few minutes.

Now let's take action! If you want Download pdf Merge Tool on your PC, connect to its official program and click on the item located in the center of the page. At this point, open the zip file you just downloaded, extract the content into any folder and start the executable Combine PDF Tool.exe to open the PDF merge tool.

In the window that opens, press the button Add to select the PDF files to be merged (or just drag them to the PDF Merge Tool screen) and then use the buttons Move up (upload) e Move down (move below) to organize them in the order you prefer. Finally, click on the button. To combine!, give the output document a name (by typing it in the window that opens), choose the folder in which save the last one and click Save To complete the operation.

As you can easily understand, there is no limit to the number of files that can be merged, so you can easily use the PDF merge tool even to merge more than two documents together.

FREE PDFill PDF Tools (free)

If PDFill FREE PDF Tools does not fully meet your needs, you can opt for a more comprehensive solution such as PDFill FREE PDF Tools which not only allows you to unify PDF files, but also divide them, merge them, rotate them, convert them and much more more It is 100% free, it does not give watermarks to the documents it generates and it can also be used for commercial purposes.

To download PDFill FREE PDF Tools on your PC, connected to its official website and first click on the button download now which is at the top right, under the heading Get this tool only and then on the button download now instead it is in the center of the page that opens. When the download is complete, open the program's installation package ( PDFill_PDF_Tools_FREE.exe ) and first click on the button yes and then siguiente.

Then put the check mark next to the article I accept the terms of the License Agreement click on siguiente, deselect the items related to other PDFill products (you don't need them to not install them) and press in sequence on siguiente, siguiente, install y finished to finish the configuration. During the installation process, the free component will also be downloaded and installed on the PC Ghostscript, which is also free and essential for the operation of PDFill FREE PDF Tools (don't worry, this is not promotional software!). You may also be asked to install the . Net Framework, which, in the case, you have to accept.

After the installation is complete, to combine two PDF files with PDFill FREE PDF Tools, start the program and click the button Combine PDF files present in the window that opens. At this point, drag the PDFs to merge them into PDFill FREE PDF Tools (or click the button Add a PDF file and select them "manually"), use the buttons Move up (upload) e Move down (scroll down) to organize them in the order you prefer and press Save as … to export the output document.

PDFill FREE PDF Tools does not set limits on the number of documents that can be combined, so you can easily use the program to also combine PDF series consisting of more than two files.

Unify two PDF files on Mac

Do you use a Mac? No problem, there are excellent programs to unify two or more PDF files also on macOS. Here are the ones I recommend.

Preview (free)

I do not think that preview I need an introduction. This is the application that you find installed "as standard" on macOS and that allows you to view photos and PDF documents. Maybe not everyone knows this, but when used in combination with the PDF printing function (also included with "standard" in macOS), it allows you to combine PDF files in a very simple way.

To unify two PDF files with Preview, open the first document to be merged by double-clicking it. If the file doesn't open directly with Preview, right-click on its icon and select the item Open With> Preview from the menu to buy.

At this point, turn on the display of miniatures of menu view Preview (above) and drag the second PDF to the program sidebar. Then use the mouse to arrange the thumbnails of the two PDF files in the order you prefer and call the command to print of menu office hour (located at the top left).

In the window that opens, expand the drop-down menu PDF located in the lower left, select the item Save as PDF from the latter, assign a name to your document, choose the folder in which to save it and press the button Save to start exporting.

You can follow the same procedure even to combine three or more documents, there are no file limits to unify.

PDF Toolkit+ (€1.99)

PDF Toolkit + is very similar software to PDFill FREE PDF Tools, but it is paid (it costs € 1.99) and offers fewer functions than the latter. It allows you to combine and divide PDF files, extract images from them and compress them to reduce weight. You can download it directly from the Mac App Store.

Once installed, PDF Toolkit + allows you to unify PDF files in a very simple way. All you need to do is start the program, select the tab concatenates and drag PDF files to merge (two or more) into the field Files to chain.

At this point, organize the documents in the order you prefer and press the button Concatenate! to save the output document. Easier than that?

Unify two PDFs online

Don't want to download or install programs on your PC? No problem, there are gods Online services that allow you to merge, divide and edit PDF files directly from the browser. They are very easy to use, they are generally safe (they delete all the files that are uploaded to their servers a few hours after uploading), but I personally do not recommend using them if you need to merge documents that contain particularly sensitive information (eg credit card numbers , personal information, etc.).

Online2PDF (free)

A great online service that I highly recommend is Online2PDF, which allows you to merge, split, and convert PDF without registering. It is extremely intuitive and allows you to upload a maximum of 20 documents at a time for a total weight of 100 MB.

To merge two or more PDF files with Online2PDF, linked to the home page of the service and drag the documents to unify on the button Select files. At this point, use the mouse to organize the documents in the order you prefer, select the option Merge files from the drop-down menu way and press the button convert to start the PDF unification process.

In a few seconds, the PDF files you selected will be merged and the output document will automatically download to your PC.