How to unsubscribe from chat

On the recommendation of your best friend, you decided to sign up for Charla, a completely free chat service that allows you to make new friends and send text messages with connected people from all over Italy. However, after trying it for a few weeks, you still haven't been able to understand how it works and in particular understand the differences between message boards, chats and groups, and you also find it difficult to make new friends. For this reason, you have concluded to delete your account, but any attempt to delete your profile did not give the desired result.

If this is really the case and you want me to help you achieve your goal, spend a few minutes of your free time: I can explain how to unsubscribe from chat from the PC, mobile phone and tablet in the simplest and fastest way possible. After telling you what it means to delete an account, I will show you the detailed procedure to permanently delete your profile and all the data associated with it, after which I will also show you how to make your account inactive if you are still not convinced to terminate your chat experience.

How do you say? Is that exactly what you wanted to know? So let's not waste any more time chatting and act immediately. Come on, make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and dedicate yourself to reading the following paragraphs. I assure you that by carefully following the instructions that I am about to give you and trying to put them into practice, deleting your Chatta account will be really very simple. Enjoy reading!

  • Unsubscribe from the chat from the PC
  • Unsubscribe from chat from mobile phone and tablet
  • In case of problems

Before going into the details of this tutorial and showing you the procedure for unsubscribe from chat, it may be helpful to know what it means to delete an account from this service and what to do if you have questions.

Before proceeding with the deletion of your profile, please note that this procedure is irreversible and final. By deleting your account, not only will all your personal data, emails and chat messages, all your photos and the wall in which you participated, be deleted, but you will no longer be able to recover your profile if you want to go back to your steps.

Also, you should know that in case of a new subscription, you will not be able to use the username associated with the account you deleted. However, you can re-register for the service using the address of e-mail associated with the service.

Unsubscribe from the chat from the PC

If you are convinced to permanently unsubscribe from Chatta, even though you know that you will no longer be able to recover your account in case of doubts, connect to the main page of the service and click on the button Log In located in the upper right.

On the newly opened page, enter your login credentials in the fields Nickname es Password (visible on the box Do you have an account? Log in ) and press the button Log In to log into your account. If you do not remember the requested information, choose the option Did you forget your login details?, enter your email address in the field Email and click on the button Send me your access data to receive an email from Chatta with your nickname and password.

After logging in to your account, click yours photo at the top right (or the icon of the little man, if you haven't added a photo to your profile) and choose the option My profile in the menu that appears, then press thebutton. configurations and select the article Account.

On the screen Your login details, locate the section Register and click on the entry Delete account, then explain the reason for your decision in the text field below the heading Help us improve, explain why you unsubscribe? and put the check mark next to the option I am not a robot to verify your identity.

Finally press the button Cancel subscription And that is. If everything went well, you will be redirected to the main Chat page and you will see the message Successful removal, which will confirm the cancellation of your account.

If you are not convinced to end your chat experience, you may consider deactivating your account. Although there is no specific function to do this, you can proceed manually by disabling notifications and making yourself invisible to other users when logging into your profile.

If so, log in to your Chat account, click yours Username in the upper right and choose the option Edit profile in the menu that appears. On the newly opened page, click the option Edit present next to the article Online and select the option invisible to hide from other users.

To disable notifications, click the icon instead Bell at the top right, choose the option configurations and, in the newly opened page, move the levers next to the items Email messages es Activities that concern me de EN a OFF to stop receiving email notifications. Finally, if you want to prevent other users from writing private messages to you, click on the icon about present in the top menu and choose the option Just my favorites using dropdown next to item Who can contact me?.

By doing so, only users you have added to your favorites will be able to communicate with you private form. By clicking on the icon star in the upper right, selecting the item See all yours [number] favorite and pressing the icon trash can For each user on the list, you can empty the favorites list and stop receiving private messages.

Unsubscribe from chat from mobile phone and tablet

If you don't have a PC available, it will be helpful to know that it is also possible unsubscribe from chat from mobile phone and tablet using the free app for devices Android e iOS.

Then take your mobile phone or tablet and launch the Chat application by tapping its icon (the emoji with smiley face on blue background ) on the home screen of your device, then enter your login details in the fields Nickname es Password and press the button Log In To sign in to your account.

On the new screen that is displayed, press the button At the top right, tap the tres puntos and choose the voice Edit profile in the menu that appears. Now, select the option Delete account in the section Other settings, enter your account password in the field Enter your password and touch the red button Delete account to permanently unsubscribe from the chat.

As well as from a PC, even from mobile phones and tablets, you can deactivate your account if you are not sure of permanently deleting it. First, tap the button in the upper right and move the lever next to the item Online de EN a OFF to make yourself invisible to other users, then press the button again , select the article Notification settings and disable email notifications by moving the levers next to the options New posts es New activities de EN a OFF.

Finally, if you also want to disable private messages, tap the icon about in the top menu, tap the icon gear wheel, locate the section Who can contact me? and move the lever next to the item Just my favorites de OFF a EN. If you have added users to the favorites list, to completely disable private messages, you must delete the list. Then press the icon dos hombres, touch the available contacts, touch the tres puntos (top right) and choose the item Remove from favorites.

In case of problems

If you have followed in detail the instructions that I gave you in the previous paragraphs but you are experiencing problems that prevent you from deleting your account in Chatta, you can request support in the section Info and help from service.

Then connect to the main page of the famous chat site, and if you have not done so already, log into your account by clicking on the item Log In visible in the upper right. Then enter your data in the fields Nickname es Password present in the box Do you have an account? Log in and press the button Log In.

Now, click on the option Info and help present at the bottom of the page, press the button Info and help present under the heading More information on the site and support and, on the newly opened page, click the buttons join the group es Join this group to join the Chatta support group. Confirm your intention by pressing the button Become a member of the group.

As soon as a moderator accepts your request to join, click on the tab Forum, Press the button Create new discussion and describe your problem in the appropriate field. Press the button Send to post your request for assistance and wait for a response from Chatta staff.

Alternatively, connected to the official page of Facebook Chatta, press the button Enviar a mensaje and request assistance by entering your message in the field Write a message. If, on the contrary, you have a certified email address, you can send an email to the address [email protected] describing the problem encountered and specifying your intention to close the account.