After reading my buying guide dedicated to the best smartwatches and thinking about it for a few days, you finally made up your mind and bought a Apple Watch. Once you made the pairing with your iPhone (practically indispensable operation to be able to exploit it), you began to use it and to experiment with all its various functions and, for the moment, you can certainly be happy and satisfied with the choice made. .

Given the premise, the question, at this point, arises quite spontaneously: why are you here on my site? As it is said Because although everything turns in the right direction, there is one thing that you have not yet understood. Well, tell me. How? You do not know How to update Apple Watch to the latest version of watchOS? No problem, I can explain it to you. Give me a few moments of your precious free time, as well as your attention, and I'll give you all the instructions on what to do.

The operation, you are right, is not exactly intuitive, also because you cannot branch from the smart intelligence "Bitten apple" but trust me, once you understand how to proceed, I am sure you will be ready to say that it is not really that complex. However, below you will find everything explained in detail. If you encounter further problems, you can consult Apple customer support, following the specific instructions that I provided at the end of this guide. Now though, just chat and let's get down to business. Happy reading!

Preliminary operations

Before you can take the actual action, and therefore before explaining what steps to take to update your Apple Watch, there are a few preliminary steps that you must necessarily take in order for the entire procedure to be successful.

You will find everything indicated below. If possible, complete the various steps in the order in which I proceeded to inform them.

Charge the Apple watch

The first thing you need to do in advance to update your Apple-branded smartwatch is make sure the Apple Watch has at least 50% charge of the battery and what is placed on a charging base.

To check the battery charge status, just take a look at complication special that you find in many of the faces for Apple Watch (or that you have personally configured). Alternatively, you can call Control center on the cupertino smart watch by swiping from the bottom of the screen of the latter and then take a look at battery charge indicator, located in the upper left.

As for Apple Watch charging, just connect the relative magnetic charging cable or magnetic spring to charge the watch to its power source and then to a power outlet or one of the USB sockets on the Mac the PC (when the PC is working, of course).

Then place the back of the Apple Watch on the charger so that the magnets on the charger are aligned with the watch. Then wait a few moments for an icon representing an icon to appear in the top center of the Apple Watch square green Thunder.

So leave the Apple Watch in charge and put the following instructions into practice. If the watch was less than 50% charged, to continue you will first have to wait for the device to reach at least half its capacity, as I told you earlier.

Update iPhone

Taking into account the fact that the Apple Watch depends almost entirely on the "iPhone" to which it is connected, another of the preliminary operations you must perform to be successful in your goal is to update iPhone in your possession and to which you have provided that the Apple smartwatch match the latest version of iOS available for the device.

To do this, grab the iPhone, unlock it, go to the home screen and stop at the icon adjustments (the one with a gear shape). On the screen you will see appear at this point, press general and then Software update. If there is a more updated version of iOS available for your iPhone, tap the appropriate item to download and install it.

If, on the other hand, your iPhone is already updated to the latest version of iOS available for it, you will see the warning appear Your software is updated, along with the iOS version number in use.

If you prefer, you can also update the iPhone through the software iTunes installed on your PC ("standard" is available on Mac, while on Windows it must be downloaded separately, as I indicated in my tutorial on how download itunes).

In this case, simply connect the iPhone to one of the USB sockets of the PC using the special cable connected to the sales package, wait for the iTunes window to appear on the screen (otherwise, call the program from the Dock, on Mac, and from the Start menu on Windows), click button represents the device top left and press the button to check for new updates that you find on the right

If a newer version of iOS is available, you will be notified on the screen, and therefore you can proceed with downloading and installing the update. Otherwise, a warning will appear stating that the iOS version installed on your iPhone is the most current version for the device.

Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on iPhone

Another operation that you must necessarily perform before you can update the Apple Watch is connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and to enable the Bluetooth on the device to connect to the Apple smart watch. If you don't, you won't be able to download the latest version of watchOS. In any case, carrying out this operation is a piece of cake.

