How to uninstall Family Link. You have decided to trust Family Link, a service of Google to manage the accounts of users under the age of 14, to monitor your child's activities while using their mobile phone.

Not being completely satisfied with this tool, you have decided to try other tools applications And for this reason, you will not only want to delete the previously created Google account, but also remove the app from all the devices it is installed on. All your attempts, however, did not give the desired result and now you no longer know where to turn your head to succeed in your attempt.

With today's guide I will explain how to uninstall Family Link indicating the procedure to eliminate both the control application dedicated to parents and the application reserved for children.

How to uninstall Family Link from Android

Before explaining how to uninstall Family Link from a device Android, it will be helpful to know that if you intend to delete the Family Link app for kids and teens, you must first delete the “child” Google account associated with the device.

To continue, grab the device on which the Family Link app for kids and teens is installed, start the latter, tap the ≡ button (top left) and choose the option Delete account in the menu that appears.

Then touch the button Delete account, select the main Google account, introduces the password in the corresponding field and press the buttons Confirm y Outside.

Now, to remove the Google Family Link application for parents and / or the Family Link application for children and adolescents, log in to the screen where the icons of all applications are visible and long tap on the icon Family Link, until the writing appears Uninstall or the icon trash up to the left.

Now, while still holding your finger on the Family Link icon, drag it to the item Uninstall (or press the  trash that appeared on the screen) and touch the button Okay, to confirm its removal from the device.

Alternatively, you can also proceed in this other way: tap the gear wheel to access the configurations from Android, click on the item Applications and notifications, select the option Application and locate Family Link  in the list of applications installed on your device.

Press the app icon, touch the button Uninstall and confirm your intention by pressing the button Okay.

Uninstall Family Link from iPhone / iPad

En iPhoneiPad, the only Family Link app available is the Family Link app. parental control. In this case, therefore, the procedure is identical to uninstalling any application.

So, take your device, go to the home screen, locate the application and hold your finger on its icon (a colored rhombus ), until one appears X in the upper left and the latter does not begin to "move." Now, touch X related to Family Link, touch the item Eliminate.

Alternatively, if before uninstalling the application you want to know how much space it occupies on your iPhone or iPad, access the configurations iOS (playing on the gear wheel ), choose the options GeneralIPhone / iPad free space and wait a few moments for the space taken by individual applications to be calculated.

Now, locate Family Link in the list of applications installed on your device and tap on its icon, choose the option Uninstall Application to remove the application keeping the relative data or press on the element Remove application to delete both the application and its data and documents.

Delete a Family Link account

If in addition to uninstalling the Family Link application from your device, you intend to delete an account associated, you must first remove the latter from any Android device and then proceed with its cancellation.

However, you should know that deleting an account results in the loss of all data associated with it.

From phones and tablets

As mentioned above, the first step in being able to delete a Google account from Family Link is to delete the account in question from whatever Android device it is in use on.

However, this operation cannot be performed directly from the device settings (Family Link function to prevent the child from doing it) but it is necessary to proceed from the Family Link application for children and adolescents with the permission of the parents.

Then take the Android device that the Google account is used on, launch the app Family Link for kids and teens and tap the ≡ button (top left), choose the option Delete account and press the button Delete account.

Now on the screen Parental authorization, playing Google account, enter the password in the corresponding field, click the button Next  and wait for the removal of the child's account from the device to complete. As soon as i see the message Account deleted, touch the button Outside.

Now, regardless of whether you have an Android mobile phone or tablet or an iPhone / iPad, start the app (the one dedicated to parents), tap your photo located at the top right (or the icon of the little man if you haven't customized your account) and choose the  Google account that you intend to delete.

On the new screen that appears, touch the item Manage settings, choose the option Account data and press on Delete account present below.

Now, confirm that you have deleted the account you are deleting from the Android devices in which it was associated by placing the check mark next to the element Yes, I have deleted [account] from [name] Android devices, place the check mark next to the other options visible on the screen and touch thebutton. Delete account to proceed with the cancellation.

From Pc

If you intend to remove a Family Link children's Google account from the PcEven in this case, you must first delete the account from all Android devices that it is associated with.

Once you've done that, go to the main Family Link page and log into your Google account that you use Family Link with. Click the button Log In located at the top right, select your account visible on the screen choose an account, enter the password in the corresponding field and click the button Next.

Now click on the Google account to delete, choose the option Account data and on the new open page click on the item Delete accounts and data.

Finally, put the check marks next to the options Yes, I have deleted [account] from Android devices of [name]>   Yes, I confirm that I am still responsible for any charges associated with pending financial transactions made by [nome]Yes, I want to permanently delete Andrea's Google account and all associated on the item Delete accounts and data.