How to update Minecraft

Browsing InternetDid you find out that a new version of Minecraft came out a few weeks ago but has not yet installed on your PC? Want to force reinstall the latest version of Minecraft but don't know how to do it? Can't find the option to start the game update in the Minecraft launcher? Don't worry, if you want, I can help you figure out how to do it.

All you have to do is give me five minutes of your time, no more, I promise, and follow the instructions I'm about to give you. In no time you will find out how to update minecraft on your PC and how to check if the one currently installed on your PC is the latest version of the game or not.

How do you say? Do you also use Minecraft on your mobile phone or tablet and would like a hand to update it on that device? No problem, just ask. In the second part of the tutorial I will also deal with Minecraft Pocket Edition for mobile phones and tablets… but now let's focus on the PC version of the game and discover together how to solve all the problems related to its update. It will be much easier than you imagine, I assure you!

Table of Contents

Update Minecraft on PC

As you probably already know, Minecraft has an automatic update feature that checks for updates every time the game starts and downloads them if necessary. If an older version of the game is running on your PC, something is preventing this feature from doing its job. Thing? Let's try to find out together.

If you can not upgrade minecraft it is because, most likely, the correct parameters are not set in the game launcher. To better understand what I mean, start Minecraft using your desktop icon, type your username (if necessary) and click To play.

After that, wait for the game launcher to appear, expand the drop-down menu Version which is in the lower left and set the option in the latter Use the latest version - Any other option will "fossilize" Minecraft into a single version and will not allow you to use the latest game updates. But be careful, it's not over yet.

To make sure the latest version of Minecraft is downloaded automatically, click on the button Edit profile located next to the drop-down menu Version. In the window that opens, set the option Use the latest version in the drop-down menu Use version, Click the button Save profile and start Minecraft by clicking To play.

Once the game has started, to verify that its latest version is in use, check the version number in the lower left (eg. Minecraft 1.8.9 ). Then connect to this web page (the Unofficial Minecraft Wiki) and check that the number corresponds to the latest version of Minecraft released by the developers.

Have you already downloaded the latest version of Minecraft but want to download it again after trying unsuccessfully to apply a mod? There are no problems. Close Minecraft, go to the folder where the versions of the game downloaded to the PC are hosted (C:Users[tuo nome]AppDataRoaming.minecraftversions in Windows and ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/ en Mac OS X) and delete the folder for the Minecraft version you want to redownload (ex. 1.8.9 for version 1.8.9 of the game).

To get to the folder C:Users[tuo nome]AppDataRoaming.minecraftversions in Windows, just open an Explorer window, type the path in the address bar and hit the key Send at keyboard from the PC. To get to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/ on Mac, you need to right-click on the Finder icon, select the item Go to folder ... In the menu that appears, type the folder path in the window that opens and press the key. Send on the PC keyboard.

At this point, start Minecraft again, choose the version of the game you want to redownload from the drop-down menu Version and the launcher should start to download automatically. But I recommend, before removing a version of Minecraft from your PC, make one Backup the folder that contains it and the other data of the game.

Update Minecraft on mobile phones and tablets

Do you want a hand for update Minecraft Pocket Edition on your mobile phone or tablet? No problem, this is really child's play.

If you use a device Android, open the Google Play Store (the icon of the white bag with the «play» symbol in the center that is on the screen with the list of all the applications installed on the terminal), press the icon to Burger located in the upper left and select the item My applications and games from the bar that appears on the side.

Next, locate the icon edition minecraft pocket, select it and "tap" the button first Update and then on the button I agree (on the screen that opens) to start downloading the latest version of the game.

To activate the automatic search and installation of updates for all the applications installed on your mobile phone / tablet (which in any case should be active by default), open the Google Play Store, press the ad icon Burger in the upper left and select the item configurations from the left sidebar. Then go up Automatic app update and put the check mark on the article Automatic update of the application only via Wi-Fi. For more information on this feature, check out my tutorial on how to update Android apps.

You have a iPhone ? In this case, to update Minecraft, you must open the App Store (the "A" icon on a blue background) located on the device's home screen. After that, you need to select the tab updates located in the lower right and you must press the button Update placed next to the Minecraft Pocket Edition icon.

To turn on automatic app update (which should still be active by default), go to the menu instead Settings> iTunes Store and App Store iOS and move on EN the lever relative to updates.