To enable Wi-Fi and connect to your wireless network, just grab the Apple phone, unlock it, go to the home screen, press the adjustments (the one with the team), select the item Wi-Fi On the screen that appears, open EN the switch you find next to the wording Wi-Fi and select the network you want to connect to from the list that appears. If requested, also enter the access password and you are done.

In regards to Bluetooth, go to the main iOS settings screen as seen above, stop at the item Bluetooth, bring it EN the switch connected to the next screen and wait for Apple Watch (your name) what you find under the heading My devices wording appears connected.

If you prefer, you can enable both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also from Control center of iOS. To do this, remember the latter by sliding your finger from the bottom up or, if you are using the iPhone X, from the upper right corner down. Then press the icon with the tacos Wi-Fi (if the known networks are not automatically identified, you will have to manually select the reference of the iOS configuration, as seen in the previous lines) and the one with "B" Bluetooth, to make them colorful. That's it!

Update Apple Watch

After completing all the above steps, you are finally ready to update your Apple Watch to the latest version of watchOS available for the latter. Let's see how.

warning: During the watchOS update installation procedure, do not restart the Apple Watch and do not remove it from the charging device until the entire process is complete. Also make sure it continues to be accessed to iPhone and do not exit the Watch application. Failure to do so could compromise the success of the update, as well as the proper functioning of the Apple smartwatch.

Download the update

To be successful in business, firstly, hold your iPhone and Apple smart watch close, then grab your iPhone, unlock it, access home screen, select app clock (the one with the Apple Watch on a black background), go to the section Apple Watch pressing the appropriate item in the lower left corner, pressing the redaction general on the screen that is displayed and then on Software update.

So wait a few moments for iPhone to check for availability of a more updated version of watchOS for your Apple Watch. After that, if the update is available, you will be notified, you can see the news relative and better (for details, press the item More information ) and you can continue the update by pressing the button Download and install.

Then write the unlock code of your iPhone, accept the terms and conditions of service by pressing I agree and wait for the update download to start and complete. You can follow the status of the procedure through the appropriate progress bar located at the top of the screen displayed on the iPhone.

Install the update

Once the update download is complete, your Apple Watch will make a notification sound, a quick device check will start, and then the actual installation phase will begin. At that time, your Apple Watch will restart and on the dial you will see the wheel related to the progress of the procedure.

Note that it can take from several minutes to an hour to complete the operation, in case you try to bring some patience. When the process is complete, the Apple Watch will automatically restart, after which you can start using it with no problems, as it always has until before the update.

Meanwhile, a warning will appear on the iPhone stating that the update is complete. Click the button search to close it and voila.

In case of doubts or problems.

Did you follow my instructions on how to update Apple Watch, but still failed in your attempt? During the course of work, did you have any questions about what to do? Having other issues related to using the Apple brand smartwatch and want direct assistance? If so, what I would advise you to do is contact the Apple customer service.

Depending on what your personal needs and preferences are, as well as, of course, the means you have, you can contact the customer service of the bitten apple company through one of the various systems that you will find then. Feel free to choose what you think will do the most for you.

  • through phone - Call the toll free number 800 915 904 from your iPhone, from another mobile phone or from your landline phone and follow the instructions in the voice guide. The call is free and the number is active from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 19:45 p.m.
  • Through the web - Connect to the appropriate page For online support on the Apple website, click Apple Watch icon and follow the guided procedure proposed to indicate the type of problem encountered and get the help you need.
  • Through the Apple Support application - Download the Apple Support app on your iPhone or other device iOS you have, launch it, connect to your Apple account, select the your Apple watch from the list of devices for which you want assistance and you will see a list with numerous items. Press the one that interests you and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Via Twitter - Forward a tweet or a DM (a private message) to the account @AppleSupport indicating the problems you have. You should receive a response from Apple shortly.
  • Via Apple Store - Go in person to one of the Apple stores in the area and ask the staff for help. If you don't know where it is Apple Store closer to you, you can consult the full list that you can find on the page of Internet .

If you think you need more instructions on what to do, you can follow the instructions that I have given you in my tutorial focused precisely on how to contact Apple.

I also point out that if you want to check Apple Watch repair or replacement prices, you can check the appropriate web page attached to the Apple website, maybe it can be helpful.