How to unlock all camps in Monster Hunter Rise. Monster Hunter Rise is the new role-playing video game in the series developed by Capcom at the moment only available for Nintendo Switch. In this new title, in addition to exploring the main camps on each map, you can also unlock other secondary camps completing a series of missions, below we explain everything about how to unlock all camps in Monster Hunter Rise.

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How to Unlock All Camps in Monster Hunter Rise and Fast Travel Points

In Monster Hunter Rise there are five areas to explore, once you are in them it is You might find a side camp or two you can rely on for faster travel. Although to unlock them it is not enough to know their exact location.

When you find a camp you will recognize it by the presence of an extinguished bonfire, you must return to the town of Kamura and speak with the merchant Kagero. It will ask you for a quest for each secondary camp found, which usually consists of killing small nearby monsters. Once completed, the new field will be available, this will facilitate your adventure by being able to travel quickly. In this guide, we will tell you where to find all secondary camps in Monster Hunter Rise.

all camps in Monster Hunter Rise

  • Forgotten temple

In forgotten temple there is only one secondary camp located just above Area 10 on the map, in the far north next to a mountain. To complete the mission talk to Kagero he will ask you to hunt 8 Izuchi.

  • Frozen islands

In Frozen Isles you will find two secondary camps:

    • The first is between areas 6 and 7You will recognize it because it is a valley surrounded by water. Kagero will entrust you with the task of eliminate 8 nearby zamitas.
    • The second camp, is located to the northeast, between areas 10 and 8. It is identified by a rock formation. Bring Kagero Warm Skins and 4 Bones to unlock him.
  • Sandy plains

Here there is also two secondary camps:

    • The first is located between the areas 7 and 3 near some ruins. Kagero will ask you Eliminate 8 Kestodon nearby.
    • Instead, the second is to the northeast, to the right of area 8 and below area 9. You will identify it by an oasis. Return to Kamura with what Kagero requests a 1 Lagombi skin and 2 monster bones.

Monster hunter rise

  • Flooded forest

In the Flooded Forest you will only have one camp to discover and exploit, between areas 11 and 6 on a very high rock formation. Later Kill 8 Wroggi in the Forest and Kagero will give you the authorization to build the camp.

  • Lava grottoes

In the fascinating Lava Grottoes you will find two secondary camps.

    • The first is located to the northeast, over area 10, near the volcano. Also in this case Kagero will ask you to hunt small monsters on the map, in this case 8 Uroktor, in order to use it.
    • The second camp is between areas 6 and 7 next to a rocky mountain. Then head back to Kamura, where the merchant will ask you to get him 1 Tetranadon skin and 2 bones.

If you follow these steps you will know how to unlock all camps in Monster Hunter Rise to use as fast travel points. If you need help you can check more tips and tricks here all weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.