How to update Play Store

Testing the mobile phone from a friend, have you noticed that the version of the Play Store installed on the latter is slightly different from that of your phone? Obviously, your friend's mobile phone has automatically downloaded the latest version of Google Play (which like the applications "Normal" is updated from time to time with new features and new aesthetic details), while yours is not.

To dispel any doubts about it, you can go to the settings of your phone and force the search for updates for the Play Store. I assure you that this is a very simple procedure that does not imply any risk for the stability of the system or for the operation of the applications. Try us now! Find all the information you need below.

How do you say? You have already tried update Play Store But some strange error messages are preventing you from completing the operation? Don't worry, during the tutorial we will also see how to deal with these types of situations. But now let's go in order and see how to install the latest version of Google Play Store following the standard procedure provided by Android.

How to install updates for Google Play Store

To check that the version of Google Play installed on your mobile phone is the most recent, open Play Store using the icon found on the phone's home screen or in the list of applications installed on the device and press the ato button located at the top left. At this point select the article configurations From the sidebar, scroll up and down on the screen that opens and press Build Version to start looking for new versions of the application.

If you see the message appear Google Play Store it's updated it means that you already have the latest version of the software; alternatively, you will be warned that the system has found an update and is taking action update Play Store.

But be careful, the Google Play update process is not immediate: since the message about the availability of a new version appears, it may take several minutes before the application is actually installed on the device. Either way, you don't have to lift a finger, everything happens in the background.

So wait a few minutes, restart your phone, and you should find yourself with the most up-to-date version of the Play Store ready to go. To check that everything rotates correctly, repeat the above procedure by pressing the element Build Version from Play Store.

What to do in case of problems ...

In the unfortunate case that you don't update Play Store Following the instructions I just gave you, try to "force your hand" by clearing the application cache and, in extreme cases, even the latest installed updates. How do you do it? It's that easy.

Clear cache and data from Google services

First go to the menu with the configurations Android, then select the item Application, press the card Todas, and locate Google Play Store in the list of software installed on the device. Now press the button Ends to force close the Play Store and clear cache and data of the application by pressing the corresponding buttons.

If you are using Android 6.0 or later, the steps you need to take are slightly different. After going to the menu Settings> Applications, you must select the Google Play Store and you have to press the button Ends to stop the service. After that you have to go up Memory and press the buttons to delete data es cache.

At this point, repeat the same procedure to Google Play services and try starting the Google Play Store update again as illustrated in the previous chapter of the tutorial.

When Google Play starts, regardless of the version of Android installed on your device, you will have to accept the terms of use of the application again and you may need to sign in again with your Google account.

Uninstall updates

If you still have not been able to solve the problems related to Google Play, try removing the updates from the store on your device. To do this, go to the menu Settings> Applications Android, select the icon Google Play Store and first press the button Uninstall updates and then Okay guidance on restore Play Store to the "factory" version.

If you are using Android 6.0 or later, to use the Uninstall updates you have to press the button (...) located in the upper right and select the appropriate item from the menu that appears.

Once the uninstall is complete, try repeating the procedure to update Play Store and the application update should work correctly.

Other possible solutions to the problem

If even removing the updates didn't pay off, try the following tips to 'unblock' the Google Play Store from working.

  • Clear the application cache Download As explained above for Google Play Store and Google Play Services apps;
  • Remove your Google account from your mobile phone and add it again. You can do both from the menu Settings> Accounts of Android.
  • Restart your mobile phone. It's a drastic operation that may involve deleting multiple data, but sometimes it's the only one that works. For more information, read my tutorial on how to reset android.

How to install Play Store on devices that don't have it

Do you have an Android mobile phone or tablet where you cannot download google Play? This is a different problem. Many Android devices, especially those acquired through import from China, do not include Google services for licensing reasons. However, the problem is easily solved.

If you are willing to "play" a bit and want to install all Google services on a device that does not include them "standard", you can do so by following the instructions in my tutorial on how to install google play. It's a bit of a long procedure, I'll tell you right away, but in the end it's not that difficult to complete.